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4Bulls Review - Earn Free Cryptocurrency, Is It Legit or Scam?

4Bulls Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? (Everything You Need to Know)

How do you know if a new PTC (paid-to-click) site like 4Bulls is legitimate or a scam? That's the question we'll answer in this comprehensive 4Bulls review.

4Bulls Sign Up

4Bulls is a relatively new PTC site that promises to pay you cryptocurrency rewards for completing simple tasks like viewing ads, watching videos, and liking social media pages. The site launched in 2022 and seems to be gaining some traction in the paid task space. But is it legit, or is 4Bulls a scam you should avoid?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to decide if 4Bulls is worth your time.

How Does 4Bulls Work?

The concept behind 4Bulls is straightforward. Firstly, you sign up for a free account. Then you browse available tasks on your member dashboard and complete them to earn coins. Finally, you withdraw your coins to crypto when you hit the minimum threshold.

Tasks range from watching ad videos to liking social pages. Most pay 20-50 coins per task, which equals around $0.002-$0.005 in cryptocurrency rewards. The variety of tasks and options to earn coins provides users with flexibility to choose tasks that suit them. However, the low payout per task means users have to complete many tasks to earn a meaningful amount.

Earning Through Tasks

When you log into your 4Bulls account, you can start earning immediately by browsing available tasks under the "Earn Crypto" tab. Simply click a task you want to complete, then follow the instructions carefully. Oftentimes you'll need to provide proof that you completed all steps before 4Bulls will credit your account.

Tasks pend for review before the site credits your account with coins. The review process usually takes a day or two. Some tasks do credit instantly upon completion. The review process helps to verify task completion before rewards are given out. However, the delay in crediting coins for completed tasks can be frustrating for users eager to earn and withdraw their coins.

Referral Program

4Bulls also offers a referral program where you earn 25% of your referrals' lifetime earnings. This gives you a way to boost your income beyond just completing tasks. Your referrals can also earn large bonuses ($100-$1000) if they complete 1000 tasks within 30 days. However, this bonus has steep requirements that make it difficult to obtain.

The referral program is a good way for existing users to increase their earnings. The lifetime earnings from referrals provide a passive income stream on top of earnings from completing tasks. However, the large referral bonuses seem unrealistic given the low payout per task and high number of tasks required.

4Bulls Payment Methods

4Bulls pays you in coins, which you can convert to crypto payouts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. The minimum withdrawal threshold is just $0.10 (1000 coins).

To withdraw, you'll need to provide a valid crypto wallet address. 4Bulls automatically converts your coins to your desired crypto. The site also supports withdrawals to DeFi wallets like MetaMask.

The withdrawal process is straightforward if you're familiar with crypto. But it may take some learning if you're new to Bitcoin and blockchain wallets. The low minimum withdrawal threshold means users can withdraw their earnings easily. Support for major cryptocurrencies and DeFi wallets provides flexibility and convenience for users to access their crypto earnings. However, the withdrawal process can be daunting for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets and transactions.

How Much Can You Earn on 4Bulls?

With most tasks paying just 20-50 coins, the earning potential on 4Bulls is quite low. You'll need to complete thousands of tasks before you can withdraw even a few dollars worth of crypto.

Active users report earnings of $5-10 per week, though it takes consistent daily effort. Don't expect to get rich on 4Bulls, but it can provide a small crypto income stream. Given the low payout per task, earnings on 4Bulls seem rather insignificant for the time and effort required. Users would likely need to invest a significant amount of time completing tasks on a daily basis to earn a meaningful income from 4Bulls.

Is 4Bulls Available on Mobile?

There is no 4Bulls mobile app, but the site is mobile-optimized. You can access your account and complete tasks from any mobile browser.

Having mobile access makes it easy to earn on the go whenever you have a few spare minutes. Mobile access provides convenience for users to complete tasks and earn coins whenever they want. However, the lack of a mobile app may limit functionality and the user experience.

Who Can Join 4Bulls?

4Bulls has a global user base, so you can join no matter where you live. Signing up only requires an email address. Just watch your inbox for a confirmation link to activate your account. The open membership and simple signup process allows anyone around the world to join 4Bulls easily.

4Bulls Support

One downside of 4Bulls is the lack of self-service help resources. The site does not have an FAQ or knowledge base.

To get help, you need to submit a support ticket and wait 1-2 days for a response. This isn't ideal for quick questions or troubleshooting login issues. The lack of self-help resources and delayed support response times can be frustrating for users requiring urgent assistance.

Pros & Cons of Using 4Bulls


  • Available worldwide
  • Low $0.10 payout minimum
  • Good number of tasks available
  • Instant payouts to crypto wallets
  • Referral program bonuses


  • Very low earnings per task completed
  • Slow support response time
  • No self-service help resources
  • Steep referral program bonus requirements

The pros of using 4Bulls include the availability worldwide, low minimum withdrawal threshold, variety of tasks, instant crypto payouts and referral program. However, the significant cons like low earnings per task, lack of support and difficult referral bonuses outweigh these benefits for most users.

Is 4Bulls Worth Using?

4Bulls is a legitimate PTC platform that really pays rewards in cryptocurrency. However, the extremely low earnings may not justify the time spent on tasks.

Withdrawing just a few dollars can take weeks of daily effort. There are likely better uses of your time if you want to earn meaningful rewards online.

That said, 4Bulls is reasonably reputable for a new PTC site. It may be worth dabbling in if you want to dip your toes into crypto and have time to kill.

Just don't expect it to become a major income stream without investing serious time over several months. For most people, the low earnings potential and high effort required does not make 4Bulls worth the time. However, those interested to learn about cryptocurrency and with spare time to kill can consider exploring the platform.

4Bulls Review Summary

4Bulls is a legit PTC rewards site, but earnings are very low for the time required. Use the site cautiously, but understand most users only make a few dollars per week.

In summary, 4Bulls is a legitimate paid task site that really pays out cryptocurrency rewards. However, the low earnings per task and high effort required means most users are unlikely to earn a meaningful income from 4Bulls. While the platform can be worth exploring for those curious to learn about crypto or with spare time, do not expect it to become a major source of income without investing a significant amount of time.

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