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ArgonClick Review - Just Don't, Let Me Tell You Why It Sucks

ArgonClick Review – Is It Legit?

In this ArgonClick review, we'll determine if this website is legit and worth your time or just another scam. We'll evaluate ArgonClick from a user's perspective to see if it's actually worth using or if you're better off avoiding it altogether.

ArgonClick Sign Up

What is ArgonClick?

ArgonClick is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that rewards users for viewing ads. The concept is simple: you simply view an ad for a set amount of time, solve a captcha, and earn coins that can then be redeemed for cash. PTC sites have been around for years, but many end up being scams that never actually pay out. We'll explore ArgonClick in depth to determine if it's legit or not.

PTC sites like ArgonClick make money by selling ad space to advertisers. The advertisers pay ArgonClick to display their ads, and ArgonClick shares some of that revenue with the users who view the ads. It's a way for advertisers to get more eyes on their ads and for users to make some easy money in their spare time.

Payment Methods

ArgonClick offers several payment methods to withdraw your earnings, which is a good sign. Scam sites typically offer limited or no payment options. The available payment methods on ArgonClick include:


You can withdraw to your Payeer account once you've earned 120 coins, which is around $0.02. This is a very low minimum payout, which means you can get paid frequently even with low earnings. Payeer is an online payment system that allows you to accept payments, shop, and transfer funds online.

Perfect Money

Like Payeer, you can withdraw to Perfect Money after earning just 120 coins. Perfect Money is another online payment system where you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds. The low minimum payout means you have the potential to withdraw funds frequently, even with little earnings.


You can convert your coins to cryptocurrency and have them sent to a wallet on FaucetPay. The minimum is 120 coins to withdraw cryptocurrency as well. This gives you another option to withdraw your earnings from ArgonClick. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed automatically, so you don't have to wait for approval like with some other payment methods.

The variety of payment options, especially the low minimum payouts, is a good sign that ArgonClick is likely legit. Scam sites typically have limited or no payment options to make it difficult to actually withdraw your earnings. The payment options on ArgonClick suggest they do intend to pay their users.

Earning Potential

While ArgonClick seems to be legit in that they do pay out, the earning potential is quite low. Most ads reward just 1-3 coins. To earn $1, you'll have to view hundreds of ads which takes a significant amount of time. The earning opportunities on ArgonClick include:

Paid Ads

The main way to earn on ArgonClick is by viewing paid ads. Each ad view rewards between 1 to 3 coins typically. The ads only take a few seconds to view, but you have to view many ads to earn a substantial amount. For the time required, the payout is very small.

Daily Bonus

You can get a daily bonus of 1 to 60 coins by viewing a special ad. The daily bonus provides an easy way to earn some extra coins, but 60 coins still only equal about $0.01, so it's a very small amount.


You can earn commissions by referring others to ArgonClick. But unless you have a large following, this isn't very profitable. You earn 10% of your referrals' earnings, but with the low earning potential on the site, 10% of a small amount is still a small amount.

While ArgonClick does provide several ways to earn, the potential earnings are extremely limited unless you invest a huge amount of time viewing hundreds of ads. For most people, the earning opportunities won't actually be worth it for the time spent. However, if you do have a lot of spare time and just want to make a couple extra dollars, ArgonClick could work.

Available Platforms

ArgonClick can only be accessed through any web browser on your desktop or mobile device. There is currently no mobile app available. The lack of a mobile app makes it less convenient to use ArgonClick on the go or from your phone. An app could help improve the user experience, so one may be offered in the future.

How to Join

Joining ArgonClick is easy. Just provide your username, password, and email on the sign up form. Once registered, you can immediately start viewing ads and earning coins. The simple sign up process means you can get started right away and begin earning.



  • Very low minimum payout
  • Available worldwide


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Low earnings per ad view
  • No mobile app

Overall, ArgonClick seems legit in that it does pay out as promised. However, the earning potential is extremely limited unless you invest a huge amount of time viewing hundreds of ads. For the time required, the earnings are very small. While ArgonClick can work as a way to make a couple extra dollars in your spare time, you may be better off looking for more profitable opportunities through survey or GPT sites.


ArgonClick is a legit PTC site, in that they do pay out as promised. However, the earnings are very low for the amount of time required. The pros are that it has a low payout minimum and is available worldwide. But the opportunities to earn are limited, earnings per ad are tiny, and there's no mobile app. You're likely better off finding alternative money-making opportunities that provide a higher earning potential for your time. ArgonClick can work to make a little pocket change but not much more than that.

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