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BTCClicks Review - Earn Free BTC by Clicking Ads. Is It Legit?

BTCClicks is a PTC site that claims to pay users for clicking and viewing advertisements. 

In this BTCClicks review, we will look at whether the platform is legitimate and whether it provides a viable way to earn money online. 

We hope to provide a thorough evaluation of BTCClicks by investigating its features, earning methods, payment options, and potential drawbacks.

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What is BTCClicks?

BTCClicks is a legit PTC site that rewards users for clicking on advertisements. 

While many PTC sites provide a variety of activities, BTCClicks primarily focuses on ad viewing. Let's take a closer look at the earning options offered by BTCClicks.

1. Clicking Ads

The most common way to earn money on BTCClicks is by clicking ads. 

Each advertisement contains specific information, such as the amount of viewing time required before earning the reward. 

The majority of offers require users to stay on the ad page for at least 10 seconds, though some may require up to 30 seconds. When users click an ad, a new window will open, and they must view it for the specified amount of time. 

When finished, a captcha pop-up will appear to verify your entry. 

When the task is completed successfully, a message confirms the reward and users can move on to the next ad. 

While the process is simple, it's worth noting that the earnings per ad are relatively low, requiring a large number of clicks to earn a significant amount.

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2. Referral Program

BTCClicks has a referral program in which users can earn money by referring friends to the platform. 

Individuals who register through a referral link that you share become direct referrals. Referral banners can also be used by users by embedding the provided code on their websites or blogs. 

When a person clicks the banner and registers with BTCClicks, they become a direct referral, and the referrer earns an 80% commission on each ad that their referral clicks. However, the effectiveness of this method is dependent on the activity of the referral on the site, so earning potential may vary. 

Users can also rent referrals with their ad earnings, though caution is advised to avoid overspending and potentially losing earnings.

Payment Methods of BTCClicks

BTCClicks only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as payment. Users earn miliBitcoins (mBTC) by clicking ads. 

Withdrawals are permitted after reaching the minimum payout amount of 0.10000 mBTC (approximately $1). It's worth noting that BTCClicks only accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. 

As a result, anyone interested in participating must have a Bitcoin account in order to receive their earnings. 

Alternative platforms that reward Bitcoin may be more suitable if Bitcoin is not of interest.

Earning Potential of BTCClicks

It is unlikely that you will make a lot of money on BTCClicks. 

The maximum payout for an ad click is 0.00005 mBTC (for a 30-second ad view). Users would need to click 2,000 such ads to reach the BTCClicks payout threshold. 

Users may need to double their clicking efforts to meet the threshold because the number of higher-paying ads is limited. Premium membership can be purchased to increase earnings by providing higher rewards and referral click rewards. 

However, before upgrading, users should carefully consider the costs and plan their strategy, as the goal of joining a site like BTCClicks is typically to earn money for free.

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Available Platforms for BTCClicks

On mobile devices, BTCClicks can be easily accessed and used. 

Despite the lack of a dedicated mobile app, the website is mobile-optimized, allowing users to click on ads and earn rewards via their mobile web browsers. 

This mobile accessibility provides users with greater flexibility and convenience, but it should be noted that the overall efficiency of earning on BTCClicks remains relatively low when compared to other online earning opportunities.

How to Join BTCClicks

BTCClicks accepts members from all geographical locations, making it available globally. 

The sign-up process is simple, requiring users to fill out a registration form and confirm their accounts via email. 

However, keep in mind that each household can only have one member on the platform.

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While BTCClicks is a legit PTC site that pays users for clicking ads, it has limited earning potential and opportunities. 

The low rewards per ad and the large number of clicks required to reach the payout threshold make it difficult to earn a significant amount of money. 

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BTCClicks only pays out in Bitcoin, so it may not be suitable for those who do not have a Bitcoin account. Furthermore, the option to upgrade to a premium membership begs the question of why anyone would join a free earning site in the first place. 

Finally, given the availability of other platforms with higher earning potential, it may be more beneficial to pursue other avenues rather than investing significant time and effort in BTCClicks.


  • No geographical restrictions for membership
  • Mobile-friendly interface enhances convenience


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low earning potential
  • Exclusive Bitcoin payment method

To summarize, while BTCClicks is a legitimate PTC site, it may not be the best option for those looking for substantial earnings or efficient online earning opportunities.

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