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Caddle Review - Is It Legit and Worth Using?

Caddle Review: Is It Legit and Worth Using? (Full Details Revealed)

Caddle is a Canada-based cashback app that allows users to earn rewards by completing surveys, shopping online, uploading receipts, and referring friends. But is Caddle a scam, or is it legit and worth using? In this detailed Caddle review, we'll look at everything you need to know to decide if Caddle is right for you.

Caddle App

What is Caddle?

Caddle is a cashback and rewards app available in Canada. It offers users several ways to earn rewards:

Paid Surveys

Take surveys for money. Surveys are easy to complete and credits are awarded instantly. Caddle offers surveys on various topics to gain opinions and insights into their members. The surveys typically take 5 to 15 minutes to complete and you can earn between 50 cents to $2 for each survey. While Caddle does offer surveys, the volume and payouts are lower compared to survey-focused sites.

Online Shopping

Get cashback on purchases made through Caddle's shop portal. You can earn a percentage of your purchase amount. Caddle offers cashback for shopping at hundreds of stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. The cashback rates range from 1% to 10% depending on the store. The average rate is around 3% to 5% for most stores. While the cashback program is convenient, the rates are on the lower end compared to other cashback sites.

Receipt Upload

Upload images of your receipts to get bonus rewards for select purchases. Caddle allows you to upload receipts from grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations to earn bonus rewards. The rewards for uploading receipts typically include free products, coupons, and samples as opposed to cash. The rewards for uploading receipts seem to be hit or miss, with some users getting good value and others not earning much.

Referral Program

Earn $1 for each friend you refer who signs up and completes an activity. The Caddle referral program allows you to earn $1 for each friend you refer who joins Caddle and completes a survey, uploads a receipt, or makes a purchase through the cashback portal. While referring friends is an easy way to earn, the payout of just $1 per referral is small compared to other apps that offer $5 or more. You would need to refer many people to accumulate a significant amount through referrals alone.

Is Caddle Legit?

Yes, Caddle is a legitimate rewards app. It has been operating since 2016 and has generally positive reviews from users. People report getting paid reliably for using the app. Caddle is a reputable company that pays members for using their app. They have been in business for over 3 years and have paid out over $500,000 in rewards according to their website. The app has mostly positive reviews in the iOS and Android app stores from members who confirm getting paid. While Caddle seems to be legitimate, the rewards and payouts are on the lower end compared to other similar sites and apps.

Caddle Payment Methods

Caddle only offers one payout method - checks sent by mail. You must accumulate $20 before you can cashout. Once you request payment, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your check. The lack of digital payout options like PayPal is a major downside. You have to wait a long time to get paid compared to similar apps. Caddle only allowing payment by mailed checks is inconvenient compared to the instant options like PayPal offered by most other rewards sites and apps. Having to wait up to 6 weeks to receive your payment after earning $20 in rewards is frustrating and outdated. Caddle should implement additional payout methods to make redeeming rewards easier and faster for members.

Caddle Earning Potential

For surveys, you can expect to earn $0.50-$2.00 per survey. Survey opportunities are limited compared to sites dedicated to surveys. Shopping cashback rates vary by store, but are generally 1-10% of your purchase amount. Rates on the lower end of that range are more common. Receipt rewards give you specific free products, not cash. The bonus rewards are hit or miss. Referral earnings are small at just $1 per sign up. You need large numbers to accumulate rewards. Overall, Caddle earnings are lower compared to top survey and cashback sites. You'll make pocket change, not substantial money. It's better as a side earner, not a main income stream.

The earning potential with Caddle is limited. The payout range for surveys is on the lower end at 50 cents to $2 per survey. Compare this to survey sites where you can earn $5 or more for some surveys. The cashback rates are also typically 3% or less for most stores which won't amount to big savings. The receipt rewards and referral program payout very little. For most members, Caddle earnings will be under $50 to $100 a year at best based on average use. The rewards can add up over time but the earnings are too low to be considered a main source of income or way to make a living. Caddle is better used as a way to earn a little extra cash here and there, not substantial money.

Caddle Platforms

Caddle is only available as a mobile app. You can download it for free on iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version at this time. Having just an app allows easy receipt uploads, but limits accessibility compared to web-based programs. Caddle opting to offer their program only as an app provides some benefits but also downsides for members. The app makes it convenient to upload photos of your receipts and complete short surveys on the go. However, not having a website limits access for those without a compatible mobile device. A website would also provide an easier way to browse the full list of cashback stores, check on the status of payments, update personal info, and contact support if needed. Caddle may want to consider creating a website portal in addition to their app to provide more convenience and accessibility to members.

Who Can Join Caddle?

Caddle is only available to residents of Canada who are 16 or older. You must enter a valid Canadian postal code during signup. Users outside of Canada cannot participate. Signing up is simple - just install the app, enter some basic personal info, and verify your email. Caddle is only open to members who live in Canada. You must be at least 16 years old to join and provide a valid Canadian postal code when signing up in the app. The registration process only takes a few minutes to enter information like your name, email address, password, and postal code. You do need to verify your email to activate your account and start using the Caddle app.

Caddle Support

There are decent customer support options via email and in-app chat. Support reps typically respond within a day or two. The in-app FAQ covers program basics reasonably well. Between self-service help and agent support, users can get assistance when needed. Caddle offers customer support through email and live chat within their app. Response times are typically 1 to 2 business days for email and instant for chat. The support agents can help with questions about surveys, cashback, payments, account issues, and more. Caddle also provides an in-app FAQ to help members get answers to basic questions about how their program works. Between the FAQ resource and the available support options, Caddle members have access to help when they need it.

Caddle Review Conclusion


  • Reputable and pays out reliably
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Good customer support


  • Very limited payout options
  • Low earnings compared to alternatives
  • Surveys and offers limited in number

Overall, Caddle is a legit way for Canadians to earn modest rewards through an easy-to-use app. However, the earnings potential is lower compared to top survey and cashback sites. Caddle is worth considering if you want convenient mobile earnings. But don't expect it to deliver big money. Use it as a secondary earner and focus more rewarding programs if you want substantial income.

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