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Game Tester Review - Earn Money by Playing Games, or Just Waste of Time

Game Tester Review - Is It Legit? My Honest Review

If you're an avid gamer looking to earn some extra cash, you may have come across Game Tester. This popular website pays users to test and review unreleased video games. In return, members can earn rewards like gift cards, cash, and prizes.

Game Tester Sign Up

Since launching in 2014, Game Tester has attracted thousands of members worldwide. But some people wonder whether Game Tester is legit or just another scam. In this in-depth Game Tester review, I'll share my experience using the platform over the past year. I'll break down how Game Tester works, the earning potential, pros and cons, and whether it's ultimately worth your time.

What is Game Tester?

Game Tester is an online rewards platform that pays users to test and review unreleased video games. The site allows gamers to provide feedback on games before they hit the market. In return, members earn rewards like gift cards and cash payouts.

Game Tester was founded in 2014 to help video game companies improve their games based on user feedback. While the platform has become popular among gamers, many wonder whether Game Tester is legit or a scam. After using Game Tester for over a year, I can confirm that it is 100% legitimate.

How Does Game Tester Work?

When you sign up for Game Tester, you'll create a profile highlighting your gaming experience, skills, and preferences. Game Tester uses this information to match you with available game tests that suit your abilities.

The game tests typically involve playing an unreleased game for 15-30 minutes and then providing feedback on your experience. The feedback usually focuses on things like the gameplay, graphics, sounds, controls, and overall impressions. You may also be asked some multiple choice questions about specific game elements.

In exchange for completing game tests, you'll earn two forms of virtual currency - XP (experience points) and Gold coins. XP allows you to level up your account and unlock higher paying games. Gold can be redeemed for various rewards like gift cards, cash, and prizes.

Most members can complete up to 3 game tests per day for a total of around 90-300 Gold and 45-75 XP. While the payouts for individual tests are low, the earning potential can add up over time if you're a frequent tester. But don't expect to make a living from Game Tester - it's best suited as a fun side hobby for making some extra cash.

Game Tester Payment Methods

Game Tester offers several ways to redeem your Gold and XP for rewards:

Prepaid Visa Card - Transfer your gold to a virtual prepaid visa debit card. Minimum cashout is $25. This is a popular option for those who want cash in hand.

PayPal - Cashout your gold to PayPal. Minimum is $25. PayPal is convenient if you already use it to shop online or transfer funds.

Gift cards - Redeem gold for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, Starbucks, Walmart, and more. Gift cards available in $5, $10, $25 denominations. If you frequently shop at any of these stores, gift cards are an easy reward.

Prize drawings - Use your XP to enter drawings for prizes like gaming consoles, accessories, and merchandise. The prize drawings provide a chance to win big, but the odds of winning are low given the number of members. I wouldn't count on winning any major prizes.

The payment options on Game Tester are pretty good for a rewards site. The $25 minimum cashout threshold is higher than some platforms, but still easily attainable for frequent testers. And the variety of gift cards and prize options provide some motivation to keep earning.

Game Tester Earning Potential

So how much can you really make testing games on Game Tester? Here's an overview of the earning potential:

Each game test pays out an average of 70-100 gold and 15-25 XP. The payouts depend on the length and complexity of the test. Some tests may pay on the lower end of this range, while longer tests for higher level members pay on the higher end.

Most game tests take 15-30 minutes to complete. The time will vary depending on the specific game and number of questions. But you can expect to spend at least 15-20 minutes on each test.

You can complete up to 3 game tests per day. Game Tester limits the number of tests to prevent members from rushing through them. But 3 tests per day can still earn you a decent amount of gold.

Based on these averages, you could earn 210-300 gold per day. If you max out your daily test limit, you should earn at least 200-300 gold or roughly 600-900 gold per week. Active members may earn closer to 1,000-1,500 gold per week.

It would take 12-17 days to earn enough for a $25 gift card. At 200-300 gold per day, you're looking at around 2,400-5,100 gold for a $25 card. The actual time will depend on how many tests you complete and your daily payout average.

For a $25 PayPal cashout, it may take 25-30 days. Since PayPal cashouts require more gold, it can take 3 to 4 weeks of regular testing to earn the 5,000-7,500 gold needed. But PayPal is still a popular choice for many since you get actual cash in your account.

Top monthly earners report making $60-100 per month. The most active testers who complete all their daily tests and cashout rewards each month can make $60-100. But earning at this level requires dedication and patience to build up your gold over time through consistent testing. For most casual testers, $25-50 per month is more realistic.

While Game Tester won't make you rich, the earning potential isn't too bad for a fun side hobby. Just don't expect to replace a full-time income with this platform. Look at is as a way to earn some spare cash and score free games in your spare time. If you want to maximize earnings, combine Game Tester with other survey and reward sites.

Available Platforms

Game Tester is available on both desktop and mobile devices:

Desktop - You can access Game Tester through any desktop or laptop browser. The desktop site is where you'll complete most game tests, fill out your profile, and redeem rewards.

Mobile - Native iOS and Android apps allow mobile access. But most games will need to be tested on a computer. The mobile apps are mainly useful for checking your balance, completing short surveys, and entering prize drawings on the go.

While the mobile apps provide convenience, a computer is required for the majority of game testing on Game Tester. So you'll need access to a PC or Mac to fully use the platform and maximize your earnings.

How to Join Game Tester

Signing up for Game Tester is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click "Become a Tester".
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Verify your email to complete signup.
  4. Download the mobile app (optional) for iOS or Android.
  5. Fill out your gamer profile so you can qualify for game tests.
  6. Check for available tests in your account dashboard.
  7. Start testing games and earning rewards!

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Once signed up, be sure to fully complete your gamer profile to unlock higher paying test opportunities. The more details you provide about your gaming experience, skills, and interests, the more tailored the available tests will be.

Game Tester Pros & Cons

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about Game Tester:



  • Get paid to play and critique video games
  • Available worldwide
  • Decent payout methods
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Prize giveaways and contests


  • Tedious tests with low payouts
  • $25 minimum payout threshold
  • Buggy mobile apps
  • Many tests require a desktop computer
  • Boring and repetitive tasks

Is Game Tester Legit?

Based on my experience, yes Game Tester is 100% legit. They've paid out thousands of rewards to members over the years. While the low-paying tests can be tedious, Game Tester isn't a scam.

Just don't expect to earn a sizable income. Look at it more as a fun way to play games and earn a bit of extra cash. If you want to maximize earnings, combine Game Tester with some higher paying survey and reward sites.

Final Review

Game Tester can be a fun way for gamers to earn rewards and get a sneak peek at unreleased titles. While the game tests often involve repetitive tasks for low pay, it's a legitimate way to make some extra money from home.

The earning potential is relatively low, so manage expectations accordingly. Approach Game Tester as more of hobby than a money-making opportunity. Overall, it's a legit rewards platform, but not a practical full-time income stream for most.

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