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SavvyShares Review - Earn Stock Shares Passively? How It Works

Is SavvyShares Legit? (An Honest Review of This Site)

SavvyShares is a unique website that offers shares in exchange for your data and opinions. If you're looking for a new source of extra income online, you may be considering joining SavvyShares. 

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However, before you create an account, it's important to know whether SavvyShares is legit and safe, or if it's a scam to avoid. This detailed review will reveal everything you need to know about SavvyShares so you can decide if it's worth your time.

What Exactly is SavvyShares?

SavvyShares is a survey site that rewards you with shares for completing surveys. It's owned by the same company that runs SurveySavvy, a legitimate and popular survey site. Since it comes from a reputable company, SavvyShares itself is a legitimate way to earn rewards online. When you sign up for SavvyShares, you can even migrate your SurveySavvy account over.

SavvyShares offers two main ways to earn:

1. Paid Surveys

Like most survey sites, SavvyShares sends you survey invites by email. You log in to your account and can browse available surveys. Each survey has qualifying questions to determine if you fit the demographic. If you qualify, you take the full survey and earn shares upon completion. Surveys range from short to long. Compared to other sites, survey volume seems low. But each one you complete earns either 4 shares (short) or 20 shares (long).

The surveys available on SavvyShares provide an opportunity for members to share their opinions and input on various topics and products. By qualifying and completing these surveys, members can earn shares which can eventually be redeemed for cash payments. While the number of surveys may be more limited than other similar sites, the rewards for completing them are higher in the form of more shares. For those interested in influencing brands and companies with their feedback, SavvyShares surveys are an easy way to do so while also earning shares.

2. SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect passively gathers data so you can earn without surveys. For desktop, install the browser extension. Mobile users download the SavvyConnect app. Once installed, SavvyConnect anonymously collects data on your browsing habits as you surf the web normally. SavvyShares promises no personal or sensitive data is ever collected.

As long as you actively use SavvyConnect on a device for at least 21 days per month, you earn 20 shares monthly. You can install on up to 3 devices - 1 computer, 1 phone, 1 tablet - for a max of 60 shares per month. SavvyConnect provides members with a way to earn shares passively in the background as they browse the internet. By installing the browser extension or mobile app and using it regularly, members can earn 20 shares per month for each device.

For those concerned about privacy, SavvyShares ensures that no personal or sensitive data is collected through SavvyConnect. The information gathered is anonymous. SavvyConnect is an easy way for members to maximize their share earnings from SavvyShares with very little additional effort required.

How Do You Get Paid by SavvyShares?

Here's where SavvyShares differs from most rewards sites. You don't earn cash per se. Your rewards come in the form of shares in the company itself.

Short surveys = 4 shares Long surveys = 20 shares SavvyConnect usage = 20 shares per device monthly

To get cash payouts, you need to wait for your shares to pay dividends, like stock. Once they do, SavvyShares sends a check by mail. This unique system makes SavvyShares better suited for investors than people who want quick cash. Payments via bank transfer or gift cards are faster if that's your goal.

The share system used by SavvyShares is quite different from the points or cash rewards offered by most survey and rewards sites. Instead of earning points to redeem for gift cards or receiving direct cash payments, members earn shares in the company itself. These shares may eventually pay out dividends, allowing members to receive cash payments. However, there is an element of risk here as the value and payout of the shares depends on the success and stock value of SavvyShares.

For those interested in investing or owning stock, the SavvyShares model may be appealing. However, for anyone looking to earn quick or guaranteed cash, the delayed and unpredictable payments may be frustrating. The share system rewards member loyalty and long-term investment in the company but lacks the instant gratification of most survey sites. Whether or not SavvyShares’ unique rewards model is right for you depends on your earning goals and risk tolerance.

What is the Earning Potential with SavvyShares?

It's difficult to quantify potential earnings because you don't earn direct cash. The value depends on the worth of SavvyShares' stock.

With surveys, volume varies based on client needs. Just take all surveys you qualify for honestly to maximize potential. SavvyConnect provides a stable 20 shares monthly per active device. Use it on all 3 allowed devices to earn the full 60 shares per month.

In the end, SavvyShares has low earning ability for quick cash. But as a long-term investment, it has potential if the stock gains value over time. The earning potential with SavvyShares is hard to determine due to the unpredictable nature of the share rewards and stock value. While members can earn steady shares through surveys and SavvyConnect, the cash value of those shares may fluctuate.

For anyone looking to earn a quick and reliable cash payout, SavvyShares may not meet expectations due to this uncertainty. However, if approached as a long-term investment, SavvyShares has the potential for financial gain if the company's stock increases significantly in value over time and share dividends are paid out. The key to maximizing earnings with SavvyShares is taking full advantage of the available surveys and keeping SavvyConnect active on all linked devices to accumulate as many shares as possible. But members must go in with the understanding that share payouts are not guaranteed.

Is SavvyShares Available on Mobile?

Yes, SavvyShares works on both desktop and mobile. The SavvyConnect app is available for iOS and Android devices. Install the app on your primary phone and tablet. You must actively use it on each device for 21+ days per month to earn the full 20 shares.

SavvyShares offers a mobile-friendly experience so members can participate and earn shares on the go. By installing the SavvyConnect app on iOS and Android devices, members can earn 20 shares per month for each device used regularly. The mobile compatibility of SavvyShares allows for more convenient and consistent share earnings since members can connect and browse passively wherever and whenever they want using their phones or tablets.

Who Can Join SavvyShares?

If you have a SurveySavvy account, you can migrate it to SavvyShares. Just know you'll stop getting SurveySavvy survey invites after. Anyone over 18 worldwide can also sign up for a new SavvyShares account. Simply provide your email address to get started.

SavvyShares is open to members 18 and older from any country. Those with existing SurveySavvy accounts can easily transfer over to SavvyShares, though they will then only receive survey invites and earn shares through SavvyShares. For new members, the only requirement to sign up is an email address. The broad accessibility of SavvyShares means most people worldwide can participate and share their insights to earn company shares.

Is There Customer Support?

SavvyShares does provide customer support options to members:

  • FAQ page to answer common questions
  • Email support at [email protected]
  • Toll-free phone support at 800-492-4982

Overall, their customer service seems responsive to help with any account issues. SavvyShares offers several avenues for members to get help including an FAQ page, email support, and phone support. With the share-based rewards system and SavvyConnect browser extension/app, members may encounter questions or technical issues that require customer support.

The availability of live phone support in particular provides reassurance that any problems can be addressed promptly by speaking to a real person. For a site like SavvyShares that handles members’ personal information and share earnings, responsive and helpful customer support is essential.

SavvyShares Review Conclusion - Is It Worth It?

In summary, here are the pros and cons of using SavvyShares:


  • Legitimate site with passive earning options
  • User-friendly browser extension and mobile app


  • Limited daily earning opportunities
  • No direct cash payouts

SavvyShares is best suited for investors interested in slowly accumulating company shares over time. If your goal is quick cash, traditional survey and rewards sites are a better option.

While SavvyShares has some interesting features, the rewards system makes it hard to recommend for the average user looking to earn a little extra money online. There are faster and more lucrative options out there.

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