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Zippy Opinion Review - Is It Legit and Worth Joining?

For newbies, the world of online reward sites can be confusing, making it tough to identify which platforms are worthwhile to join. 

Zippy Opinion is one such site that you may have came across when searching for survey sites. 

In this article, we'll look into the credibility of Zippy Opinion and see if it's a site worth joining.

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What is Zippy Opinion?

Zippy Opinion is a reputable survey site where you may take part in consumer research conducted by well-known businesses throughout the world. 

It offers a place for consumers to discuss their thoughts on products and get prizes in exchange.

To see if Zippy Opinion is worth your time, let's look at the income options it provides and give you a full description.

1. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the most common way to earn money on Zippy Opinion. 

As a member, you have access to the member dashboard, which displays available surveys. If no surveys are currently available, you can use the "Find Surveys" option to look for new possibilities.

When you locate a survey you want to take, you'll see the prize for completing it. 

By pressing the "Start" button, you will be taken to the screening procedure, which includes qualifying questions to confirm you are part of the survey's target population. If you qualify, you will be directed to the real survey; otherwise, you will be directed to the next offer.

Then you'll get your prize, which will appear in your Zippy Opinion balance.

2. Referral Program

Zippy Opinion has a referral program that allows you to supplement your profits by referring others to the site. 

When someone registers using your referral link and completes their first survey, you will receive a reward ranging from 5 to 50 points. 

While this program can help you make money, the referral bonuses may not considerably increase your overall profits.

Payment Methods of Zippy Opinion

Zippy Opinion only provides gift cards as rewards, not cash payouts. 

While individuals looking for monetary rewards may be disappointed, the platform does offer a selection of enticing gift cards. 

Popular options like Amazon gift cards might be almost as good as cash, especially if you purchase at the related stores frequently.

Every survey you complete and every referral you make gets you points that can be redeemed for gift cards. 

When you reach 1000 points which is $10, the payment process begins. However, survey points cannot be used until the replies have been validated and the project has been closed. 

As a result, there is a waiting period before the points can be redeemed for gift cards.

The low payment threshold enables for faster payment of rewards. Nonetheless, the lack of cash rewards limits the site's payment alternatives. 

For people who wish to earn money, looking into other top sites that use PayPal as a payment method may be a better choice.

Earning Potential of Zippy Opinion

The amount of surveys you may complete and the reward rate per survey determine your earning potential on Zippy Opinion. 

Because the frequency of survey invites is not set, estimating the number of surveys you can expect is challenging.

It is recommended that you complete your profile, which includes answering multiple questionnaires, to increase your chances of receiving survey invites. Fortunately, filling each element of your profile earns you points, so it's not a waste of time.

In terms of rewards, each survey allows you to earn 25 to 250 points (equal to 25 cents to $2.50). While not extraordinary, this range is nonetheless adequate. 

It is worth noting, however, that earning the maximum sum of $2.50 every survey is unusual. Bonus points are awarded for using the Zippy Opinion mobile app and winning their monthly Facebook and Twitter contests. 

Overall, the earning potential on Zippy Opinion is relatively low, and owing to the limited amount of earning chances, patience is required.

Available Platforms for Zippy Opinion

Zippy Opinion has a mobile app that allows you to answer surveys from your mobile device while you're away from your computer. 

This feature improves flexibility and accessibility by allowing you to engage at any time and from any location.

The mobile app is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones and provides an easy-to-use experience. Using the app also gets you a one-time 25-point bonus. 

Some surveys and mini-polls are only available on the mobile app, making it an absolute must if you decide to join Zippy Opinion.

How to Join Zippy Opinion

Residents of India and the United States are the only ones who can use Zippy Opinion. 

If you live outside of these countries, this website is not for you. Fill out the essential fields correctly throughout the sign-up process and select India or the United States as your country of residence, depending on your location. 

Following registration, you will receive an email confirming your account.

Join Zippy Opinion


Zippy Opinion is a legit survey service that pays you to take surveys. 

However, there are both disadvantages and benefits to consider before joining.


  • Offers a relatively low payout threshold
  • A user-friendly site
  • FAQ page that covers essential topics


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low rewards
  • Does not offer cash rewards

While Zippy Opinion is not a horrible survey site, there are better options. Regardless of the low payout criteria, you will need to be patient due to the little reward every survey. 

Furthermore, the lack of cash rewards limits the variety of payment possibilities when compared to other survey sites that give cash prizes in addition to gift cards.

If you live in India or the United States and don't mind earning gift cards, Zippy Opinion is a good secondary site to join. It is recommended that you adjust your expectations accordingly.

To summarize, Zippy Opinion may be a valid and pleasant survey site for some users, but it may not be the best option for everyone.

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