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Cashvib Review - These Red Flags Make You Think Twice, Is It Scam?

Cashvib, a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site, claims to provide an easy way to earn extra money by just inviting others and watching advertisements. 

Before diving in, though, it's critical to take a deeper look and evaluate the potential hazards. 

In this in-depth Cashvib review, we'll look at its features, earning potential, payment options, and some significant red flags to be cautious of. 

By the conclusion, you'll have a good idea of whether Cashvib is worth your time and effort.

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What is Cashvib?

Cashvib advertises itself as a PTC service where users can make money by viewing advertisements. 

However, other red flags emerged during testing, which we will explain later. Understanding Cashvib's earning methods is critical for determining whether it is a viable platform.

1. Viewing Ads

Viewing advertisements is the major way to earn money on Cashvib. 

You'll see a list of available commercials to view after logging in. Clicking the "Complete" button will open a new browser tab, but it will take you to another spam ad, which you must close. 

When you close the window, the actual ad will load and a countdown timer will show. When the minute runs out, a "Skip" button will appear, allowing you to close the ad and earn the reward. 

Although the amount of advertising offered is limited in comparison to other PTC sites, the earnings per ad on Cashvib are very substantial.

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2. Referral Program

Cashvib also has a referral program that allows members to earn money by asking others to join. 

When someone signs up using your unique invite link, they become your referrer, and you receive $1 while they receive a $10 incentive

Although this process appears simple, this Cashvib's overall review may influence your decision to refer others.

Payment Methods of Cashvib

While Cashvib accepts PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, and Western Union as payment methods, its major disadvantage is its extremely high payout threshold. 

To withdraw money, you must accumulate at least $70, which can be difficult given the limited amount of daily adverts. 

As a result, inviting a large number of people to join would be the most viable way to swiftly meet the threshold. 

However, the dangers and concerns connected with Cashvib make it an unappealing alternative for referrals.

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Red Flags of Cashvib

It is critical to consider the following red flags that appeared during testing before committing to Cashvib.

1. There are a lot of pop-up ads with malicious content.

Cashvib engages in spam-like behavior, hitting users with pop-up adverts on a regular basis. 

These advertisements frequently activate anti-virus software, suggesting potentially hazardous information. Such encounters are not only annoying, but they also jeopardize the security of your computer. 

Clicking on these adverts is strongly prohibited because they help Cashvib generate revenue through forced ad views.

2. The payment threshold is really high

Cashvib has an abnormally high payout threshold, which is frequently indicative of a site's unwillingness to pay members. 

Such platforms frequently cut compensation gradually as users approach the barrier, deterring them from ever achieving it. 

Furthermore, additional impracticable withdrawal criteria, such as obtaining a considerable number of recommendations or paying fees, may be applied. 

This structure creates a never-ending cycle in which the site benefits while users struggle to collect their payments.


Well, Cashvib's claim of earning money by seeing commercials and asking referrals should be taken with care. 

Let me conclude this review with a list of its benefits and cons to give you an idea of what the site has to offer.


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  • Spammy behavior
  • A pohibitively high payout threshold
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • You might never ever getting paid

These red flags indicate that Cashvib may not be a reliable platform. Because of the limited earning prospects and significant hazards, it is an unsuitable choice for users looking for consistent revenue. 

It is recommended that you look into alternative sites with lower payment requirements to offer a more lucrative and secure experience.

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Remember to prioritize your online safety by selecting reliable sites that encourage transparency and consumer pleasure.

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