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ClickWorker Review - Is It Legit or Just Human Exploitation?

ClickWorker is an online platform that offers microjobs and tasks in exchange for cash. 

In this review, we will go into the specifics of ClickWorker to see if it is a legitimate way to make money or if it is a scam. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about ClickWorker and whether it is the best solution for you.

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What is ClickWorker?

ClickWorker is not your normal survey site, since it offers a combination of survey chances, prizes, and micro tasks, similar to other popular platforms like ySense. 

We will concentrate on the "worker" aspect of ClickWorker in this review because that is where you can earn money.

1. Paid Surveys

ClickWorker offers the opportunity to make money by taking paid surveys. 

The approach is similar to that of other survey sites in that you receive survey offers and then complete them to obtain a reward. 

Before you may take a survey, you must first pass a screening exam to see if you fit the survey's target population. This method saves you time by ensuring that you only complete surveys for which you are eligible.

However, because ClickWorker is not exclusively focused on surveys, the number of available surveys may be limited in comparison to specialized survey sites.

2. Micro Tasks

Micro tasks are at the heart of ClickWorker's earning potential. 

When you log onto the ClickWorker dashboard, you will see a list of available tasks. To receive access to these assignments, you must first complete your profile. 

The tasks you view will be based on the information in your profile, with preference given to tasks pertaining to subjects in which you have expertise.

The earnings you can expect upon completion of each micro job are specified. This information enables you to efficiently arrange your time and prioritize tasks. 

Pay great attention to the directions provided, as failure to do so will result in task failure. It is critical to be able to precisely follow directions.

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The quantity of microtasks you can complete each day is determined by your profile. However, you can broaden your qualifications by visiting the Assessments area of the dashboard. 

You can gain access to more positions by completing exams, including base and project-specific examinations. Some examinations can be repeated, allowing you to improve your scores and broaden your work qualifications.

ClickWorker provides a wide range of microtasks, some of which are distinctive and fascinating when compared to other similar platforms.

3. Offers and Promotions

ClickWorker may promote offers and promotions from its partners from time to time, allowing you to earn additional benefits. 

These deals may be found on the dashboard under the Offers & Promotions page. 

While ClickWorker carefully reviews its partner offers, it accepts no responsibility for the service offerings supplied.

4. UHRS Tasks

UHRS tasks are comparable to microtasks, except they are available via the Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS) platform. 

This option includes additional duties including picture annotation, video annotation, and speech transcription. You cannot sign up for the UHRS platform on your own; instead, you must go through ClickWorker. 

You will be connected to the UHRS platform if you follow the steps mentioned in ClickWorker and answer specified questions and instructions. 

While the process is time-consuming, it provides additional earning potential for people who enjoy working on ClickWorker.

Payment Methods of ClickWorker

ClickWorker accepts Euros as payment. All earnings on the platform will be in Euros, regardless of where you sign up. 

Payment methods include PayPal, SEPA, and Transferwise. 

It's important to note that not all payment methods are available in every region, while PayPal is generally available globally. 

PayPal is a simple and extensively utilized method of getting your earnings.

To withdraw your earnings, you must first meet the €9 (roughly $10) minimum requirement

While ClickWorker is not the most quickly paid survey site, its reward level is adequate.

Earning Potential of ClickWorker

According to the website of ClickWorker, you can possibly earn far over $10 per hour. 

However, an average hourly rate of roughly $9 is more realistic. The quantity of paid surveys, microtasks, and partner offers for which you qualify determines your earning potential. 

Furthermore, the pace with which you complete jobs will affect your earnings. When there are more available jobs, your prospective earnings will be larger if you finish them.

ClickWorker periodically offers common microtasks, such as referral programs, which allow you to make extra money. 

It's critical to keep your expectations in check and to avoid using ClickWorker as a full-time replacement for traditional employment. Task incentives might range from €0.17 to €5, making it a case-by-case situation.

Nonetheless, with a realistic reward threshold of $10, ClickWorker allows you to earn some extra cash.

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Available Platforms for ClickWorker

ClickWorker has developed a mobile app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones. 

The availability of a mobile app allows you to work on chores while on the road, increasing your platform efficiency. Tasks can be accessed and completed immediately from your mobile device. Notably, the software supports offline work on projects that allow for it. 

This function allows you to begin working without an internet connection and then submit your completed assignments once you have internet access again.

How to Join ClickWorker

One of ClickWorker's benefits is that it accepts nearly anyone as a worker, and registration is free. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up. 

ClickWorker is available in a number of countries, giving it a global reach. To get your earnings, you must have a confirmed PayPal account. 

The registration process is simple and only requires a few facts from you. You can log in to the website and begin earning after clicking the verification link received via email.

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To summarize, ClickWorker is a real website that compensates users for performing various jobs offered on the platform. 

Your earning potential on ClickWorker is determined by your location and the availability of job opportunities in your area. The inclusion of a mobile app allows you to earn while on the go, and the fair payment threshold makes it suitable for earning pocket money.

As with every platform, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider:


  • Decent payment threshold
  • Payment via PayPal is available
  • Mobile app for convenient use


  • Limited job offers depending on location
  • Inconsistent reward rates for tasks
  • Difficulty in qualifying for more jobs
  • Support may be slow and unhelpful at times

Although ClickWorker provides a decent earning potential, it ultimately depends on your location and the availability of activities. 

The mobile app is a useful tool that allows you to earn money quickly. However, if you live in a place with little career opportunities, your prospective earnings may be drastically lowered.

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