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PlaytestCloud Review - Earn Extra Money Playing Beta Games

Are you an avid gamer looking to make some extra money? 

PlaytestCloud asserts that it provides a chance to do just that by evaluating unreleased games. 

In this PlaytestCloud review, we'll examine the specifics to see if this is a reliable source of income or just another con. 

So let's get started and discover what PlaytestCloud can do.

Join PlaytestCloud

What is PlaytestCloud?

PlaytestCloud is a platform for product testing that pays you for reviewing and evaluating unreleased games. 

The website aims to provide game studios with playtesting tools for usability. 

Let's look at the earning opportunities offered by PlaytestCloud to get a better understanding of how it operates and to show you how much money you could potentially make.

1. Playtests

Joining PlaytestCloud as a tester is one way to make money there. 

Once you sign up to be a tester (we'll go over how to do that in a moment), you'll start getting email invitations to tests. The website's login button is for users, not testers, which should be noted. 

As a result, you must frequently check your email inbox for invitations.

You can see how much you can make for each test you pass once you accept an invitation. You must download the game recommended by PlaytestCloud and accept their non-disclosure agreement before you can begin a test. 

PlaytestCloud does not require a separate app or program to record your screen, in contrast to other platforms that do. The necessary recording features are built right into the game, saving space on your mobile device.

You must adhere to the instructions in the email after installing the game. The average test lasts 15 minutes, during which time you must speak aloud and offer feedback. 

Testing should be carried out in a serene setting with no outside noise. PlaytestCloud might not be the best choice for you if you are uncomfortable sharing your opinions while testing.

You'll be asked to respond to a survey that usually involves giving more feedback after the game test is over. 

It's interesting to note that while the video is being recorded, portions of it are also uploaded to the survey, reducing the amount of time needed for the upload to complete. 

PlaytestCloud will review your test after you've finished uploading it, and if everything is as expected, you'll get paid in a few days.

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2.  Standalone Surveys

PlaytestCloud also provides standalone surveys, though their website only provides scant details. 

These surveys offer an extra chance to earn rewards. Despite the fact that this review doesn't mention any personal experience with these surveys, they probably resemble paid surveys that can be found on other survey websites. 

Before beginning the survey, participants must respond to qualifying questions; once they do, they will be rewarded.

Payment Methods of PlaytestCloud

You will be paid a specific amount for each playtest or survey you complete, which will be detailed in the email invitation you receive. 

PlaytestCloud doesn't require you to reach a payout threshold in order to receive payment for each test or survey you complete. PayPal is used to handle payments. 

Make sure the email address you use when signing up matches the email address you use for PayPal since testers don't have a separate member dashboard to manage payment information. 

Because payments are processed automatically, the system is practical and effective.

Earning Potential of PlaytestCloud

A 15-minute playtest on PlaytestCloud typically pays $9, which is regarded as a reasonable price. 

Longer tests might bring in more money. The amount you can make, however, largely depends on how frequently you are invited to take tests. 

Unfortunately, the frequency of test invitations depends on whether your profile satisfies their clients' needs and is out of your control.

It's critical to adhere to the playtesting instructions provided in order to maximize your earnings. By following certain guidelines, such as giving verbal feedback during testing, extra rewards can be obtained. Success on this platform requires the ability to think aloud. 

PlaytestCloud might not be the best fit for you if talking out loud while testing makes you uncomfortable.

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Overall, PlaytestCloud has a decent earning potential and pays out at a rate that is competitive. However, you shouldn't anticipate earning a sizable sum on a regular basis due to the lack of testing opportunities. 

PlaytestCloud is a reliable secondary source of additional income.

Available Platforms for PlaytestCloud

While the website makes a suggestion that you will test PC games during registration, in practice you will primarily test mobile games. 

Use of PlaytestCloud on a mobile device is thus imperative. The platform ensures compatibility by supporting both Android and iOS devices. 

You'll need Android 5 Lollipop or newer for Android devices, and iOS 12 or iOS 13 are the supported versions for iOS devices.

How to Join PlaytestCloud

Most people can sign up for PlaytestCloud, but at the moment the platform is only actively looking for testers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

There may not be many testing opportunities available if you live in another country. 

PlaytestCloud does state that they will get in touch with you if tests open up in other nations, though.

Join PlaytestCloud

Click the "Become a tester" link on their homepage, which is in the upper right-hand corner. 

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive an email with further instructions. Information on taking a qualification test to assess your suitability as a tester will be included in the email.

It is necessary to pass the qualification test, so be prepared to put in the required time. The five-minute test has no pay attached to it. If you don't pass the test, PlaytestCloud will give you feedback on how you did so that you can get better and have a better chance of passing the test the next time.

Consider the qualification test as an introduction to the website's earning procedure. It gives a clear idea of what to anticipate. 

Joining PlaytestCloud could be a worthwhile opportunity if you meet the requirements, have strong communication skills, and have a passion for testing video games.


PlaytestCloud is a legit platform for testing video games that pays testers for reviewing upcoming mobile games. 

Along with some limitations that are worth taking into account, it has many advantageous aspects. 

In summary, the benefits and drawbacks of PlaytestCloud are as follows:


  • Convenient payment method through PayPal
  • Offers a fun and interesting way to earn extra cash
  • Decent rewards for completed tests
  • No payout threshold for withdrawal


  • Limited number of testing opportunities available
  • Lack of comprehensive information for testers on the site
  • Mandatory unpaid qualification test for becoming a tester

PlaytestCloud stands out as one of the top sites for testing video games, largely because of its efficient payment system and affordable prices. 

Even though there might not be many opportunities for testing, the platform makes up for it by paying for finished tests right away. 

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However, keep in mind that PlaytestCloud shouldn't be your main source of income because testing opportunities can come and go. 

If you meet the requirements, enjoy testing games, and have good communication skills, joining PlaytestCloud might be a good way to supplement your income.

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