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QueOpinas Review - Is This Spanish Survey Site Legit or Scam?

If you want to make some extra money quickly, you may have come across a website called QueOpinas, which claims to reward you for answering surveys in Spanish. 

But, before you register, you should read this in-depth QueOpinas review to determine whether the site is legitimate or a scam. After all, you don't want to waste your time on a platform that won't pay you when it says it will.

We will delve into the details of QueOpinas in this review, providing you with everything you need to know about the site and its earning potential. 

By the end, you'll have enough information to decide whether QueOpinas is the right fit for you.

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What is QueOpinas?

QueOpinas is a legitimate survey site that compensates users for taking paid surveys. 

The only way to earn money at QueOpinas is to complete paid surveys. After logging in, you'll see a list of available surveys in Spanish. It's important to note, however, that there aren't always a lot of surveys available, and you might not find any when you log in.

When you find a survey that interests you, simply click on it to begin. 

To begin, you must answer qualifying questions to determine whether you are a member of the survey's intended demographic group. If you meet the requirements, you can proceed to the survey. If not, you must proceed to the next available survey, if any.

As a reward for successfully completing a survey, you will receive a set number of points. 

The number of points awarded is determined by the survey's length, complexity, and urgency. Longer and more complicated surveys tend to pay more, and there are occasionally urgent surveys that pay more than regular ones.

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QueOpinas will also notify you via email when new surveys become available, removing the need to constantly check the site. 

You can stay up to date on available survey opportunities thanks to the convenience of email notifications.

Payment Methods of QueOpinas

As previously stated, each completed survey will earn you points. 

QueOpinas provides two payment options for converting these points into cash: PayPal and Western Union. 

However, before you can withdraw your earnings, you must first accumulate at least 2,000 points, which is equivalent to $35.

While the payment system is relatively simple and convenient, some users may be put off by the high payout threshold of $35

Reaching this threshold can take some time, so if you prefer survey sites with lower payout thresholds, you may want to look into faster-paying alternatives.

Earning Potential of QueOpinas

The amount you can earn from QueOpinas or any other survey site is determined by the number of surveys available and the payment rate per completed survey. 

As previously stated, QueOpinas does not have a large number of available surveys, which limits earning potential.

Completing a survey will typically earn you between 10 and 400 points in terms of payment. This equates to between $0.17 and $7 per survey. Given the availability of higher-paying surveys, the site provides a reasonable pay rate. 

The main challenge, however, is the scarcity of surveys, which has a significant impact on your earning potential. You won't be able to earn anything from the site unless there are available surveys.

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Available Platforms for QueOpinas

QueOpinas does not have a dedicated mobile app, but the site is mobile-friendly. 

This means you can respond to surveys on the go with your mobile device. The site's navigation is simple, eliminating the need to zoom in to read content.

If urgent surveys become available while you are away from your computer, mobile compatibility can be especially useful. 

You can use your mobile device to access and complete surveys, ensuring that you don't miss out on potential rewards. Given the scarcity of surveys, taking advantage of mobile access can be beneficial.

How to Join QueOpinas

QueOpinas is available in a limited number of countries, which you can check during the registration process. 

The majority of the countries supported by the website are Spanish-speaking countries. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid email address to join the panel. 

You will be able to register successfully if you complete the profile-building process by answering all questions honestly.

QueOpinas is unique in that it does not limit the number of members per household. In fact, the website encourages all eligible household members to sign up, as long as each person uses a unique email address. 

This distinct approach distinguishes QueOpinas from survey sites that limit registration to one member per household.

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QueOpinas is a legitimate survey site that follows through on its promise to pay users for completing surveys. While it has some commendable features, it also has a few drawbacks that should be considered. 

Let us summarize the benefits and drawbacks of QueOpinas:


  • Offers payment via PayPal, a convenient payment method
  • Site is mobile-friendly, enabling easy survey participation on mobile devices


  • Limited availability of surveys, which restricts earning opportunities
  • High payout threshold of $35, requiring substantial time investment

Finally, if you're looking for Spanish survey panels, QueOpinas can be a good secondary option. 

However, you must temper your expectations because the scarcity of surveys results in a low earning potential. The PayPal payment method is convenient, but keep in mind the relatively high payout threshold, which requires patience before you can withdraw your earnings.

Consider researching the fastest paying sites available to investigate survey sites that offer faster payout options.

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