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Tapestri Review - Passive Money Online? Is It Safe or Dangerous?

Are you looking for a simple way to earn extra cash? Tapestri, a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app, claims to provide a passive income opportunity simply by running the app in the background. 

In this in-depth Tapestri review, we will look into the app's legitimacy, earning potential, safety, payment methods, and more. 

By the end, you'll know exactly what Tapestri has to offer and whether it's worth your time.

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What is Tapestri?

Tapestri is a legitimate GPT app that earns money by collecting data from your mobile device. 

While the app provides passive earnings by running in the background, it also provides active earnings through paid surveys, games, map check-ins, and a referral/affiliate program. 

Let's dig deeper into these possibilities.

1. Run the App in the Background

You can earn rewards passively by installing the Tapestri app and allowing it to track your location. 

The app collects data on your movement and mobile activities anonymously throughout the day, protecting your privacy. 

Earned rewards will be credited to your Tapestri account balance.

2. Paid Surveys

Tapestri provides paid surveys in which you can participate actively. 

You'll be able to complete surveys and earn rewards after qualifying by answering a few preliminary questions. 

Survey availability varies by location, with countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada typically having more survey opportunities.

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3. Playing Games 

Participate in featured Tapestri games to earn rewards for every minute of gameplay. 

It is important to note, however, that rewards decrease the longer you play a specific game. This design encourages users to quickly explore various games, allowing the app to generate more revenue.

4. Map/Check-in

Tapestri offers a one-of-a-kind earning opportunity via map check-ins. 

You can earn rewards by visiting different locations and checking in on the app. While the rewards may not be substantial, this feature is ideal for people who move around the city frequently and can easily check-in to claim rewards.

5. Affiliate/Referral Program

Tapestri has a referral program where you can invite others to use your referral link to join the app. 

You will receive a small reward once they become active members. Upgrading your membership improves the referral program by providing monthly rewards as long as your referrals remain active.

Is Tapestri Safe to Use?

Tapestri only collects location data and does not have access to sensitive information such as banking information or passwords. 

Anonymized user data ensures privacy and security.

Payment Methods of Tapestri

Tapestri earnings are converted into Tapestri coins. 

You can withdraw your earnings via Stripe and receive cash, or you can convert them to cryptocurrency using OpenNode. 

The withdrawal limit varies by country and ranges from $1 to $10.

Earning Potential of Tapestri

Tapestri earnings are determined by your level of activity and mobility. 

Running the app in the background while moving around the city can earn you around $25 per month. Active participation in surveys, games, and referrals can increase your earnings even more. 

Membership upgrades can also increase your benefits and earnings.

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Available Platforms for Tapestri

Tapestri is primarily used on mobile devices and makes use of location-based features. 

However, as an affiliate, you can use a desktop or laptop to access the member dashboard and respond to surveys.

How to Join Tapestri

Tapestri is available in a number of countries, with new ones being added on a regular basis. 

Check their website to see if your country is included. 

To join, go to their website, enter your email address, and complete the registration process.

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Tapestri is a legit GPT app that provides a passive income opportunity. It has several appealing features, but there are some limitations to consider. 

It has a high earning potential, especially for active users who frequently navigate their cities. 

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While earnings differ by country, Tapestri provides convenient payment options such as cash and cryptocurrency. 

Tapestri can be a worthwhile endeavor if you are looking for an additional income stream and are willing to engage actively with the app.


  • Offers a passive earning option
  • Low payout threshold
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Multiple payment methods


  • Earning potential varies by country

In conclusion, Tapestri is a good app for making extra money, especially if you live a mobile lifestyle. 

Earnings may be significantly lower if you have limited mobility. Using the referral program can increase your earnings, but it requires consistent app usage to offset the membership fee. Tapestri's offer of multiple payment options is admirable.

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