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TimeBucks Review - Is It Legit or Not Worth It? Honest Review

You may have stumbled upon TimeBucks while looking for free methods to earn extra money online. 

But, is TimeBucks a legitimate and dependable way to make some additional money, or is it a waste of time and maybe a scam? 

In this full TimeBucks review, we will go over all of the specifics, look at what the platform has to offer, and share real stories to help you decide if it's worth it to join. 

We will also share some TimeBucks tips to help you maximize your profits on the platform.

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What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is an online reward site that allows you to earn money in a variety of ways. 

It comes into the genre of "get-paid-to" (GPT) sites and, like other reputable GPT platforms, is absolutely free to register and use. 

TimeBucks, which is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, is available internationally, offering a variety of ways to make extra money.

While many of its offerings are comparable to those found on other paid survey sites and online reward portals, TimeBucks also offers unique chances that are not typically found elsewhere. 

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Whether these services are profitable opportunities or simple distractions is determined by your unique interests and aspirations. 

Let's look at the various options supplied by TimeBucks to assist you determine their potential value for you.

1. Paid Surveys

TimeBucks has a large amount of paid surveys. 

You can access surveys from numerous sources and earn payment directly into your TimeBucks account by logging in. 

It's crucial to note that survey availability varies depending on where you live. 

TimeBucks provides additional earning techniques if your survey options are limited.

2. Watch Videos

TimeBucks offers a variety of options to make money by watching films in the "content" section. 

Simply go to the "earning" tab, then to the "content" sub-tab, and finally to the "video" tab. 

While this strategy is simple, the benefits for watching videos are often meager. It will not greatly increase your revenue, but it will function as a secondary source of money if you are interested in the material.

3. Offerwalls

The website features an offerwall section with numerous offers such as free app downloads, website signups, and product testing. 

These offers, in addition to surveys and videos, may provide extra earning opportunities.

4. Content Options

The content part of TimeBucks offers a variety of methods to earn. For example, you can earn money simply clicking on little adverts and browsing websites for a set period of time. 

Other responsibilities include like the TimeBucks Facebook page and others. 

This section also includes the following earning options:

  • Engaged hits: Install software to automatically play videos and earn rewards.
  • Push click: Get paid to click on ads delivered as push notifications in your browser.
  • Get paid to search: Earn up to $0.01 per online search, varying by country.
  • Get paid to watch YouTube videos.
  • Watch News slideshows.

The content section has the advantage of always offering chances regardless of your country. 

While some options may not produce significant money, many activities are simple and quick to do. This section might be a convenient way to make a little additional cash for chores like watching slideshows or movies, which many of us already do.

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5. Micro-tasks

TimeBucks has a section dedicated to microtasks called "Tasks." 

You can get paid to do things like download apps, watch YouTube videos, visit specified websites, and follow individuals on social media. 

It's worth remembering that not all tasks provide the most value for your time. To achieve fair remuneration, carefully select tasks.

6. Earn Cashback When You Shop Online

TimeBucks provides a cashback option that is quite advantageous to users. 

The platform allows you to gain cash back on your purchases by collaborating with specific online merchants. 

If you frequently shop online, this feature can be a great way to earn and save money at the same time.

7. Invite People to Join / Referral Program

You can refer individuals to TimeBucks and earn a commission on their purchases. 

The referral program has five levels, which means you can earn money from anyone referred by your direct recommendations as well. 

Although the commission rates are not high, it does provide a small supplemental income stream.

8. Weekly TimeBucks Sweepstakes

TimeBucks runs a weekly sweepstakes with prizes for active participants. 

The sweepstakes entry is automated, and the prizes might greatly increase your earnings. This sweepstakes function is one of the best available on GPT sites. 

You get 100 entries just for signing in every day, 1 entry for every $0.001 earned from tasks, and 200 entries for each person you invite to join.

9. Advertise

You can use TimeBucks' platform to promote. 

While particular advertising alternatives may differ, among other things, you can advertise your YouTube videos. 

Choose the desired amount of views, target nations, age groupings, and other demographics, then pay for the service. Members of TimeBucks will then be compensated for watching your advertised video.

10. Daily Contest

Every day, TimeBucks gives extra money to the top five earners on the platform. 

The first-place winner earns $20, and the award gradually drops to $1 for the fifth-place finisher. Earning enough to be in the top five is not difficult, making it an appealing possibility for a big bonus.

Payment Methods of TimeBucks

TimeBucks provides several ways to receive your money. 

You will be paid in cash after completing tasks on the platform. Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, Payeer, AirTM, bank transfer, Virtual Visa, and Skrill are the current payment methods.

You can request a payout after earning $10. This low payment threshold is useful since it allows you to access your money immediately without having to collect a significant amount. 

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TimeBucks processes payouts on a weekly basis, immediately distributing your prizes once the threshold is achieved.

Earning Potential of TimeBucks

Your earning potential on TimeBucks are determined by a number of things. 

The amount of time you devote to the platform and the quantity of possibilities you pursue are critical factors. Furthermore, the availability of surveys and offerwalls is affected by your geographic region.

While certain regions may have more surveys and offers than others, TimeBucks offers a wide variety of earning options to consumers globally. 

Furthermore, regardless of your location, inviting others to join can considerably increase your profits.

Getting a TimeBucks premium membership can also help you earn more money. However, whether the investment is worthwhile depends on your present revenues on the platform. Setting reasonable expectations is essential for any survey or GPT site. 

While TimeBucks provides opportunities to earn extra money, it is not a way to become wealthy.

Available Platforms for TimeBucks

Using a GPT site on a mobile device is convenient, particularly for completing brief activities during downtime. 

TimeBucks offers a mobile app called "TimeBucks Surveys" that specializes in one form of survey. 

However, this app does not feature all of the possible earning methods on the platform.

If you prefer to access all earning choices or use devices other than your smartphone, simply open TimeBucks in your browser. The platform is mobile-friendly, allowing you to easily access all available options.

How to Join TimeBucks

Individuals from all over the world can participate in TimeBucks. 

While the quantity of chances varies by nation, the platform guarantees a significant number of earning alternatives even in areas with limited survey opportunities. 

Users in most countries can access content, Instagram, invite others, prizes, tasks, and video watching. Furthermore, surveys and offers are available in various countries, however availability may vary.

Join TimeBucks


TimeBucks is a reputable GPT site with a variety of earning options. 

Let's wrap up our evaluation by summarizing the benefits and negatives of TimeBucks so you can get a clearer picture.


  • A wide range of opportunities
  • Access opportunities from nearly all countries
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Low payout threshold
  • Some unique features not found on other websites
  • Quite user-friendly
  • Payment is made in cash.


  • Some opportunities may have lower rewards

TimeBucks offers a good experience for users looking to supplement their income. Some options, however, may offer smaller benefits. 

It's critical to keep your expectations in check, as TimeBucks, like other survey and GPT sites, should be considered as a way to supplement your income rather than a full-time source of riches.

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