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UserTribe Review - Can You Earn Money From Home With This? Honest Review

There are countless opportunities to earn money online in today's digital world. 

The internet offers numerous avenues for producing extra revenue, from answering surveys to completing little jobs. 

User testing is one such option that pays people for their attention to detail. 

Joining user-testing sites allows you to capitalize on your aptitude for understanding how things work while also earning extra money by offering essential input. 

This evaluation will concentrate on UserTribe, determining whether it is a legitimate platform for earning money through comments.

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What is UserTribe?

UserTribe is a user-testing website that pays people to take part in their studies. 

UserTribe assists businesses in gaining useful insights to improve their customers' experiences by partnering with diverse companies. Users have reported receiving compensated for their participation in projects, indicating that UserTribe is a credible platform.

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Let's take a closer look at the earning options provided by UserTribe.

1. Paid Studies

Participating in paid studies is the primary way to make money on UserTribe. 

When you join, you become eligible to participate in these studies that compensate you for your time.

If you qualify for a study, you will receive an email with further information. It is critical that you carefully follow these directions, as failing to do so may result in your work not being accepted and, as a result, no compensation.

Each test or study may necessitate the use of a specific technology (tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop). 

Check that you have access to the necessary device before taking the test. You'll also need a headset with a microphone to record yourself while discussing the chores you're doing.

UserTribe offers a Google Chrome plug-in called UserTribe Recorder that allows you to record your voice as well as your screen. This plug-in's download URL will be included in the email message.

The rewards for each study differ, with some tests offering cash compensation and others offering gift cards. Each study's pay information are given in advance. When you finish a study, you must submit it for review. 

UserTribe will provide your reward within 10 business days of reviewing your work.

It's worth noting that UserTribe does not offer a members area where you can choose which projects to work on. Instead, you will be notified via email when new research become available. 

While the frequency of research varies, it is critical to set reasonable expectations and recognize that constant participation is not assured.

2. Referral Program

UserTribe also has a referral program where you can earn prizes by referring others to the platform. 

While the terms of this referral program are not fully explained, you can normally invite others by sharing your unique referral link. Individuals who are interested must use your link during the registration procedure. 

UserTribe will be able to track who recommended them this way, and you will receive your incentive upon successful registration.

However, it's worth noting that UserTribe does not have a members section where you can easily access your referral link. 

They briefly mention the prospect of earning through recommendations throughout the signup process, but access to the referral program may be limited and only available on rare occasions.

Payment Methods of UserTribe

One advantage of UserTribe is that you do not have to achieve a certain amount before you can withdraw or redeem your rewards. 

After completing a research, UserTribe will send your reward to the email address you supplied at enrollment, which might be an Amazon Gift Card or other digital gift cards. They may also accept payment using PayPal. 

All payments are processed in the currency of your choice.

While the payment process is simple, it is crucial to note that receiving your prize may take some time. UserTribe typically processes all gift certificates within 10 business days.

Earning Potential of UserTribe

The amount of money you can make from UserTribe is determined by the frequency with which you receive research invitations and the number of studies you complete successfully. 

UserTribe's pay is generally competitive, with a high time-to-money ratio, particularly for longer or more difficult research.

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While rewards vary based on the location and study, volunteers are generally compensated fairly for their time. A 30-minute trial, for example, rewarded one user with a $75 gift card, however rewards can vary greatly.

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to increase your chances of accepting study invites on a regular basis. 

It is vital to realize that study participation is not consistent, and study availability may vary.

Available Platforms for UserTribe

The usability of UserTribe on mobile devices is determined by the specific test issued to you. 

If a study requires a mobile device, you must conduct it on one. In contrast, if the research requires you to use a computer, you must do so.

If a test necessitates the use of a mobile device, UserTribe will send a link to download the relevant screen recording software. 

Fortunately, their website is mobile-friendly, so you can access and read the content without having to zoom in.

How to Join UserTribe

One of UserTribe's benefits is its global availability. 

You can sign up as a tester regardless of your location. You will be asked a number of questions during the registration process to help develop your profile. 

It's critical to answer these questions truthfully because the answers affect your eligibility for examinations.

While UserTribe does not mention an age limit, individuals are expected to be at least 18 years old. 

You will be able to participate in available tests once you have completed the registration process. It is worth mentioning, however, that UserTribe's clients decide which regions require testers. As a result, ensuring tests within your country is difficult. 

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It is recommended that you check your email inbox for notifications on a regular basis, as this is how UserTribe communicates study invitations.

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To summarize, UserTribe is a legit user-testing site that pays individuals for their participation in studies and referrals. The platform has some excellent characteristics as well as some disadvantages.

Because there is no payout threshold, you can begin redeeming your earnings immediately after completing a research, which adds convenience and speeds up the reward process. 

However, because to the infrequency of available research, generating a consistent income from UserTribe is not assured.


  • No payout threshold required
  • High rewards
  • Enjoyable participation in tests


  • Inconsistent availability of studies
  • Varying availability of tests based on country
  • Website lacks comprehensive information

UserTribe's primary benefit is its attractive pay for completed tests. UserTribe ensures that you obtain what was promised on time by giving quick payment upon completion. 

However, it is critical to control expectations and acknowledge that the platform may not provide regular and consistent income opportunities.

Finally, UserTribe is a viable platform for users wishing to supplement their income through user testing, as long as they are aware of the restrictions and have realistic expectations.

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