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Viewfruit Review - Is It Legit or Just Waste of Time? Honest Review

When it comes to making extra money online, Viewfruit as a paid survey site may pique your interest. 

However, it is critical to determine whether Viewfruit is a genuine opportunity or a scam to avoid. 

Having personally tested a number of paid survey sites, including Viewfruit, I can confidently state that it is a legitimate platform from which to earn money. 

In this in-depth Viewfruit review, we'll go over the site's features, earning potential, payment methods, and more, so you can decide whether Viewfruit is a good fit for you.

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What is Viewfruit?

Viewfruit, a Market Research Association member, has been a trusted site in the online survey space for many years. 

Viewfruit, which is owned by Paneland, is a legitimate company that has consistently paid its members. 

However, in order to determine the platform's suitability for you, you must first understand what it offers.

1. Viewfruit Surveys (V-Surveys)

Viewfruit is primarily a survey site, with surveys serving as the primary means of earning money. 

In comparison to other sites, the platform offers a reasonable number of surveys with fair compensation. While you may receive survey invitations via email, it is best to check the platform frequently for new opportunities because email notifications are not always received. 

Checking your junk folder for survey invitations is also important to avoid missing out on potential earnings. 

You can easily view the available surveys by logging in to your account.

2. Create and Vote in Polls

Viewfruit has V-Vote, which allows you to participate in short polls created by other users. 

These polls typically take only a few seconds to complete and cover a wide range of topics. You can also create your own polls for other members to vote in, though this feature does not earn you money. 

It functions as a social interaction tool, allowing for quick responses to questions and interaction with other members.

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3. Lucky Draws

Viewfruit's lucky draw feature offers an additional chance to win exciting prizes. 

By actively participating in surveys, you earn entries into a drawing for prizes such as iPhones, Kindles, or cash. Completing a survey earns you three entries, while attempting or failing to qualify for a survey earns you one entry. 

This feature distinguishes Viewfruit from other survey sites and serves as a valuable consolation prize.

4. Invite Friends to Join

Viewfruit has a referral program that allows you to grow your survey team by inviting friends to sign up for the platform. 

When someone you refer completes a Viewfruit survey, you will receive an additional 10% of their earnings in your account. The person taking the survey continues to receive their regular payment, while you receive the referral bonus. 

In addition, every time one of your referrals confirms their account, you are entered into the lucky draw. This feature allows you to earn a little extra money by expanding your network.

5. Message Members

Viewfruit used to have a chat feature called V-chat, but it has since been replaced by the message center. 

This feature allows you to send messages to other members, enhancing the platform's social aspect. It is important to note, however, that using this feature does not result in earnings. Users are asked not to post spam or promotional content in the message center.

Payment Methods of Viewfruit

Before joining a survey site, it is critical to understand the payment methods and terms. 

Viewfruit members earn points for completing surveys, which can be exchanged for cash via PayPal. 

The inclusion of PayPal as a payout option is convenient because it allows you to receive your cash rewards quickly and easily. Viewfruit, in particular, has a low payout threshold, allowing you to cash out as soon as you reach $5

Each 500 Viewfruit points is worth $1, so you must earn 2500 points to request a payout. 

Every Friday, payout requests are processed, and funds are typically deposited into your PayPal account the following week. Overall, Viewfruit provides a favorable payout method and terms.

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Earning Potential of Viewfruit

While Viewfruit offers decent survey earning opportunities, it's important to understand that taking paid surveys will not provide a full-time income. 

However, it is possible to earn some extra money while also having your voice heard on important issues. 

Paid surveys are not a way to make money online. They supplement your income and provide a forum for you to express your opinions.

Available Platforms for Viewfruit

With mobile access to a survey panel, you can earn money during breaks throughout the day. 

Viewfruit has a dedicated app that allows for simple survey completion on mobile devices. The app offers the same functionality as the website and even offers a 100-point bonus upon installation. 

Although some surveys are only available on the app or the website, many others are available on both. 

Viewfruit is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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How to Join Viewfruit

Viewfruit is available in about 32 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and Africa. 

Each country has its own platform, which is frequently in the local language. Viewfruit is currently actively recruiting members from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, and Singapore. 

Viewfruit is definitely worth considering if you live in one of these countries. More information on how to participate can be found later in this review.

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Viewfruit is, without a doubt, a legitimate survey site. However, determining whether it meets your requirements is critical. 

Let us summarize Viewfruit's advantages and disadvantages:


  • Free to join
  • Offers a decent number of surveys
  • Provides PayPal payments
  • Low payout threshold
  • User-friendly platform


  • Not available in all countries
  • Social elements can be distracting

Overall, Viewfruit provides a simple platform with good earning potential for a survey site. It may include some distracting social elements, but they can also add to the overall enjoyment of being a member. 

Viewfruit is a site worth considering for earning some extra cash, with a great payout method and the opportunity to win points even if you don't qualify for a survey.

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