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WowApp Review - Is It Legitly Wow or Just Another Scam?

WowApp distinguishes out among online earning platforms by claiming to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn, contribute, and make a positive effect all at the same time. 

But is WowApp genuine or simply another scam? 

We will go into the features, earning choices, payout methods, and overall usability of WowApp in this full review to help you decide if it is worth your time and effort.

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What is WowApp?

WowApp distinguishes itself from other earning platforms by its unique approach. 

The platform was created in response to growing global concern about income inequality. Thomas C. Knobel, the company's founder, envisioned a platform that would allow individuals to earn money for their internet activity rather than benefiting just giant organizations.

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WowApp, which was launched in 2015 after years of development, was thoughtfully created. 

The inventor of the website is identified as Robin Wow, a pseudonym inspired by Robin Hood, the legendary figure famed for redistributing wealth from the rich to the needy.

WowApp has a wealth of options, which can be daunting at first. 

However, we will present an overview of the potential opportunities to assist you in determining whether WowApp corresponds with your interests and aspirations.

1. Surveys, Videos, and Offers (Instant Earn)

WowApp offers several ways to earn money under the "Instant Earn" area. 

Paid surveys allow you to share your thoughts while earning money, yet not all surveys are ideal for every user.

In addition, the platform provides paid video possibilities, which are typically shorter and easier to engage with when compared to other similar services. 

WowApp also has offer walls where users may make money by participating in paid offers such as contest sign-ups or app downloads.

2. Get Cashback When Shopping Online

WowApp has a special section with links to thousands of online retailers. 

Users who use these links when making purchases can receive cash back ranging from 2% to 10%. Notably, WowApp's vast array of partner stores includes global alternatives, making it available to users all around the world.

3. Play Games Online

WowApp has a diverse games section where users can access a variety of little online games from a variety of themes. 

While the awards may not be large, the more you participate and play, the more you can earn.

4. Smart Slide / Lock Screen

The WowApp Smart Slide feature is only available on mobile devices. 

You may receive WowApp notifications and news immediately on your lock screen by activating the Smart Slide. You get incentives every time you unlock your screen.

5. Earn by Surfing The Web

WowApp provides a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox that provides users with easy access to news and surveys while they are browsing the internet on their PCs. 

Users can receive prizes for their online activity by using this addon.

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6. Call and Chat

WowApp has a phone and chat feature that compensates users for using these functions. 

You can make free calls to other WowApp users within the program, similar to Skype, or use credits to call landlines and mobiles worldwide.

7. Invite Friends

The fundamental concept of WowApp revolves around sharing the produced online income. 

As a result, inviting friends to join the platform entitles you to a portion of their earnings. 

This tool helps to create a mutually beneficial earning environment.

8. UBI

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is one of WowApp's more recent income choices. 

You can claim daily free coins by simply using the app. If you do not claim the coins within 17 hours, they will be returned to the collective pool.

Payment Methods of WowApp

WowApp provides several alternatives for users to receive their earnings. 

Users can choose to get cash immediately to their credit cards, PayPal accounts, or bank accounts when seeking a payout. Users can also choose to donate their profits to charity or use them for mobile credit.

WowCoins are the primary money used by WowApp. Users earn WowCoins for each action they complete on the platform. 

WowCoins have a monetary worth of $0.01. 

Notably, WowApp promotes a "Earn - Share - Do Good" philosophy by assuring that a portion of each individual's profits is automatically donated to charity. Users can choose their favorite charities from a variety of alternatives.

WowApp's payout methods are commendable, especially given the platform's incorporation of charitable donations. 

Users benefit from the presence of different cash withdrawal alternatives, such as PayPal and bank transfers, because they have more flexibility and ease.

It is crucial to remember, however, that WowApp charges fees for some payout methods. For example, if you choose PayPal, you will be charged a $1 transaction fee plus an 8% cost.

This cost is significantly expensive when compared to similar platforms, and it violates WowApp's objective to create more earning opportunities.

Earning Potential of WowApp

The amount you can earn with WowApp is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of options you choose to use and the amount of time you devote. 

You can boost your income by actively participating in surveys, offers, cashback chances, and other activities.

It is, nonetheless, critical to moderate expectations. WowApp is not a feasible option for earning a full-time income or becoming wealthy. 

Instead, it is used to earn extra money and progressively amass earnings.

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Available Platforms for WowApp

WowApp, as the name implies, is mobile-friendly and offers a separate app for download. 

It is critical to download the original app in order to avoid potentially counterfeit versions of WowApp.

WowApp, in addition to mobile compatibility, provides a desktop app/software that allows users to make money through various activities. Users can also access WowApp directly through its website. 

It should be noted that some earning possibilities, such as surveys and videos, are only available on the mobile app.

How to Join WowApp

WowApp welcomes users from all over the world, in line with its goal of addressing global income inequality. 

It supports many languages, making it user-friendly for non-English speakers. While specific income opportunities, such as surveys, may differ by country, WowApp generally offers good choices for users in the majority of locales.

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WowApp is unquestionably a legit platform that follows through on its promise to compensate users for their participation. It may not, however, be the best platform for everyone. 

To outline the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Free to join
  • Diverse earning options
  • Global accessibility
  • Multiple payout methods, including PayPal and bank transfers


  • Initial complexity for new users
  • High payout fees (8% for PayPal transactions)
  • Lack of transparency in earnings calculation
  • Overselling of the platform's capabilities

Overall, WowApp is exciting at first but falls short in other aspects. 

Despite its authenticity, its attractiveness is harmed by overly expensive and unfair compensation costs.

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