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Zamplia Surveys Review - Is It Legit or SCAM?

Zamplia Surveys (formerly Loop Surveys) is a legitimate survey site that pays people to complete surveys. 

However, deciding whether it's worth your time necessitates a closer examination of its features and offerings. 

We will delve into the important details in this Zamplia Surveys review to help you make an informed decision about joining this panel.

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What is Zamplia Surveys?

Zamplia Surveys is a Canadian research firm owned by The Logit Group. 

The site, which has over 250,000 members and is still growing, has been rebranded from Loop Surveys to Zamplia Surveys.

Paid Surveys on Zamplia Surveys

By focusing solely on paid surveys, Zamplia Surveys simplifies the earning process. 

While this may reduce the number of opportunities available, it also means fewer gimmicks and a more straightforward approach to earning rewards. You can look for available surveys to take by visiting the member dashboard and going to the "My Surveys" section.

Each survey listing includes important details such as expected completion time, reward value, and mobile accessibility. However, some users have reported intermittent glitches when attempting to access surveys, which can be inconvenient. 

It's worth noting that such issues usually resolve themselves over time.

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Payment Methods of Zamplia Surveys

When you complete a survey, you will be rewarded with points, which are the currency of Zamplia Surveys. 

The payout threshold is set at 2,500 points, or $25. In comparison to other survey sites, this threshold is relatively high.

When it comes to cashing out your earnings, the only option is a Visa prepaid card. Although Zamplia Surveys provides both physical and virtual Visa cards, physical card delivery may take longer due to postal mail. 

While Visa gift cards are useful, it would be preferable if the platform offered additional payment methods such as PayPal for greater flexibility.

Earning Potential of Zamplia Surveys

Earning potential is an important consideration when determining the viability of a survey site. 

Zamplia Surveys typically awards users at least 100 points per survey, which is equal to $1. 

However, given the $25 payout threshold, completing a minimum of 25 surveys would be required before requesting payment.

Given the limited frequency of available surveys, reaching the payout threshold may take some time. 

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Available Platforms for Zamplia Surveys

Zamplia Surveys can be accessed using a mobile web browser on mobile devices. 

While no dedicated app is available, the site is mobile-friendly, allowing for easy navigation without the need to zoom in to read content.

How to Join Zamplia Surveys

Previously available only in the United States and Canada as Loop Surveys, Zamplia Surveys appears to accept members from all over the world. 

Simply click the "Join Now" button, fill out the registration form, and confirm your membership via email to get started. 

Although the profile questionnaire is lengthy and time-consuming, completing it will earn you a 200-point bonus.

Join Zamplia Surveys


Among many others, Zamplia Surveys is a legitimate survey site. 

It has both advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. 


  • The site is mobile-friendly
  • Offers a decent reward per survey


  • High payout threshold
  • Relatively low earning potential
  • Lack of payment options, limited solely to Visa prepaid cards

While Zamplia Surveys is an additional survey site to consider, your time may be better spent on platforms with higher earning potential and a wider range of payment options. 

Consider looking into alternative survey sites that are more in line with your expectations and goals. If love this new earning app, you might also want to read Is Reward XP Legit or SCAM? and gives comment about it!

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