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Appinio App Review - Is It Legit or Just a SCAM? Learn More

Appinio is a legitimate survey app that compensates users for taking surveys and polls. 

This review will look at its features, earning potential, and overall legitimacy to see if it's worth your time and effort.

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What is Appinio?

Appinio is a survey app that provides rewards for completing surveys and polls. 

It's a legitimate platform where you can earn genuine rewards for participating. 

Here's a breakdown of how you can make money with Appinio: 

1. Polls

Participating in polls is the simplest way to earn money on Appinio. 

These are simple questions that can be answered in a matter of seconds. Some polls allow you to open a "coin package" containing a certain number of coins (typically 5 to 10 coins). 

Answering polls will also earn you experience points. These points contribute to your account level, which influences your ability to participate in surveys and polls. 

2. Paid Online Surveys

Appinio occasionally offers paid surveys, which pay out more money than polls. 

These surveys are brief, but they contain questions designed to elicit thoughtful responses. The rewards range from 50 to 800 coins, with longer surveys paying out more. 

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3. Referral Program

Appinio's referral program allows you to earn extra rewards by inviting friends to download the app. 

You will receive 50 coins when your referred users sign up and begin participating. As your referrals reach level 14, you will receive 2,500 coins. 

It's important to note that referral earnings are limited to $25. 

Payment Methods of Appinio

Appinio will give you coins for completing surveys and polls. 

You can exchange these coins for cash using PayPal or Amazon gift cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 coins, which is equivalent to $10 in PayPal withdrawals. 

Earning Potential of Appinio

Appinio earnings are limited and dependent on your account level. 

Responding to surveys and polls raises your account level, giving you access to more opportunities. The highest level is 50, which provides the most opportunities. 

The rewards, however, are relatively low, with a maximum of $0.80 for surveys. Polls provide even lower rewards. 

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Available Platforms for Appinio

Appinio is only available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. 

The easy-to-use app provides a smooth experience with no pop-up ads. 

How to Join Appinio

Appinio may not be available in all countries. 

Search for it in your app store to see if it's available in your area. 

Signing up requires an email address and a mobile phone number, which will be followed by a confirmation email. 

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Appinio is a legitimate survey app with both advantages and disadvantages. While it provides simple ways to earn rewards, its limitations should be considered. 

Here's a rundown of its main points: 


  • Offers easy opportunities to earn rewards
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Supports PayPal withdrawals


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low rewards for surveys and polls
  • Referral program has an earnings cap

Appinio is a good survey app, but it won't make you a lot of money. Because of its quick and simple tasks, it is suitable as a secondary source of income. 

However, keep your expectations in check because the rewards are modest. 

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