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Roadie Review - Is Roadie Legit or NOT? Our Honest Review

When you hear "roadie," you likely think of those who assist bands during concerts. 

However, there's another dimension to the term – a platform called Roadie. This platform asserts that you can make substantial money by driving and delivering items. 

The pressing question is whether Roadie is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam.

This Roadie review delves into these questions. It's designed not only to provide answers but also to present a comprehensive overview of what the platform entails. 

This way, you can make an informed decision before committing.

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What is Roadie, Is It Legit?

At its core, Roadie is a gig economy platform that enables you to earn cash by transporting and delivering items to customers. 

The fact that Roadie is a UPS-owned company validates its legitimacy and potential for earnings.

But the critical inquiry is whether this is a venture worth pursuing.

To answer this, it's essential to explore the earning opportunities Roadie presents. 

This exploration will not only elucidate the workings of the platform but also shed light on the time and effort required to reap its benefits.

The Earning Opportunity – Gigs

Upon becoming a Roadie driver, you'll gain access to the array of gigs presented by customers through the member dashboard. 

It's noteworthy that this dashboard is accessible through both computer browsers and the Roadie mobile app.

After logging into the dashboard, a full list of available gigs in your locality is readily displayed. Roadie automatically pinpoints your location, showcasing only gigs pertinent to your city.

Upon discovering a gig of interest, clicking it reveals comprehensive details. Subsequently, you can craft an offer for the customer presenting the gig. This offer stipulates your desired payment for the job.

This phase is pivotal, demanding meticulous calculation to ascertain the right compensation that will secure the customer's acceptance. Gas expenses related to the gig must also be factored in. 

Therefore, a thoughtful approach to determining payment is crucial.

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Once your offer is submitted, awaiting the customer's response ensues. In case of acceptance, you'll receive a notification (applicable if you're using the app). Otherwise, the message will be visible in the messages section on the web version.

With your offer accepted, executing the gig is the final step. 

After completing the task, payment is remitted, and the customer rates your service. It's imperative to uphold a minimum 4-star rating to retain your status as a Roadie driver.

Consistently friendly and courteous customer interactions are vital to evade unfavorable reviews. Providing your best during each gig is essential. 

If emergencies arise or unexpected incidents occur during a gig, promptly notifying the customer is obligatory.

Payment Methods of Roadie

Each gig you successfully complete yields specific earnings, credited to your Roadie account balance. 

To withdraw your earnings, you must link your bank account to Roadie, as they solely facilitate payments via direct bank transfer.

Once your bank account is linked, Roadie disburses payments every Tuesday. The receipt of funds can be expected within 1-3 business days. This method doesn't necessitate a specific threshold for payment.

Upon completing a minimum of 5 gigs and maintaining an active driver status for at least 7 days, you gain access to Instant Pay. This option permits instant withdrawal, circumventing the Tuesday schedule. 

However, a service fee of $1.99 accompanies each Instant Pay withdrawal. Furthermore, a minimum balance of $5 is required, and withdrawals are capped at $5,000 per day or 10 withdrawals, whichever threshold is reached first.

Overall, Roadie's payment system is straightforward, with the convenience of direct bank transfers. 

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Earning Potential of Roadie

For gig economy platforms like Roadie, earning capacity hinges on your location. 

Residing in a major city augments earning potential through a larger pool of available gigs. Conversely, smaller towns present fewer earning opportunities.

This discrepancy typifies the gig economy, directly influencing Roadie's earning potential. In major cities, ample gigs promise good earnings. 

In contrast, residing in smaller towns may necessitate seeking alternative income avenues.

Available Platforms for Roadie

Roadie's role as a driver mandates the use of a mobile device. 

The Roadie mobile app is instrumental for booking gigs and communicating with customers.

You can download the app from the Android or iOS app stores. Its user-friendliness ensures seamless navigation. Since the app is indispensable for Roadie drivers, its accessibility is crucial.

How to Join Roadie

Roadie exclusively caters to individuals within the United States. 

If you're located elsewhere, this opportunity isn't viable. 

To join as a driver, you'll need to complete a registration form.

Join Roadie

In this phase, your mobile number is required for verification via a confirmation code sent by Roadie. Following form completion, your US driver's license photo and Social Security Number must be submitted.

This data is necessary for identity verification – an inescapable step. Subsequently, consent for a Consumer Report, akin to a background check, is needed. 

Unlike some gig economy platforms that charge for background checks, this is free.

After completing the background check, Roadie will notify you of your driver status. The final step involves online onboarding – your orientation to Roadie's driving tasks.

With onboarding accomplished, you're primed to start accepting gigs. 

Though the registration process is protracted, it's in line with gig economy norms, demanding patience.


In sum, is Roadie legit? Yes, this site stands as a legit gig economy platform for earning through driving tasks. 

Its attractive features coexist with certain limitations that warrant consideration.


  • Customizable gig payment
  • User-friendly app
  • No minimum payout threshold


  • Elongated registration process

In my view, Roadie offers a commendable gig economy avenue, particularly for urban dwellers endowed with a plethora of gigs. 

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However, smaller towns may lack sufficient opportunities. Therefore, I recommend Roadie to those residing in sizable cities. 

For others, alternative income streams might be more viable.

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