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Search for a Cause Review - Earn Passive Money with Browser?

Search for a Cause is a browser extension that offers users the opportunity to donate to non-profit organizations by simply using it for web searches. 

While the concept of contributing to charity through internet searches is intriguing, it's essential to understand how the extension operates before deciding whether to install it.

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What is Search for a Cause?

Search for a Cause is a legitimate browser extension that allows users to passively earn rewards, which are then donated to charitable causes. While the extension indeed fulfills its promise of turning your web searches into donations, the earning process and potential drawbacks require careful consideration.

To better understand Search for a Cause, let's delve into its earning opportunity.

Web Searches

Search for a Cause functions as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Upon installation, it replaces your default search engine with its own search engine. This means that when you use the extension for searches, it presents results from Yahoo instead of Google.

While the concept seems promising, the practicality might be a downside for some users. Google search results are widely regarded as more comprehensive and accurate compared to Yahoo's. 

Thus, if you're not willing to switch to Yahoo search results, this extension might not be suitable for you.

Your regular web searches conducted using the browser extension will earn you rewards. Unfortunately, Search for a Cause doesn't explicitly state the reward rates, nor does it provide a section in the extension settings to track your earnings. 

This lack of transparency can discourage users who want to track their progress.

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Payment Methods of Search for a Cause

As you perform searches using Search for a Cause, you'll accumulate earnings. These earnings are subsequently donated to the non-profit organizations that the extension supports. 

While the extension doesn't specify the exact charities it backs, it does publish financial reports detailing the earnings' distribution among charitable causes.

Despite the lack of charity specifics, several reputable companies endorse Search for a Cause as a legitimate way to contribute to philanthropy. In essence, the money you earn through the extension will be directed to charity, without any personal monetary gain.

It's important to note that if your goal is to earn extra cash, Search for a Cause might not be the ideal solution. 

Other platforms offering monetary rewards, such as those that pay through PayPal, could be more suitable.

Earning Potential of Search for a Cause

Search for a Cause exclusively functions as a browser extension for computer browsers, particularly Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with mobile devices. Thus, your earning potential relies on using the extension while browsing on your computer.

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How to Join Search for a Cause

Search for a Cause doesn't specify the countries where it's available. 

However, it seems to be accessible worldwide, making it likely that you can use the extension regardless of your location.

Joining Search for a Cause involves installing the extension and following the setup process. 

This typically straightforward process ensures you can start contributing to charity through your searches.

Join Search for a Cause


Search for a Cause provides a legitimate means to donate to charity through your internet searches. 

It offers a passive approach to philanthropy, which can be appealing to those who want to support non-profit organizations without monetary costs. However, there are certain drawbacks to consider.

In summary, let's outline the pros and cons of Search for a Cause to help you make an informed decision: 


  • Passive way to contribute to charity
  • Available worldwide
  • Support for non-profit organizations


  • No personal monetary earnings
  • Lack of clarity regarding the reward system
  • Switches search results to Yahoo, potentially less comprehensive

If your intention is solely to support charitable causes, Search for a Cause could be a suitable option. However, if you're looking to earn extra income, it's advisable to explore alternative platforms that offer direct monetary rewards. 

The lack of transparency regarding the reward system might discourage users seeking validation for their efforts.

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