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YourSayPays Review - Is It Worth Your Time? Honest Review is a legitimate survey site that offers a straightforward way to earn by participating in paid surveys. 

This review aims to provide an in-depth look into the platform's features, opportunities, and potential drawbacks, helping you determine whether it's a suitable choice for you, especially if you are new to making money online.

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What is YourSayPays? is a survey site owned by The Leadership Factor, a UK-based customer experience research agency. 

The platform's primary offering is paid surveys, providing a simple way to earn extra cash from the comfort of your home. 

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Let's delve into the details of the platform's earning opportunity: 

YourSayPays Paid Surveys

YourSayPays offers a single method of earning – participating in paid surveys. 

Upon becoming a member, you will receive survey invitations via email. These surveys cover various topics and require your opinions and feedback. 

It's essential to complete profile surveys, which serve as introductory questionnaires. While these surveys don't offer monetary rewards, they enable the platform to match you with relevant survey opportunities in the future. 

When you receive a survey invitation, clicking the link in the email or logging in to the site allows you to access the survey. 

Each survey features a reward that will be credited to your account upon successful completion. 

Before participating in a survey, you may need to answer qualifying questions to ensure you fit the target demographic for that survey. If you qualify, you proceed to the main survey; if not, you can move on to the next opportunity. 

Considering the limited number of respondents for each survey, it's advisable to respond quickly to survey invitations to secure a spot before the maximum number of participants is reached. 

One notable feature of YourSayPays is the ability to pause a survey and return to it later, enhancing flexibility for participants. 

Payment Methods of YourSayPays

Earnings from completed surveys are credited to your YourSayPays account balance. 

Once your balance reaches £20, you become eligible to request a payout. Payments can be processed through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 

Upon requesting a payout, PayPal payments are typically credited to your account within 14 business days. Similarly, Amazon gift cards are emailed to you within the same timeframe. 

Payments are processed in increments of £20, with any surplus amount retained in your account. 

Earning Potential of YourSayPays's earning potential is modest due to its exclusive focus on paid surveys. 

Each survey typically rewards you with £1 or less, occasionally offering higher rewards for certain surveys. Since the platform's earnings depend on the availability of surveys, it's challenging to predict your monthly income accurately. 

To maximize earnings, promptly complete your profile surveys to qualify for a wider range of opportunities. 

However, given the relatively low rewards per survey, this platform may not yield significant income quickly. 

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Available Platforms for YourSayPays

While YourSayPays does not have a dedicated mobile app, the platform is mobile-friendly. 

You can access the site through your mobile web browser to participate in surveys and manage your account. 

The absence of a mobile app doesn't hinder your ability to earn on-the-go, making it convenient for users who prefer mobile devices. 

How to Join YourSayPays

YourSayPays is exclusively available to residents of the UK who are at least 18 years old. 

Registration requires basic personal information and can be completed directly on the site or through your PayPal or Facebook account.

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Conclusion is a legitimate survey platform that offers a straightforward way to earn extra cash by participating in paid surveys. 

Here's a summary of its pros and cons to help you decide whether it aligns with your preferences and goals: 


  • Simple and user-friendly platform
  • Offers PayPal as a payment option
  • Flexible survey completion with the ability to pause and return to surveys


  • Limited earning opportunities due to exclusive focus on surveys
  • Relatively low rewards per survey
  • Moderately high payout threshold

For UK residents seeking an uncomplicated way to earn extra money through paid surveys, YourSayPays can be a decent choice. 

While the earning potential is modest, its user-friendly interface and convenient payment methods contribute to a positive user experience. 

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Just be prepared for the slow accumulation of earnings given the platform's low reward structure and payout threshold.

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