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24Task Review - What They DON'T Tell You

24Task is a legitimate freelancer platform that offers individuals the opportunity to earn money through various freelance jobs. 

This review delves into the workings of 24Task, outlining its earning methods, payment processes, earning potential, and overall user experience. 

While 24Task provides genuine earning opportunities, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

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What is 24Task?

24Task is a mobile app that connects freelancers with various job opportunities across different categories. 

Despite its legitimacy, there are significant aspects to consider before engaging with 24Task's platform. 

This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview to help users make informed decisions about joining.

The Earning Opportunity – Jobs

24Task offers a range of freelance job opportunities, encompassing fields such as graphic and web design, marketing, writing, translation, customer support, and data entry. 

Upon logging into the app, users can view available jobs and bid on those that align with their skills and expertise. The bidding process involves indicating the desired pay and delivery time, allowing employers to select the most suitable candidate.

While 24Task provides a platform for legitimate freelancing, there is a downside. The app lacks quality control for job offers, leading to numerous scam job listings. 

Users must exercise caution and thoroughly research potential employers to avoid falling victim to scams.

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Payment Methods of 24Task

Upon successful completion of a job, earnings are credited to the user's 24Task account balance. 

However, 24Task deducts a substantial 49% service fee from the earned amount, which significantly impacts the overall earnings. 

To withdraw funds, users can opt for PayPal or Payoneer as their payment methods. The minimum payout threshold of $100, coupled with the high service fee, results in a delayed and relatively low payout process.

Earning Potential of 24Task

While 24Task provides legitimate freelance job opportunities, the presence of scam listings and the high service fee diminish the overall earning potential. 

The platform's lack of quality control for job offers raises concerns about job authenticity. 

Additionally, the high service fee and $100 minimum payout threshold contribute to a less-than-optimal earning experience for freelancers.

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Available Platforms for 24Task

While 24Task's app allows users to view and bid on available jobs, the actual work often requires the use of a computer. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, offering accessibility for users on different platforms. However, users have reported encountering bugs within the app, impacting its overall functionality.

How to Join 24Task

24Task is available worldwide, allowing individuals from various countries to sign up as freelancers. 

The registration process is relatively straightforward, and users can choose to sign up using their Google or Facebook accounts.

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In conclusion, 24Task offers a legitimate platform for freelancers seeking additional income through various job opportunities. 

However, several factors warrant careful consideration. 

The presence of scam job listings, coupled with the app's high service fee and minimum payout threshold, diminish the overall appeal of 24Task.


  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Global accessibility


  • Lack of job quality control
  • High service fee
  • High minimum payout threshold
  • Potential for scam job listings
  • App reported to have bugs

While 24Task provides genuine earning opportunities, freelancers seeking a reliable and profitable platform may find better options elsewhere. 

Due diligence, cautious job selection, and awareness of the platform's limitations are essential for users considering 24Task as a freelancer platform.

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