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BabySits Review - Is It Safe? What You Need to Know

If you're on the lookout for a side hustle, BabySits offers an opportunity to earn extra income by working as a babysitter or nanny. 

However, the question remains: is BabySits a legitimate platform, or is it a potential scam? 

By reading this BabySits review, you'll discover the answer and gain an in-depth understanding of what BabySits entails. 

This review aims to provide all the essential details you need to make an informed decision before signing up.

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What is BabySits?

BabySits serves as a childcare platform where individuals can work as babysitters or nannies to earn money. 

While BabySits is a legitimate site offering genuine earning opportunities, it's vital to assess whether this platform aligns with your preferences and expectations.

The Earning Opportunity – Jobs

Earning through BabySits revolves around taking on babysitting or nanny jobs. 

The types of jobs available depend on your chosen childcare role during registration (babysitter or nanny). Both proactive job searching and responding to job offers from families are valid approaches to landing jobs on BabySits.

Proactive job searching involves logging into your member dashboard and navigating to the "Find Jobs" section to discover families seeking childcare services in your area. Upon finding a suitable job, you can access its details, which include crucial information such as the number of children and responsibilities.

When a family contacts you with a job offer, a notification will appear on your dashboard. 

You'll also receive an email notification, ensuring you don't miss any potential opportunities. 

Once contacted, families will set up an interview session, allowing both parties to discuss expectations, payment methods, and job details.

After completing a job, you'll receive payment via cash, money transfer, or BabySits' Booking system. The chosen payment method will have been determined during the interview process. 

BabySits' Booking system offers a straightforward direct bank transfer, with the service fee (5% of the payment) added to the family's cost rather than deducted from your earnings.

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Payment Methods of BabySits

BabySits provides various payment methods for completed jobs, including cash, money transfer, and the Booking system. 

Opting for the Booking system allows you to receive a direct bank transfer within 5 to 10 working days. This system enhances transparency and provides you with the full payment amount without the deduction of the service fee.

Earning Potential of BabySits

While BabySits empowers you to determine your hourly earnings as a babysitter or nanny, your location significantly influences your potential income. 

Larger cities offer more opportunities and higher earning potential, whereas smaller towns may present fewer opportunities. 

Overall, BabySits provides decent earning potential, as families utilizing the platform generally offer competitive compensation.

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Available Platforms for BabySits

BabySits offers a user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to receive and respond to messages promptly, a crucial aspect of securing jobs. 

With easy navigation and no intrusive pop-up ads, the app enhances your engagement with the platform.

How to Join BabySits

While BabySits' availability is not explicitly listed on the site, it currently operates exclusively in the United States. 

Registration involves filling out a sign-up form and submitting a photo of a government-issued ID for verification. Additionally, a background check is required, costing $10.20, to enhance your credibility and reassure families of your suitability.

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In conclusion, BabySits presents a legitimate opportunity for individuals to earn as babysitters or nannies. 

The platform offers several advantages, along with certain limitations to consider.


  • No payout threshold
  • Convenient payment methods
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Uncertain job availability
  • Potential delay before earning starts

BabySits is a worthy option for a side hustle, particularly if you're skilled with children. The user-friendly app and flexible payment methods enhance the overall experience. 

However, it's important to note that the platform's effectiveness largely depends on your location. While BabySits is well-suited for urban areas with abundant opportunities, those in smaller towns may find limited earning possibilities. 

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Assessing your location and preferences will help you decide if BabySits aligns with your earning goals.

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