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Buff Game Review - Earn Passive Income by Playing Games, SCAM?

If the prospect of earning rewards through playing video games piques your interest, then Buff might have captured your attention. 

However, the underlying question is whether Buff is a legitimate opportunity or another online scam.

Before engaging with any platform that promises earnings, it's prudent to assess its legitimacy. In this Buff review, I will address this query comprehensively.

Moreover, this review will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of Buff, enabling you to make an informed decision before registering. 

So, let's delve into the depths of Buff, shall we?

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What is Buff?

At its core, Buff is a loyalty program that rewards gamers for playing video games.

The legitimacy of this platform stands affirmed as it genuinely provides rewards for playing video games while the program operates in the background. 

However, legitimacy doesn't necessarily equate to suitability.

To determine Buff's relevance to you, it's essential to grasp how the platform operates. This involves delving into the earning opportunities it presents, giving you a clear understanding of the time and effort required.

Buff offers several avenues for earning rewards, each requiring a varying degree of engagement:

1. Playing Supported Video Games

Buff supports over 1,500 online video games, encompassing popular titles like Valorant, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and Dota 2, among others.

To initiate earning, you need to install the software, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

Upon registration (details to follow), you begin playing any of the supported games with Buff running in the background. This engagement accrues Buff points, the platform's currency.

While the precise Buff point earnings aren't explicitly specified, it's evident that winning games yields more points than losses. This distinctive approach encourages players to enhance their in-game skills, a novel feature in comparison to other platforms.

Typically, similar platforms reward players with fixed amounts for their gaming time. 

Unlike these, Buff's rewards remain constant regardless of your gaming duration. Consequently, you can focus on mastering a specific game, maximizing your earnings.

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The software's role is to monitor your gaming activity, providing valuable data to game developers for game enhancement or creation. 

Buff generates revenue by furnishing this data to developers, a symbiotic arrangement that funds your earnings.

2. The Buff Wheel

An alternative earning avenue is the Buff Wheel. This game entails spinning the wheel for a chance to win random Buff points. 

A spin is permissible every three hours, offering potential rewards of up to 1,000 Buff points. 

However, bypassing the waiting period by paying $1.99 per spin isn't recommended due to potential loss.

3. Challenges

Buff presents opportunities through challenges. Accessible in the Challenges section of the software, you can view weekly challenges and their associated deadlines. 

These often involve playing Buff-supported games. Upon completing a challenge, you can claim your reward within the Challenges section.

While the selection of challenges might be limited for free members, a premium membership unlocks additional challenges and rewards.

4. Watching Ads

Watching video ads offers another avenue to accumulate Buff points. 

Simply navigate to the Challenges section, where you can access the "Watch Ads" opportunity. Upon the availability of ads, clicking this option initiates point accrual upon ad completion.

It's worth noting that Buff might not offer numerous ad-watching opportunities, implying relatively modest earnings from this avenue.

Payment Methods of Buff

Accrued Buff points can be exchanged for in-game items (e.g., for Valorant, Fortnite), Amazon or Steam gift cards, and occasionally for other gaming platforms like Riot Games. 

However, rewards are subject to availability, with Buff periodically replenishing stock without prior notice.

It's essential to underscore that specific rewards might be exclusive to premium members. The point requirement for redeeming rewards varies according to the type of reward and membership level.

Notably, Buff's payment system doesn't facilitate cash rewards. The closest alternative is gift cards for Amazon and gaming platforms. 

If cash earnings are your preference, considering platforms that offer PayPal payments might be more suitable.

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Earning Potential of Buff

Earnings on Buff should be approached with realistic expectations. 

The platform doesn't offer substantial payouts; generating around $10 to $15 worth of rewards might require several months.

Nevertheless, the allure of passive earnings through an activity you enjoy remains enticing. Notably, a premium membership on Buff augments your earning potential. 

It leads to higher point accrual rates while playing and provides access to more challenges. However, consider this upgrade thoughtfully, given its substantial cost.

Available Platforms for Buff

Buff features a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices, broadening your earning opportunities to include mobile gaming. 

However, it's essential to acknowledge that the app supports fewer mobile games compared to desktop games.

Mobile users are limited to games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. While Buff's app enhances convenience, it's important to recognize that running the software in the background might impact game performance, potentially reducing frames per second (FPS). 

This aspect might be pivotal to gamers sensitive to performance quality.

How to Join Buff

Buff is available internationally, ensuring accessibility across a wide range of countries. Registration involves installing the app/software on your device. 

Post-installation, the registration process can be initiated upon opening the software.

Registration can be completed using Google or Discord accounts or by creating dedicated login details. 

After successful registration, you can log in to the software. The software automatically scans for supported games on your device. Upon detection, you can commence earning Buff points by engaging in these games.

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In summary, Buff is a legitimate platform offering passive rewards for playing supported video games. 

While its attributes are noteworthy, certain limitations warrant consideration.


  • Diverse support for popular games
  • Passive earning potential


  • Modest reward structure
  • Absence of cash rewards

Buff can be recommended for gamers already engaged in their supported titles, providing an avenue for supplementary rewards. 

However, for those primarily seeking substantial monetary gains, Buff may not be the ideal choice.

It's worth emphasizing that Buff's reward system doesn't promise substantial earnings. The platform's strength lies in its passive earning model, allowing you to accumulate rewards over time while indulging in your favorite games.

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