Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Review - Is This Survey Panel a Scam? Read First is a relatively new survey panel that offers users the opportunity to earn money while sharing their opinions. 

The platform collaborates with reputable survey providers, enhancing its legitimacy. 

This review provides an in-depth look into Ebuno's features, earning potential, user-friendliness, and more. It's worth noting that while Ebuno is a legitimate platform, its suitability for you depends on your preferences and expectations.

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What is Ebuno?

Launched in 2019 by a Swedish company, is a survey panel that allows members to earn money by participating in surveys and other activities. 

While relatively simple, Ebuno has evolved over time, indicating the company's commitment to enhancing user experience. 

This review aims to analyze Ebuno's earning methods and options to determine its value as a survey panel.

1. Ebuno Surveys

Ebuno primarily offers paid surveys as its main earning method. 

Users can access surveys from various reliable providers such as Cint and YourSurveys. Upon completing a survey, the earnings are credited to the user's Ebuno account. The platform frequently updates its survey offerings, often sending emails to notify users of new opportunities. 

The division of surveys based on difficulty and qualifying probability adds a user-friendly dimension to the platform. 

Survey rewards are displayed in relation to time spent and provide a reasonable return on investment.

2. Invite Friends to Join

Ebuno's referral program allows users to invite friends to join the platform. 

For each active friend referred, users earn 10% of their earnings without affecting the friend's earnings. 

While not a significant income booster, the referral program can provide incremental earnings for users with an extensive network.

3. Free Points

Ebuno offers an interesting feature where users can claim free points at regular intervals. This provides a quick and effortless way to earn small rewards. 

The user-friendly nature of this option adds a positive dimension to the platform.

4. Play Games

Ebuno hosts a gaming section where users can play games at a cost in terms of points. 

While it's an entertaining way to potentially boost earnings, users should be cautious about risking their earned points.

Payment Methods of Ebuno

Ebuno offers several payout methods, with availability depending on your location. 

PayPal is a commonly available option, providing users with a convenient and fast method to receive earnings. 

The minimum payout threshold of $10 is reasonable and achievable within a reasonable time frame.

Earning Potential of Ebuno

Earning potential on Ebuno varies based on your location and participation level. 

While the platform offers regular survey opportunities, it's essential to manage expectations. Ebuno provides a supplementary income source rather than a substantial money-making avenue. 

The advertised earnings of $0.10-$0.15 per minute translate to an hourly rate of $6-$9, which can be a meaningful addition to your income without replacing a full-time job.

Available Platforms for Ebuno

Ebuno offers a mobile app for Android users, enhancing convenience and accessibility. 

For iOS users, the mobile-optimized browser interface allows seamless participation without requiring app installation. 

The introduction of the app demonstrates Ebuno's commitment to improving user experience.

How to Join Ebuno was initially available in select countries but has expanded to around 65 countries, with plans to further expand its reach. 

While the exact list of countries might change, Ebuno's goal is to become a global survey panel.

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In conclusion, is a legitimate survey panel offering a range of earning opportunities. Its collaboration with reputable survey providers and legitimate payout methods supports its credibility. 

While not a full-time income solution, Ebuno provides a viable way to earn extra cash by sharing your opinions.


  • Available in many countries
  • User-friendly survey qualification probability display
  • Accessible via mobile app
  • Multiple payout options


  • Limited earning potential
  • Survey qualification not guaranteed
  • Gaming options may risk earned points

Ebuno's transparency, reasonable payout threshold, and varied earning options make it a viable choice for those seeking to earn extra income through surveys. 

While it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, Ebuno's features, combined with an understanding of its limitations, can contribute positively to your earning journey.

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