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Fluz App Review - Is It Worth It? Honest Review

If you frequently shop online, you might find the Fluz cashback app intriguing. It promises up to 35% cash back on your shopping expenses, a rate that's notably attractive for cashback platforms. 

Yet, it's vital to discern whether this claim holds true or if Fluz is just another online scam.

To save you the trouble of testing it firsthand, I've explored this app and compiled a detailed Fluz app review. 

Let's delve into the app's specifics so you can make an informed decision about its viability.

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What is Fluz?

Fluz is a cashback app designed to provide users with a percentage of their online shopping expenses back as rewards. 

Rest assured, it's a legitimate platform offering genuine cashback rewards.

To determine if Fluz suits your needs, understanding its workings is crucial. Here's an overview of its earning opportunities:

1. Cashback Offers

The primary method to earn rewards on Fluz is by capitalizing on the cashback offers found within the app. 

Two kinds of cashback offers exist: voucher-based and regular cashback offers.

For voucher-based cashback offers, you need to earn vouchers via Fluz's secondary earning method, which I'll discuss later. Once acquired, these vouchers can be employed to access cashback offers. 

The process for receiving the cashback reward remains the same as for regular cashback offers.

Conversely, regular cashback offers don't necessitate vouchers for activation. This option is favored by most app users. 

Here's how it works:

  • Log into the app and choose a preferred store.
  • Visit the store's online portal and make a purchase. Note the indicated payment amount during checkout.
  • Revert to the app, select the store you shopped from, and input the payment amount.
  • Proceed to make the payment to Fluz. If your Fluz account has sufficient funds, simply press "Next."

Upon confirming the payment, you'll receive a gift card code. This code is utilized during checkout to pay for the purchase. 

Fluz settles the purchase through the presented code. Consequently, the cashback reward is instantly credited to your Fluz account balance. This immediate reward feature sets Fluz apart from other cashback platforms that typically require a month's wait for payout.

Fluz offers various payment methods for settling purchases, including bank accounts, debit and credit cards, and PayPal. 

Each source comes with its distinct cashback rate, separate from the offer's cashback rate.

2. Referral Program

Fluz also provides an earning avenue through its referral program. Such programs are designed to promote an app or site. 

By inviting others to use Fluz and sharing your referral code, you can potentially earn rewards.

Upon installing the app, your referrals should input your code. This step is crucial; failing to do so prevents them from becoming your referrals, and you won't earn rewards. 

Referrals gain immediate benefits of three vouchers for voucher-based cashback offers.

To earn a referral reward, your referred individuals must make a minimum of two purchases within 30 days of joining Fluz, each worth at least $25. 

Once this criterion is met, you receive $5, credited to your Fluz account balance. Moreover, you earn an average of $0.08 when referrals use Fluz for purchases at popular stores.

Payment Methods of Fluz

Cashback rewards are credited to your Fluz reward balance, distinct from the funding balance meant for purchases. 

To withdraw rewards, you need to accumulate a minimum of $26. 

Once this initial threshold is reached, you can withdraw your earnings at any time, using various options, including direct bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, or digital gift cards.

Fluz's payout system is straightforward, with a one-time withdrawal threshold. 

The inclusion of convenient options like PayPal enhances the platform's appeal.

Earning Potential of Fluz

Earning potential is contingent upon your shopping frequency, the app's cashback rates, and the partner stores available. 

While Fluz's cashback rates range from 4% to 10%, its partner store selection is notably limited compared to more renowned apps like MyPoints and IBotta.

As such, Fluz's earning potential isn't particularly impressive. Many other apps offer higher cashback rates and a broader array of cashback offers.

Available Platforms for Fluz

Fluz is primarily a mobile app, yet it offers a Google Chrome extension, enabling desktop access to cashback offers. Although not heavily advertised, this extension is available. 

After installing it on Chrome, the setup process is straightforward. It permits you to access digital payment codes to settle purchases via Fluz.

Fluz's mobile app caters to both Android and iOS devices, ensuring compatibility. Its user-friendly interface streamlines navigation.

How to Join Fluz

Fluz membership is open worldwide. 

However, most partner stores are US-based, making the app less valuable for non-US residents. Membership requires a minimum age of 18 years. 

Registration involves downloading the app, proceeding through the sign-up process, and verifying your mobile number through SMS.

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In summary, Fluz is a legitimate cashback app offering a percentage of online shopping expenses as rewards. 

Although it boasts enticing features, certain drawbacks deserve consideration.


  • Offers PayPal payment
  • One-time withdrawal threshold
  • Immediate cashback reward reception


  • Limited cashback offers
  • Modest cashback rates

In my assessment, Fluz lacks distinctive attributes to warrant exclusive use. 

Beyond rapid cashback rewards, its partner store selection is limited, and cashback rates are mediocre. 

Thus, I wouldn't recommend Fluz, as superior alternatives are available.

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