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Mistplay Review - Play to Earn Rewards? Or Is It Not Worth It?

Mistplay is an app that promises to reward you for playing mobile games, making it an attractive prospect for gaming enthusiasts. 

The burning question is, is Mistplay a legitimate way to earn rewards, or is it a scam to be avoided? To address this crucial question, it's essential to delve deeper into what Mistplay offers.

This Mistplay review will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the app, allowing you to determine whether it's a worthwhile opportunity for you.

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What is Mistplay?

Mistplay brands itself as a loyalty program for gamers. 

Essentially, it incentivizes users to continue playing the games featured on the app. It's important to clarify that Mistplay is indeed a legitimate and safe platform. 

However, its value to you largely depends on your preferences and expectations.

To gauge the true earning potential of the app, it's crucial to explore the available earning opportunities.

1. Play Mobile Games

The primary way to earn rewards on Mistplay is by installing and playing mobile games. Essentially, you get paid for enjoying games on your mobile device. 

The process is straightforward, but it comes with specific requirements:

  • Each game on the app has set requirements you must meet to receive rewards, such as reaching a particular level or achieving specific in-game milestones.
  • It's essential to play games with these requirements in mind, ensuring you meet them to earn the promised rewards.
  • Before installing a mobile game, ensure it's your first time installing it on that device.Always download games through the Mistplay app to track your progress effectively.
  • Avoid switching between mobile networks or Wi-Fi while downloading a game, as this can affect your rewards.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in reduced rewards, even if you meet all the requirements. 

After completing the necessary requirements, you'll be asked to provide feedback on the game and your experience. 

This additional step is mandatory and contributes to your rewards.

Technical considerations:

  • Disable the power saver mode on your phone, as it can interrupt background processes, hindering Mistplay's ability to track your gameplay.
  • All games have a Mistplay level cap of 20. Once you reach this level, switch to another game to continue earning units.
  • Allow screen overlay or usage access for Mistplay in your phone's settings for proper functionality.
  • Games have daily time caps; playing one game for more than 2 hours in a day will temporarily halt unit earnings for that game until the following day. You can keep earning units by playing different games.
  • Actively playing the game is essential to earning rewards. Leaving a game running without active participation can disrupt the app's tracking, even if the game has idle-play features.
  • Ensure that the "Recording your game time" setting in Mistplay is always turned on when you want to use the app.

2. Weekly Contests

Mistplay hosts weekly contests where you have the chance to win up to 7,500 Mistplay units (explained later). 

These contests typically require you to meet specific in-game criteria, such as playing a particular game for a set amount of time or reaching a specific level.

To enter these contests, ensure you meet the contest requirements and click the "Join" button in the weekly contest section.

Payment Methods of Mistplay

Mistplay rewards you with Mistplay units for playing games on the app. You can later exchange these units for various rewards. 

The minimum reward available is a $0.50 Amazon gift card.

The app offers a range of redemption options, including gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, and Steam Wallet codes. 

Each reward has a specific unit cost, but the exact value of a unit can be unclear, as it varies based on the reward and country of availability.

Notably, Mistplay does not offer cash rewards, limiting your redemption options to gift cards and prepaid credit cards.

Earning Potetial of Mistplay

Earning potential on Mistplay is subject to limitations. 

There are daily caps on how many units you can earn, and these limits depend on the games you play. Furthermore, the availability of games can vary by country, meaning not all users have access to the same selection.

Overall, while Mistplay offers a unique way to earn rewards while enjoying mobile games, the monetary returns are not particularly high.

Available Platforms for Mistplay

Mistplay is exclusively a mobile app and is not accessible via desktop. 

You'll need a mobile device, specifically an Android device, to use the app. Unfortunately, Mistplay is not available for iOS devices.

If you're looking for similar earning opportunities on both Android and iOS devices, consider exploring other survey apps that offer broader compatibility.

How to Join Mistplay

Mistplay is available in select countries, including the United States, Singapore, certain European countries, and Canada. 

However, the app's availability can change, and it's advisable to check the Google Play Store in your region to see if it's accessible.

Mistplay does not support the use of VPNs to bypass geographic restrictions. Using a VPN can lead to your account being banned, resulting in the loss of any accumulated rewards.

To sign up for Mistplay, you can use your Facebook or Google account for a streamlined registration process.

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Mistplay is a legitimate GPT app that rewards users for playing mobile games. It has its pros and cons, making it a suitable option for some but not for others.

In summary, here are the key points to consider when evaluating Mistplay:


  • Low payout threshold
  • Offers a fun way to earn rewards


  • No PayPal payment option
  • Limited to Android devices
  • Modest rewards
  • Game availability varies by country

If your primary goal is to earn cash, Mistplay may not be the ideal choice. 

However, if you genuinely enjoy playing mobile games, Mistplay can provide a rewarding way to combine leisure with earning. 

Few apps offer such an opportunity for fun and rewards simultaneously.

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