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Nanny Lane Review - Earn as a Nanny, Is It Legit?

Are you on the lookout for a side hustle to boost your income? 

If so, you might have come across Nanny Lane, a platform that offers the opportunity to earn by working as a nanny. 

But the crucial question remains – is Nanny Lane a legitimate option or a potential scam?

To shed light on this query, this Nanny Lane review will dissect the platform's offerings in detail. By delving into its features, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of what to expect before committing to becoming a nanny through the platform. 

This knowledge will empower you to make an informed decision on whether Nanny Lane is a worthwhile venture for you. 

Let's dive into the intricacies of Nanny Lane.

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What is Nanny Lane?

Nanny Lane operates as a job board, specifically catering to nannies. 

Its core function involves connecting families seeking nanny services with potential nannies. It's essential to acknowledge that Nanny Lane is indeed a legitimate platform offering a genuine earning opportunity. 

However, the platform's worthiness demands closer scrutiny.

To ascertain whether becoming a Nanny Lane member aligns with your goals, it's crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of its inner workings. 

This begins with exploring the earning opportunity Nanny Lane provides – working as a nanny.

The Earning Opportunity – Working as a Nanny

Earning from Nanny Lane hinges solely on your role as a nanny. 

A word of caution: this process involves a significant time investment. Therefore, if you're searching for quick earnings, this opportunity might not align with your expectations.

Starting off, you need to complete your profile. During this step, you can specify your desired compensation for your nanny services. You have the option to set an hourly rate or opt for a fixed salary. 

Typically, nannies prefer hourly rates as they tend to offer a more lucrative return for your time investment. Opting for a fixed salary might lead to spending more time while yielding the same earnings.

Once your profile is ready, you can begin your search for nanny jobs.

There are two primary ways to secure a nanny job through Nanny Lane:

1. Active Search

Log in to your member dashboard and navigate to the Search section. 

Here, you'll find families in your vicinity seeking nanny services. If you find a family that resonates with you, submit your offer. If the family expresses interest, they'll reach out through the platform. 

During this phase, the family might initiate a background check. No need to worry, though – the check's cost is not on your shoulders. Furnish Nanny Lane with the necessary information for the background check. Adhering to these steps is crucial to land the job. 

Background checks usually take about 24 hours to complete. Once finished, the results are shared with the family. 

If their interest persists, they'll schedule an interview – this can occur online or in person. 

After a successful interview, you're ready to embark on your nanny duties.

2. Inbound Inquiry

Alternatively, families might contact you through Nanny Lane. 

The process largely mirrors the aforementioned method, albeit with a reversed initiation. Families intrigued by your profile can request a background check. Respond with the necessary information for the check to proceed. 

Following a satisfactory background check, the family may schedule an interview. Just like the active search approach, the interview can transpire online or in person. 

Once both parties reach an agreement post-interview, you're poised to commence your nanny role.

It's important to note that nanny jobs might vary in terms of part-time or full-time commitment, dictated by the family's needs. 

The specifics, including compensation, will be clarified during the interview process. Regarding payments, the next section elucidates the process.

Payment Methods of Nanny Lane

As highlighted earlier, you can tailor your compensation structure by choosing an hourly rate or a fixed salary.

When it comes to receiving payments, Nanny Lane offers diverse options for your convenience. You can opt for cash, bank transfers, checks, or utilize the Nanny Lane payroll system. 

However, direct bank transfers are the most common payment method, offering a straightforward way to access your earnings. Moreover, you get to choose your preferred payment frequency – whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Importantly, Nanny Lane doesn't impose a minimum payout threshold. Regardless of your earnings for a specific period, you receive your earnings as scheduled.

It's noteworthy that Nanny Lane doesn't deduct a percentage from your earnings. The platform's revenue is generated from families availing their service, ensuring your earnings remain unaffected. 

The simplicity and flexibility of Nanny Lane's payment system are commendable, especially with direct bank transfers as a prominent option. 

If you're interested in more platforms offering such convenient payment methods, the list of top sites that pay via direct bank transfer can be explored.

Earning Potential of Nanny Lane

The potential earnings from Nanny Lane are largely influenced by your chosen compensation structure. 

Since you have control over your payment rate, you possess the power to determine your potential earnings. 

However, the geographical location is a crucial determinant. Nanny Lane's profitability is substantially linked to the city you reside in. 

Major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are likely to yield a higher number of job opportunities, thereby offering better earnings potential.

On the contrary, if you're based in a smaller city, job availability might be limited. Thus, Nanny Lane is ideally suited for those residing in major US cities. 

Residents of smaller towns might find alternative earning avenues more fruitful.

Available Platforms for Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane might lack a dedicated mobile app, but its platform is optimized for mobile usage. 

This implies you can conveniently log in to your member dashboard using your mobile device. This mobile-friendly approach enables you to keep track of available job opportunities, even while on the move. Timely notifications about job offers are also facilitated. 

Utilizing Nanny Lane through your mobile device is a practical necessity to tap into its potential fully.

How to Join Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane is exclusively available within the United States. International candidates are not eligible. 

Additionally, prospective members must be at least 18 years old to join.

Registering as a member involves either using your email address or Google account. Once your preferred login method is chosen, you'll be prompted to complete your profile. 

As previously mentioned, this stage allows you to set your desired compensation, work schedule, and payment preferences. Profile details can be modified later through your account settings post-registration.

After profile completion, you gain access to the member dashboard, facilitating your pursuit of nanny jobs.

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In conclusion, Nanny Lane is a legitimate platform that facilitates job opportunities for aspiring nannies. 

While it harbors appealing features, certain drawbacks warrant careful consideration.


  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Mobile-friendly platform


  • Not suitable for immediate earnings

For those residing in major US cities, Nanny Lane can be a valuable resource, offering numerous nanny job opportunities. 

The advantage of flexible payment methods and the ability to set your compensation rate is commendable. However, finding the right balance in setting your rate is crucial. 

Striking a rate too high might deter families, while setting it too low could compromise your earnings efficiency.

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