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Nomador Reviews - Is It Safe to do House-Sitting?

For those who frequently travel and are looking to save on accommodation expenses, Nomador offers a solution by connecting individuals with house-sitting opportunities. 

But the crucial question is whether Nomador is a legitimate platform or a potential scam.

By delving into this Nomador review, you'll uncover the truth and much more. 

This review will provide a comprehensive breakdown of Nomador, equipping you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision before committing.

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What is Nomador?

Nomador operates in a manner similar to another house-sitting platform, MindMyHouse. 

It functions as a platform connecting individuals seeking free accommodation, through pet and house-sitting engagements. 

It's vital to establish whether this opportunity aligns with your needs before proceeding.

The Opportunity – Pet/House-Sitting

It's important to clarify that Nomador does not offer monetary compensation for its house-sitting engagements. 

Therefore, if you're searching for a way to earn extra income, this platform may not suit your needs.

In exchange for your house-sitting services, Nomador provides the benefit of free accommodation for a duration, often spanning several days or weeks depending on the specific assignment. This arrangement proves to be a considerable money-saving tactic for frequent travelers.

Upon becoming a Nomador house-sitter, you'll be required to provide proof of trust, substantiated through the submission of identification and documents confirming your home address. 

After the verification of your proof of trust (typically within 24 hours), you can commence your journey as a Nomador house-sitter.

To discover available house-sitting opportunities, access the member dashboard upon logging in.

Within the dashboard, a list of available house-sitting assignments will be displayed, with filters for location-based preferences. Clicking on an assignment provides comprehensive details that must be thoroughly reviewed before applying.

If you decide to pursue a specific assignment, the "Contact" button on the details page initiates the application process. Follow the instructions provided to complete your application. 

Subsequently, your application's fate rests with the client, who will either accept or reject it.

It's essential to recognize that the client retains the decision-making power regarding house-sitter selection. While you cannot control the acceptance outcome, maximizing your profile information enhances your chances.

Reviews and references, critical for securing future assignments, will accumulate as you complete house-sitting tasks. 

However, these references only materialize after successfully fulfilling Nomador assignments, potentially posing a challenge for newcomers in landing their initial gig.

Hence, patience is a virtue for aspiring Nomador house-sitters. In the event of acceptance, your responsibility is to adhere to the agreed schedule and fulfill the tasks outlined in your engagement.

House-sitting necessitates treating the residence as your own, including the care of any pets. It's important to note that the primary reason homeowners seek house-sitters is for pet care during their absence. 

If you're not comfortable with animals, this opportunity may not align with your capabilities.

Upon assignment completion, clients leave reviews reflecting the quality of your service. Positive reviews contribute to building a robust profile, enhancing your prospects for securing future house-sitting opportunities. Thus, delivering exceptional service is vital to sustain your Nomador house-sitting journey.

Nomador typically presents a substantial number of global assignments daily, ensuring a consistent flow of potential opportunities.

Available Platforms for Nomador

While Nomador lacks a dedicated mobile app, accessing the member dashboard on your mobile device is seamless due to its mobile-friendly optimization. 

Applying for house-sitting assignments through your mobile device is convenient and intuitive, thanks to the platform's user-friendly interface.

How to Join Nomador

This is the pivotal aspect. Nomador welcomes participants from around the world, allowing potential house-sitters to apply regardless of their location. 

However, it's essential to note that a majority of house-sitting opportunities are concentrated in Europe. Unless you frequently travel to or reside in European countries, Nomador might not be the ideal platform for you.

Moreover, becoming a Nomador house-sitter necessitates an annual subscription fee. Subscriptions range from €79 to €179 per year, with the higher tiers offering enhanced benefits. 

These advantages primarily facilitate securing house-sitting engagements more easily. It's crucial to weigh these subscription levels carefully, considering the associated costs.

As previously mentioned, proof of identity is a prerequisite. To meet this requirement, you'll need to submit photographs of government-issued identification and documents confirming your home address. 

If you're unwilling to provide these documents, Nomador might not be the suitable platform for you.

Following successful registration and verification of your proof of trust, you can commence your journey by applying for house-sitting assignments.

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Nomador stands as a legitimate platform connecting individuals with house-sitting opportunities. 

It boasts notable attributes, coupled with certain limitations that merit consideration.


  • Offers a unique means to secure free accommodation
  • User-friendly platform interface


  • The absence of monetary compensation for house-sitting services
  • Incurs an annual subscription fee for house-sitting participation

In my assessment, Nomador isn't universally suitable. 

I recommend considering Nomador if you frequently travel to or within Europe, as most opportunities are concentrated in this region. 

However, if your primary goal is to earn extra income, this platform may not align with your expectations. The primary advantage of Nomador lies in offering free lodging for a limited duration.

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