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Quicrypto Review - Play To Earn Crypto, Is It Legit?

Quicrypto is a mobile app that asserts you can earn cryptocurrency by playing mobile games. 

Given the multitude of similar apps claiming the same, I decided to delve deeper to discern whether Quicrypto is genuinely a legitimate app or just another online scam.

In this comprehensive Quicrypto review, I will provide an in-depth analysis, shedding light on all aspects of the app. 

This will enable you to make an informed decision before installing the app, helping you determine if it's a viable opportunity or not.

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What is Quicrypto?

Quicrypto is classified as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app, presenting opportunities to earn by playing mobile games and engaging in other earning avenues it provides. 

Importantly, it's a legitimate platform, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency. The pivotal question, however, is whether it's truly worthwhile.

To ascertain this, one must comprehend the mechanics of Quicrypto. 

The following sections will detail its earning opportunities. 

1. Paid Offers

A primary method of earning on Quicrypto is by participating in paid offers. 

Upon logging into the app, a variety of available offers will be visible. 

This is the segment where gaming comes into play, as a significant portion of offers entails downloading and playing mobile games. Moreover, more remunerative options include participating in surveys.

It's crucial to recognize that qualification for surveys is not guaranteed. Engaging with an offer is as simple as selecting the desired one and meticulously following the provided instructions. Even a minor oversight can result in the failure to complete the task and obtain the reward.

Survey participation may involve a qualification process to ensure alignment with the target demographic. It's important to remember that not every survey will be accessible, a characteristic intrinsic to the nature of paid surveys.

Completion of offers results in the awarding of a specific number of points, which will be addressed in the subsequent sections.

It's noteworthy, however, that compared to other well-established GPT apps, Quicrypto offers a relatively limited pool of offers. 

Consequently, accumulating a sufficient number of points to redeem rewards may take considerable time.

2. Watching Video Ads

Another avenue for earning within the app involves watching video ads. 

Upon logging in, you'll encounter a section dedicated to watching ads for point accumulation.

By engaging with these ads, points can be earned. Advertisements generally last around 30 seconds, requiring your attention until the close button becomes available. Upon completion, a specific number of points will be awarded.

Be cautious, as the ads you'll encounter might be somewhat intrusive. 

It's advisable to refrain from engaging with any promotional content featured in these ads.

3. Referral Program

Quicrypto also features a referral program, offering the potential for passive earnings. 

By joining the program, you'll receive a unique referral link. Sharing this link with prospective users enables you to refer them to the app.

Upon clicking the referral link, interested users will need to sign up as app members. After completing the sign-up process, they become your referrals. 

Your earnings, however, hinge on your referral's withdrawal from the app (details on this will be provided later). Once a withdrawal occurs, you'll receive a 10% commission of the withdrawn amount.

While this presents a passive earning avenue, it's crucial to ensure that those you invite are genuinely interested in engaging with the app. 

Passive earnings will only materialize if your referrals are committed participants.

Payment Methods of Quicrypto

Accumulated points from various earning opportunities constitute your earnings within Quicrypto. 

The next question then becomes: What can you do with these points?

Upon reaching the required minimum number of points, you can convert them into either Bitcoin or LiteCoin. It's important to note that the minimum point threshold for this conversion is 500,000. 

However, bear in mind that the value of these points can fluctuate due to the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Given that cryptocurrency is the mode of payment, possessing a crypto wallet is imperative for withdrawing your Quicrypto earnings. 

The process is relatively straightforward - earned points are converted into Bitcoin or LiteCoin and subsequently withdrawn to your crypto wallet.

Earning Potential of Quicrypto

In terms of earning potential, Quicrypto's offerings might not be the most lucrative. 

Comparatively, other GPT apps provide higher earning capacities. 

The app's compensation is modest, and the limited number of available offers could prolong the process of accumulating substantial earnings.

Available Platforms for Quicrypto

Quicrypto is exclusively designed for mobile use, necessitating a mobile device for access. 

It's pertinent to note that as of the time of this review, the app is available only for Android. The iOS version is anticipated to be released soon.

How to Join Quicrypto

Quicrypto is accessible globally, subject to your country's regulations regarding cryptocurrency. 

If cryptocurrency usage is permitted in your location, you can participate in the app's activities.

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Quicrypto emerges as a legitimate GPT app offering the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through its array of earning options. 

While it boasts certain favorable aspects, several drawbacks warrant careful consideration.


  • Global availability
  • Low payout threshold


  • Limited selection of earning opportunities
  • App usability concerns
  • Modest rewards

Considering all aspects, Quicrypto might not be the most worthwhile investment of your time. 

Other more rewarding cryptocurrency earning options exist, making it advisable to explore those avenues rather than dedicating substantial effort to this app. 

Its compensation is relatively modest, the user experience could be improved, and the scarcity of available offers might hinder substantial earnings.

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