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Reedsy Review - Do You Earn Money as an Online Book Editor?

If writing book reviews sounds appealing as a potential income source, Reedsy Discovery could catch your attention. 

However, discerning its legitimacy and assessing its viability necessitates delving into this Reedsy Discovery review.

This evaluation will not only shed light on its authenticity but also offer an in-depth exploration of what it entails. This will empower you to gauge its suitability before taking the plunge. 

Let's delve into the review, shall we?

Join Reedsy Discovery

What is Reedsy Discovery?

Reedsy Discovery operates as a platform to unearth new books for readers. 

Beyond this, it extends an avenue for book enthusiasts to earn by composing reviews.

The Earning Opportunity – Writing Book Reviews

While Reedsy Discovery does offer a route to earn from writing reviews, it's important to emphasize that compensation isn't guaranteed for every review.

The platform employs a tipping system, allowing members to reward reviewers with tips as an acknowledgment of their work. These tips vary in amount and aren't predictable, underscoring the importance of crafting genuine and insightful reviews.

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Regarding the review types, you have two choices: written reviews or video reviews, each with distinct merits. Opt for the medium you're most comfortable with.

Initiating the review process entails logging into the member dashboard and selecting a book for review. 

Upon selection, Reedsy Discovery provides a copy of the book in PDF, EPUB, or MOBI format, facilitating convenient reading even on mobile devices.

Critically, adhering to the review submission deadline set by the publisher is pivotal. Failure to meet this timeframe results in non-compensation, a point elaborated in the subsequent section. Deadlines are unique to each book and are established by authors or publishers. 

Typically, you'll have at least a month to submit your review.

For video reviews, publishing on YouTube and sharing the link with Reedsy Discovery is the procedure. Written reviews need to surpass 300 words to be considered. Reviews falling short of this minimum threshold may not be published.

Accepted reviews are showcased on the book's page on Reedsy Discovery, providing exposure to a wider audience. 

It's worth noting that this undertaking is time-intensive, given the reading commitment involved.

Payment Methods of Reedsy Discovery

Monetary compensation isn't guaranteed for all reviews. 

The confirmed remuneration involves receiving pre-release copies of books for review.

However, on occasions when members offer tips, these can be withdrawn via Stripe. There's no minimum threshold for withdrawal, and you can initiate transfers at your convenience. 

Connecting your Stripe account with Reedsy Discovery facilitates seamless payment transfers. The platform's payment system is straightforward, and the incorporation of a practical payment method like Stripe is a commendable aspect.

Earning Potential of Reedsy Discovery

It's crucial to grasp that earning money through this avenue is contingent on several variables. 

As emphasized, the central compensation is the provision of pre-release book copies.

Given this structure, individuals fervently seeking monetary gains might find alternative avenues more suitable. The earning potential within Reedsy Discovery's framework is limited.

For those with a passion for literature and writing, Reedsy Discovery could align more with their interests. If monetary gains supersede your goals, exploring alternative freelance writing platforms might yield better outcomes.

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Available Platforms for Reedsy Discovery

Although Reedsy Discovery lacks a dedicated mobile app, the member dashboard remains accessible through mobile devices. 

This proves advantageous for browsing and selecting books.

However, for the review composition process, a laptop or desktop remains essential. Thus, beyond book selection, mobile usage might not be as pivotal.

How to Join Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery's availability across countries isn't explicitly detailed. 

Yet, indications suggest that regardless of your location, you can apply for a reviewer role. However, geographical inclusivity doesn't equate to automatic eligibility.

Join Reedsy Discovery

Applicants undergo an application process, necessitating a link to the platform where reviews will be published. 

This mandates having a blog or YouTube channel. Notably, substantial traffic or followers aren't prerequisites for acceptance. Instead, a sincere passion for reviewing books is the pivotal criterion.

Applicants can use Google or Facebook accounts for convenience. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. 

Upon application submission, a waiting period ensues before Reedsy Discovery responds, a process that might take several days or even weeks. If successful, you can commence book reviews.

Yet, as earlier explained, facilitating tip withdrawals requires linking a Stripe account.


In conclusion, Reedsy Discovery offers an avenue to potentially earn through book review composition. 

While it presents commendable aspects, certain drawbacks warrant consideration.


  • Mobile-friendly site
  • No minimum payout threshold


  • Variable income potential
  • Limited support for members

Reedsy Discovery is chiefly suited for ardent book lovers keen on crafting insightful reviews. It's worth noting that guaranteed compensation extends solely to receiving pre-release books.

Although the chance for tip-based earnings exists, this platform might not align with substantial income aspirations. 

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For those primarily motivated by monetary gains, exploring alternative avenues might be more rewarding.

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