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Is SuperProf Legit? - Earn Money with Online Tutoring Review

If the prospect of earning extra income through tutoring students intrigues you, then SuperProf might have caught your attention. 

The central question you're likely pondering is whether it's legitimate and worthwhile.

This is a prudent query, and by delving into this SuperProf review, you'll uncover all there is to know about the platform. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision before taking the plunge. 

Let's dive into a comprehensive exploration of SuperProf, shall we?

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What is SuperProf, Is It Legit?

SuperProf operates as a private tutoring platform that empowers individuals to earn by offering tutoring services. 

This platform is indeed legitimate, offering you the opportunity to generate income by tutoring students who are registered members.

However, legitimacy doesn't automatically align with suitability. To determine if SuperProf is the right avenue for you, it's vital to understand its mechanics. 

This involves examining the earning opportunity it presents.

The Earning Opportunity – Tutoring

The primary avenue to earn on SuperProf is through tutoring services. 

Upon signing up as a member (more details to come), you're tasked with creating an advertisement outlining the tutoring services you intend to provide.

During this process, you can offer tutoring across various domains such as Math, English, music (piano, singing, guitar), sports (tennis, swimming), and languages (Spanish, French). Additionally, you can specify the fee you intend to charge for your services.

Following the creation of your tutoring ad, your profile becomes accessible to students searching for tutors. Interested students can contact you via SuperProf, emphasizing the importance of regularly monitoring your SuperProf messages.

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Upon contact, negotiations commence, covering the particulars of the tutoring service, including compensation. Once terms are agreed upon, the next step involves providing the tutoring service in line with the established agreement.

Compensation is based on an hourly rate, determined by the terms you and the student have set. 

An aspect to note is the absence of guaranteed earnings. Your income potential hinges on student interest in the tutoring services you offer.

For heightened visibility, you have the option to upgrade to a premium membership, which can improve the visibility of your ads. However, this comes at a cost of £69 per annum. Evaluating the pros and cons of this premium option is crucial before making a commitment.

It's pertinent to mention that while SuperProf doesn't mandate proof of expertise in your chosen subject, having such credentials significantly enhances your prospects. 

Furthermore, it's essential to offer tutoring only in subjects where you possess substantial knowledge.

Payment Methods of SuperProf

The compensation structure involves earning per hour of tutoring. The subsequent query becomes: how do you withdraw your earnings?

SuperProf provides two withdrawal options. Payments can be transacted through a different platform or directly through SuperProf. The chosen method depends on the agreement established with the student.

Should you both opt for the SuperProf payment system, PayPal serves as the conduit for withdrawals. Payouts can occur either at the end of each month or immediately upon concluding a lesson. 

It's important to note that a minimum of £30 in earnings is required for withdrawal.

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For non-premium members, a 10% service fee accompanies each withdrawal. This fee is waived for premium members, underscoring the perks of an annual subscription.

The simplicity of SuperProf's payment system, coupled with its provision of a user-friendly method like PayPal, is a commendable feature. 

If you're on the lookout for platforms offering convenient payment options, exploring top PayPal-reliant sites might be worthwhile.

Earning Potential of SuperProf

Earnings on SuperProf are directly correlated with the number of students you tutor. 

However, it's essential to underscore that student interest is not guaranteed, making your income uncertain. Opting for premium membership can heighten your visibility but doesn't eliminate the possibility of no inquiries.

The potential for earnings on SuperProf largely hinges on your expertise and ability to address students' educational needs. 

Offering specialized skills and knowledge significantly bolsters your prospects.

While promising in terms of potential earnings, it's crucial to acknowledge that effective tutoring necessitates certain skill sets. 

Consequently, the suitability of SuperProf hinges on your proficiency in imparting knowledge.

Available Platforms for SuperProf

Although no dedicated mobile app is advertised, SuperProf remains accessible through mobile devices owing to its mobile-friendly design. 

This accessibility is particularly advantageous for responding to student inquiries promptly.

Swift responses signal your dedication and interest in providing tutoring services, ultimately enhancing your prospects. 

The convenience of accessing the member dashboard through mobile devices is a significant boon.

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How to Join SuperProf

SuperProf is available across 42 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. The list of countries where SuperProf operates is publicly accessible.

Join SuperProf

To create a profile on SuperProf you need to do some simple steps. Creating a Profile entails either personal login details or leveraging Google or Facebook accounts. 

Following this, the creation of your tutoring ad is the next step. Should you possess expertise across multiple subjects, additional subjects can be added within the member dashboard.

After succesfully create a profile, you await student inquiries. Alternatively, you can opt for premium membership to amplify your chances of being selected. 

However, carefully assessing the cost-benefit ratio of premium membership is advised due to the significant financial commitment involved.

Conclusion, Is SuperProf Legit?

In summation, SuperProf is a legitimate platform facilitating earnings through tutoring services. 

While commendable aspects are present, certain limitations warrant consideration.


  • Payment facilitated through PayPal
  • Personal hourly rate control for tutoring services


  • Earnings not guaranteed
  • Non-premium members face high service fees

So, is SuperProf legit and suitable for you? Well, SuperProf is recommended for individuals with proven expertise in specific subjects. Novice tutors may find acquiring opportunities challenging. 

Although offering a convenient payment method, it's important to note the potential delay in earnings withdrawal.

Ultimately, SuperProf's viability hinges on your proficiency in the subjects you offer and your aptitude for effective tutoring. It's a pathway to consider if you possess the necessary skill sets.

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