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Thumbtack Pro Review - Local Jobs Opportunity, Is It Scam?

Before diving into any platform that offers the potential to earn extra income, it's essential to ascertain its legitimacy. 

Thumbtack Pro is one such platform claiming to connect individuals with local jobs. 

This review will delve into the legitimacy of Thumbtack Pro and provide a comprehensive understanding of its workings.

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What is Thumbtack Pro?

Thumbtack Pro operates as a gig-economy platform, connecting individuals with local job opportunities. 

Its credibility is established as it genuinely provides an avenue for earning through offered jobs.

However, the key inquiry is whether Thumbtack Pro aligns with your needs. To determine this, a close examination of its earning opportunities is crucial. 

This review will provide an in-depth analysis, enabling you to make an informed decision before becoming a part of Thumbtack Pro.

1. Jobs

The primary mode of earning on Thumbtack Pro is through local jobs. 

Two job categories are available: claimable jobs and bookings. 

Upon joining Thumbtack Pro, you can list the services you offer, positioning you for potential job opportunities.

Bookings occur when customers approach you for a job. During this interaction, you can negotiate terms, discuss details, and finalize an agreement. Following this, executing the job within the agreed timeline and parameters concludes the process.

Claimable jobs are pre-scheduled tasks awaiting assignment. Pros (as Thumbtack Pro refers to its members) can claim these jobs if they meet specific criteria. 

Notably, these jobs are accessible once certain requirements like positive customer reviews, ratings, background checks, and enabled targeting preferences are met.

Thumbtack Pro offers a diverse array of jobs, spanning manual labor tasks like cleaning, painting, moving, to professional services such as legal advice, accounting, and architecture. 

This versatility differentiates Thumbtack Pro in the gig economy landscape, catering to a broader spectrum of skills.

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2. Referral Program

Thumbtack Pro features a referral program allowing you to earn by inviting others to join. 

By sharing your referral link, prospective pros can sign up. Upon their successful registration and completion of a job, both you and your referral earn rewards.

Reward values differ based on the services your referral offers. For instance, referring professionals like roofers or pest control specialists might yield $100 per referral upon job completion. 

Other services yield a $50 reward. Notably, you can refer up to 10 pros annually, thereby imposing an earning limit.

While the reward potential is substantial, securing referrals necessitates a tailored approach. You need to connect with individuals possessing relevant skills that resonate with Thumbtack Pro's offerings.

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Payment Methods of Thumbtack Pro

Upon job completion, you can request payment from customers via Thumbtack Pro's messaging system. 

Once paid, your earnings reflect in your Thumbtack Pro account balance. Withdrawal options include standard payout and instant deposit.

Standard payouts involve transferring earnings to your bank account within 3 to 5 business days. Instant deposits expedite the process, crediting your account within 30 minutes. 

To access instant deposits, prerequisites like a background check, a verified customer review, and successful receipt of three payments must be met.

Instant deposits entail a 1% service fee, reducing the received amount. 

Thumbtack Pro's unique aspect is that no minimum threshold is mandated for withdrawals.

Earning Potential of Thumbtack Pro

Earning potential is intrinsically linked to geographical location. 

Thumbtack Pro's job availability is contingent on your city's demand. Larger cities usually offer more opportunities, whereas smaller locales might provide fewer or none.

Earnings per job are variable and hinge on effective negotiation. 

While you can determine your earning range, understanding prevailing market rates is crucial for balancing competitive pricing.

Patience is a virtue on Thumbtack Pro. Immediate earning prospects might not materialize, especially for newcomers. Securing job offers could take weeks or even months, necessitating persistence.

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Available Platforms for Thumbtack Pro

Thumbtack Pro provides a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

The app streamlines job acceptance and discovery, extending the platform's convenience beyond desktop use. 

Leveraging the app enhances your responsiveness to bookings and jobs, boosting your earning potential.

How to Join Thumbtack Pro

Thumbtack Pro operates solely within the United States. 

Prospective members can register by visiting the website and selecting "Join as a pro." Subsequently, you define the services you intend to offer. 

Thumbtack Pro automatically identifies your location.

Join Thumbtack Pro

Upon service selection, click "Sign Up for Free." Additional services can be added based on your skill set. 

After indicating your login preference, either through Google/Facebook accounts or by creating a new login, provide your mobile number to receive a verification code. The code's input concludes registration.


Thumbtack Pro is a real gig economy platform where you can earn money by doing local jobs, but it has both good things and limitations. 

To sum up, let me highlight its pros and cons, so you can decide if Thumbtack Pro is right for you.


  • Offers direct bank transfer payment
  • Absence of payout threshold
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Initial earning process can be gradual

Thumbtack Pro emerges as a legitimate gig-economy platform facilitating earnings through local jobs. Despite commendable attributes, certain limitations deserve consideration.

Thumbtack Pro, while a commendable gig-economy platform, might not suit every individual. 

Offered services necessitate specific skills, differing from typical gig platforms. Immediate earning prospects might be modest, demanding patience. 

Nonetheless, Thumbtack Pro's strengths include a convenient payment method, non-existent payout threshold, and a user-friendly mobile app facilitating job bookings on the go.

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