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VIPKid Teach Review - How Much Do You Really Earn?

If you're seeking a side hustle, VIPKid Teach offers a unique avenue by allowing you to earn by teaching English to kids online. 

However, a crucial consideration is whether VIPKid Teach is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam.

To determine this before committing, continue reading this VIPKid Teach review. 

It will not only answer the legitimacy question but also provide comprehensive insights into the platform, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to signing up.

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What is VIPKid Teach?

VIPKid Teach is an online English teaching platform aimed at children. 

It's important to clarify if this opportunity aligns with your profile before proceeding.

The Earning Opportunity – Teaching English

VIPKid Teach's sole earning method involves teaching English to children. 

Once you're onboarded as a VIPKid teacher (the process will be detailed later), you'll access the member dashboard to check for assigned teaching slots.

Within the dashboard's Schedule section, you'll find your assigned students and times for lessons. For each session, log in to VIPKid's proprietary video conferencing software at the designated time and conduct a 25-minute teaching session. Additionally, a few minutes for post-session feedback is expected, translating to approximately 30 minutes of commitment per session. Note that preparation time isn't compensated.

During a session, if technical issues arise, you're granted three minutes to resolve them. Failing this, the session will be canceled, and you won't receive payment. 

Successful completion of each session results in payment. The average per-session rate hovers around $7 to $9, offering a respectable rate for a half-hour's effort.

Scheduling is a crucial aspect. You'll submit your weekly availability a month in advance, which VIPKid shares with students each Saturday at 10 am (Beijing Time, aligning with your Chinese student base). 

If a student books a class, you'll receive a notification at least 24 hours ahead, requiring vigilance in checking your email.

If a booking occurs within 24 hours, an extra $2 is earned due to short notice. Although you retain control over your schedule, accommodating Beijing Time (usually 6 pm to 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 9 pm on weekends) is essential to align with student availability.

Notably, failing to attend a class requires prompt notification to VIPKid Teach to arrange a replacement. Repeated cancellations may result in reduced bookings, so caution is advised.

An important clarification is that parent communication is managed by VIPKid Teach, leaving you to focus solely on teaching and timely attendance.

Payment Methods of VIPKid Teach

Earnings accrue in your VIPKid Teach account balance for completed classes. 

The platform offers withdrawal options through direct bank transfer or PayPal. Remarkably, there's no earnings threshold to meet before withdrawal, provided classes are completed during the payment period. 

VIPKid Teach's payment system is straightforward, and the availability of convenient methods like PayPal is a highlight.

Earning Potential of VIPKid Teach

Your per-class rate can be determined, granting you control over your potential earnings. 

With an average rate of $7 to $9 per session, the potential is reasonable, particularly considering the brief time commitment.

However, your income is directly correlated with the number of classes taught. Given VIPKid Teach's sizable student base, continuous earning opportunities are available. 

Yet, while the earning potential is commendable, it may not be comparable to full-time positions.

Available Platforms for VIPKid Teach

VIPKid Teach provides a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

This app is a vital tool for managing your schedule, checking for session assignments, and staying updated on bookings.

For actual teaching tasks, a laptop or desktop with a reliable internet connection is essential.

How to Join VIPKid Teach

Joining VIPKid Teach involves a multi-step application process. 

This process, depicted in the provided image, includes application form submission, a recorded interview with a VIPKid recruiter to showcase teaching skills, and a mock class with a VIPKid teacher as a student.

Successful applicants proceed to sign a contract, undergo a background check, and provide necessary documents. VIPKid Teach values education, experience, and dedication in its applicants. 

Prior teaching experience is crucial for acceptance, making this opportunity unsuitable for everyone.

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In conclusion, VIPKid Teach presents a legitimate path to earn by teaching English to children. 

Despite its notable attributes, a few drawbacks deserve attention.


  • Offers PayPal payment
  • No payout threshold
  • Available globally


  • Complex application process
  • Requires prior teaching experience for teacher roles

VIPKid Teach's appeal is specific, as prior teaching experience is a key requirement. If you meet this criterion, it's a viable option to augment your income. 

The lengthy application process demands patience, but the potential rewards justify the effort.

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