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Vrbo Review - Earn Money with Vacation Rentals, Is It Legit?

If you're contemplating renting out your property to travelers and vacationers, Vrbo offers such an opportunity. 

In this Vrbo review, we'll explore whether this platform is a legitimate chance or another potential scam to avoid. Additionally, we'll delve into the complete details, providing you with a clear understanding of what Vrbo entails before making a commitment. 

Read on to decide if this opportunity aligns with your needs.

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What is Vrbo?

Vrbo is a platform that facilitates earnings through the rental of your home to travelers and vacationers. 

It's important to establish its legitimacy before proceeding with such endeavors.

The Earning Opportunity – Renting out your house

Earning from Vrbo revolves around the process of renting out your property. However, it's crucial to note that this isn't a guaranteed income source since earnings are contingent on property bookings.

The initial step involves listing your property on the Vrbo website. 

During this process, you'll provide comprehensive details about your property, including specifications such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, pricing, cancellation policies, and additional conditions (e.g., post-rental cleaning, fees for supplementary amenities like cars or boats).

Once your property listing is live, potential travelers or vacationers can express interest. 

You'll receive notifications both on the member dashboard and via email if someone wants to book your property. Consistent email monitoring is advisable when maintaining an active listing on Vrbo.

As the property owner, you have discretion in screening potential renters. 

Options include interviews or additional requirements like background checks, security deposits, or credit score checks.

In the event of booking cancellations, renters are obligated to adhere to your stipulated cancellation policy, providing security for property owners. 

Furthermore, Vrbo has insurance policies in place to cover potential property damage.

Payment Methods of Vrbo

Upon confirming a booking, you have control over payment collection, allowing you to either request 100% payment upfront or set up multiple scheduled payments.

Payouts are directly deposited into your bank account. Typically, earnings are disbursed about one business day after the guest's check-in date. 

Depending on your bank's protocols, the funds will be accessible within five to seven business days. However, for new members with bookings less than 30 days away, the initial payout may occur around 30 days after the guest's payment.

Notably, there's no specific earnings threshold that must be met for a payout. 

Additionally, service fees and commission fees, contingent on your account setup, apply. The pay-per-booking model encompasses a 3% service fee and a 5% commission fee.

Vrbo incorporates various security measures to ensure payment delivery, making it a reliable and convenient payment system. 

Notably, it offers payment through direct bank transfer.

For additional platforms with convenient payment methods, consider exploring the top sites offering direct bank transfers.

Earning Potential of Vrbo

The potential earnings from Vrbo depend on several factors, making it challenging to provide a precise figure. 

Property appeal, location, and pricing significantly influence earning potential.

Vrbo offers guidance on property pricing, serving as a useful starting point when determining rates. 

While substantial earnings are possible, it's essential to understand that Vrbo doesn't guarantee bookings, making it unreliable as a consistent income source.

Available Platforms for Vrbo

Vrbo provides a mobile app, primarily intended for vacationers and travelers. Property owners must utilize the web-based platform to manage their listings effectively. 

The mobile version of the site is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring seamless navigation.

This mobile capability is beneficial, enabling you to receive and respond to booking inquiries promptly, even while away from your computer.

How to Join Vrbo

Vrbo's availability is subject to certain countries, as indicated in the image below. If your country is listed, you can register as a property owner and create your listing.

Registration necessitates the provision of your mobile number for a verification code sent by Vrbo. After verification, you'll select your membership model. 

While specifics on the annual fee for the subscription model aren't provided, this option carries risks due to the absence of guaranteed bookings.

The pay-per-booking model is recommended, even with reduced earnings, to mitigate uncertainties. It's important to note that Vrbo prioritizes applicants with prior teaching experience.

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In summary, Vrbo is a legitimate platform that enables property owners to earn by renting their homes to travelers and vacationers. 

While it presents certain advantages, it also has drawbacks worth considering.


  • Passive income opportunity
  • No payout threshold


  • Unpredictable earnings
  • Potential delays in payouts for new members

In my assessment, Vrbo is not a universal solution. 

It's best suited for individuals with spare properties available for rental or those who frequently travel, allowing them to capitalize on unused spaces. 

If you meet these criteria, Vrbo offers a promising avenue for generating extra income. 

However, it's crucial to manage your expectations since guaranteed earnings are not part of this opportunity.

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