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WriteAppReviews Review - Is It Legit or SCAM? Read First

If you're considering WriteAppReviews as a means to make money by testing mobile apps, this comprehensive review will reveal whether it's a legitimate opportunity or potentially another scam to avoid. 

We'll delve into the details, providing you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision about joining.

Join WriteAppReviews (NOT RECOMMENDED)

What is WriteAppReviews?

Initially, WriteAppReviews might seem like a platform for earning by testing mobile apps. However, this isn't entirely accurate.

In reality, WriteAppReviews functions as an affiliate marketing platform where you can potentially earn by driving traffic to your app reviews on the site. 

Understanding this fundamental distinction is crucial before committing to the platform.

The Earning Opportunity - Promoting affiliate links

Contrary to what the name suggests, the primary method of earning on WriteAppReviews isn't writing app reviews for pay. 

Instead, it involves driving traffic to your WriteAppReviews page, where you can incorporate affiliate links.

In essence, you will write app reviews and post them on your WriteAppReviews page. 

Your potential earnings stem from people clicking on the affiliate links included in these reviews and subsequently making purchases through those links.

However, it's essential to note that affiliate marketing doesn't guarantee earnings, and success depends on several factors. The reviews you write should attract sufficient interest and clicks, which can then potentially lead to affiliate sales. 

Given that WriteAppReviews app choices tend to be obscure, attracting readers and clicks may be challenging.

Furthermore, the platform may require an initial fee (approximately $27) for access to their app database, which can potentially impact your overall earnings negatively.

While affiliate marketing can be a viable way to generate income online, achieving success requires time, effort, and a solid understanding of affiliate marketing strategies. 

It's not a quick-fix solution, and there's no guarantee of earnings.

If you're new to affiliate marketing, consider exploring comprehensive guides on the subject to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Red Flags to be Aware of

During the evaluation of WriteAppReviews, several red flags emerged that indicate potential issues with the platform.

Red Flag #1 - Lack of Transparency Regarding Earnings

WriteAppReviews isn't entirely transparent about its earning opportunities. 

While it may initially seem like you'll be paid for app reviews, the actual method involves affiliate marketing. Platforms that obfuscate their true earning methods often have something to hide. 

The added requirement of an upfront fee further raises concerns.

Red Flag #2 - Unrealistic Earning Claims

WriteAppReviews makes unrealistic claims about earnings by suggesting an hourly rate. 

This contradicts how affiliate marketing operates, where earnings are commission-based and not determined by hourly work. 

Misleading statements about hourly earnings are a significant concern.

Red Flag #3 - Unclear Payment Methods

WriteAppReviews suggests weekly payments via check, bank transfer, or Payoneer. 

However, affiliate marketing payments are typically made directly by the company or brand you're promoting. 

The site's wording implies that WriteAppReviews might intercept affiliate earnings, which is not standard practice in affiliate marketing.


To summarize, WriteAppReviews offers a potential avenue for earning through affiliate marketing by incorporating affiliate links into app reviews. 

However, several crucial points must be considered.


  • N/A


  • Lack of transparency regarding earnings
  • Unrealistic earning claims
  • Possible interception of affiliate earnings
  • Initial fee for access to the platform

WriteAppReviews raises significant concerns, and its earning potential is not guaranteed. 

The lack of transparency, unrealistic claims, and potential complications in payment methods should deter you from considering this platform as a reliable income source.

In conclusion, WriteAppReviews is not a recommended option for online income. 

There are more reputable and transparent methods for earning money online that do not involve such red flags and uncertainties.

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