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YouLikeHits Review - Shocking Truth Behind It

YouLikeHits is often touted as a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site where you can purportedly earn $1 per click. 

However, there are critical details not disclosed in many of the videos and articles promoting it. 

In this YouLikeHits review, we'll provide an in-depth look at how it functions and help you determine whether it's a genuine opportunity to earn extra cash.

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What is YouLikeHits?

YouLikeHits is a PTC site that claims to reward you for visiting websites and participating in other earning opportunities it offers. 

While it is a legitimate site in the sense that you will receive rewards, there are crucial aspects you need to be aware of.

To get a clear understanding of how the site operates and the time and effort required to earn rewards, let's delve into the earning opportunities it provides.

1. Clicking Links

The primary method to earn rewards on YouLikeHits is by clicking links. Upon logging into the member dashboard, you can select the "Earn Points" option from the menu. 

To earn rewards, simply choose the category you wish to work on and click it. 

If you opt for a social media platform like Twitter, you'll need to link your Twitter account to YouLikeHits before you can start earning.

It's essential to note that linking your main Twitter account is not advisable because it can be viewed as spam by your followers. 

Most links will direct you to social media pages or YouTube videos, and some may require you to leave comments or follow social media pages.

This is where the true purpose of the site becomes apparent – it serves as a platform for members to boost traffic to their social media or YouTube pages. 

After clicking the link and completing the specified action (e.g., watching videos, following pages, or leaving comments), you will receive a certain number of points.

2. Referral Program

YouLikeHits also offers a referral program, a familiar feature for anyone who has used Get-Paid-To or survey sites. You can invite others to join the site by sharing your referral link with them. 

When someone clicks your link and signs up as a YouLikeHits member, they become your referral.

However, it's worth noting that you will only earn a referral reward if your referral becomes an active member of the site. 

YouLikeHits specifies that your referral must remain active for several days and earn a certain number of points before you receive the 500-point reward. 

Unfortunately, the site doesn't provide precise requirements, making the referral program less transparent.

Payment Methods of YouLikeHits

The fundamental issue with YouLikeHits is that the points you earn cannot be converted into cash or any tangible rewards. 

Instead, the points serve as a form of currency for transactions with other members of the site.

As a YouLikeHits member, you can add your own links to the earning section and use your points to pay others to click your links. In essence, you exchange traffic with fellow members, but there's no direct monetary compensation.

The method to potentially earn from YouLikeHits involves using a separate platform like CPALead. You would create links for apps that need to be downloaded, share these links on YouLikeHits, and earn when a member clicks the link and installs the app. 

However, this method has its complexities and is not as straightforward as it may seem.

The Reality of YouLikeHits

While YouLikeHits appears to offer a means of generating traffic for websites and social media pages, the quality of the traffic you receive is questionable. 

Members of YouLikeHits are typically interested in promoting their own links, making them an inappropriate target audience.

Traffic holds value when it converts into sales or actions, but YouLikeHits' traffic is unlikely to yield meaningful conversions. 

Generating conversions through this platform will be challenging and time-consuming.

Moreover, linking your main Twitter account to YouLikeHits is discouraged due to the potential to annoy your followers with perceived spam. This makes it essential to use dummy accounts, diminishing the quality of the traffic even further.

In summary, YouLikeHits provides minimal value in terms of traffic generation and lacks straightforward earning opportunities.


YouLikeHits is not a site recommended for joining. It lacks genuine earning opportunities and offers only an avenue for generating "empty" traffic. 

The site does not provide meaningful monetary rewards or gift cards, making it an inefficient use of your time.


  • N/A


  • Offers no direct earning opportunities
  • Traffic generated is unlikely to result in conversions

YouLikeHits should not be considered a viable option for earning extra cash. 

Exploring alternative ways to generate traffic or focusing on platforms that offer genuine earning opportunities would be a more productive use of your time and effort.

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