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Paceline App Review - Earn with Fitness, Is It Legit?

Are you searching for an app that can assist you in reaching your fitness objectives while simultaneously rewarding you for your efforts? 

Look no further than Paceline, an app that claims to offer precisely this opportunity.

The question remains: is Paceline genuinely worth your time and effort?

By reading this Paceline app review, you'll uncover the answer to that question and more. 

This comprehensive review will shed light on the app's features, enabling you to make an informed decision about whether Paceline is a valuable addition to your fitness journey.

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What is Paceline?

Paceline is a fitness app that promises to reward you for achieving your fitness goals. 

It's crucial to understand that while the app is legitimate, its worthiness for your specific needs requires evaluation.

Let's delve into how you can earn rewards through Paceline.

1. Weekly Fitness Goals

Paceline's primary earning method involves meeting your weekly fitness objectives. 

The target is to accumulate 150 Paceline minutes each week, which necessitates engaging in activities that elevate your heart rate.

As Paceline defines it, "A Paceline Minute is the amount of time you spend doing an activity whose intensity is equal to or greater than a brisk walk." Keep this definition in mind when choosing your activities.

After you've installed the app and completed the registration process (more on that later), you can start accumulating Paceline minutes. The initial step is connecting your fitness watch to the app.

Please note that Paceline only supports Apple watches, Garmin, and Fitbit devices.

Once your fitness watch is linked, engage in any physical activity while allowing your watch to track it. Paceline will monitor the duration of your activity.

It's crucial to remember that you can earn a maximum of 50 Paceline Minutes per day, so plan your exercise regimen accordingly.

Upon reaching your weekly fitness goal, you'll unlock rewards (which we'll discuss shortly). Consistently meeting your fitness goals, referred to as a streak by Paceline, allows you to access additional and more enticing rewards.

Should you fail to achieve your weekly fitness goal, your streak will reset, necessitating a fresh start. 

This earning opportunity is primarily suited for individuals who engage in regular exercise; sporadic activity may make it challenging to meet the weekly fitness target.

2. Referral Program

Paceline also offers the opportunity to earn rewards through its referral program. 

The concept is straightforward: invite others to use the app by sharing your referral code.

Once they register as Paceline members and input your code during registration, they become your referrals. 

To receive the referral reward (a $10 Amazon gift card), your referral must claim a reward within 45 days of registering by achieving their weekly fitness goal.

In addition to the $10 reward, your referral will also receive a $5 Amazon gift card as a bonus, creating a win-win scenario for both parties.

Payment Methods of Paceline

Paceline offers rewards in the form of gift cards; cash rewards are not available. 

The selection of gift cards may vary, but Amazon gift cards are consistently offered.

The gift card value depends on the length of your streak in achieving your weekly fitness goal. For instance, with a streak of two, you can claim a $2 Amazon gift card. While some users claim to have obtained gift cards worth $10 or more, these are reportedly rare finds.

Gift cards primarily relate to fitness and health or are from Starbucks. Additionally, you have the option to donate your earnings to a charity supported by Paceline.

In summary, Paceline's reward system is straightforward, though it's important to note that the app does not offer cash rewards. 

If your preference is to earn cash, you may consider exploring top money-making apps offering PayPal payouts.

Earning Potential of Paceline

The earning potential of Paceline depends on maintaining your streak, which leads to unlocking higher-value rewards. 

However, the primary attraction of Paceline lies in achieving fitness goals rather than substantial monetary rewards.

While Amazon gift cards are a respectable form of compensation, other apps offer cash rewards in addition to gift cards. 

Therefore, if your focus is primarily on earnings, alternative options may be more appealing.

Available Platforms for Paceline

Paceline is exclusively available as a mobile app, necessitating a mobile device for access. 

Additionally, the app requires integration with a fitness watch, specifically Apple watches, Garmin, or Fitbit.

How to Join Paceline

Paceline is open to individuals residing in the United States who are at least 18 years old. 

Registration involves downloading the app and following the app's guided registration process, which is user-friendly.

Upon registration completion, you must link your credit or debit card to the app. This information is used for verification purposes and to track spending habits for reward customization. 

Rest assured that Paceline does not charge you for any transactions; it simply requires this data to confirm your identity and usage.

While the information requested may seem intrusive to some, feedback from long-term users suggests there are no concerns about privacy or misuse.

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Paceline is a legitimate fitness app that rewards you for meeting your weekly fitness goals and inviting others to use the app. 

While it offers some attractive features, it also has limitations that warrant consideration.


  • Facilitates achievement of fitness goals
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Offers relatively low rewards
  • Does not provide cash rewards

Paceline serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking motivation to attain their fitness objectives. 

However, as an income-generating app, it falls short when compared to alternatives offering both gift cards and cash rewards. 

If your primary aim is monetary gain, exploring alternative apps with more robust earning potential is advisable.

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