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How Much We Earned in Our Amazon Shopper Panel Review?

Amazon Shopper Panel Review: Full Details and Rating

What is Amazon Shopper Panel?

Amazon Shopper Panel is an exclusive program that allows members to earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts from purchases made outside of It is a legitimate platform run by Amazon that provides real rewards.

Join Amazon Shopper Panel

There are three main ways to earn rewards with Amazon Shopper Panel:

1. Uploading Receipts

The primary way to earn rewards is by uploading receipts from purchases made at stores other than Amazon. You need to upload at least 10 eligible receipts per month to qualify for the reward. Receipts can be from grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, restaurants, movie theaters, theme parks, etc. The purchases must have been made within the last 30 days.

To upload a receipt, log into the mobile app, go to the Receipts section, and upload a clear photo showing the date, store name, and total amount. It takes up to 6 hours to review. You can also submit receipts via email to [email protected].

2. Paid Surveys

You can earn additional rewards by completing paid surveys in the Surveys section of the app. Surveys are infrequent but provide an easy way to earn extra rewards when available.

3. Verifying Ads

You can passively earn rewards by enabling ad verification in the Ads section of the app. This allows the app to automatically verify ads shown on Amazon to earn you rewards.

Amazon Shopper Panel provides members with multiple ways to earn rewards through their regular shopping habits and interactions with the app. While uploading receipts is the primary method, the additional options of completing surveys and enabling ad verification allow members to increase their earnings over time through consistent participation in the program.

Payment Methods

Rewards are paid out monthly after the end of each calendar month, usually within 48 hours. During sign-up, you select whether to convert rewards into Amazon balance or donate to charity. There is no cash payout option.

Earning Potential

You are guaranteed to earn at least $10 per month if you qualify by uploading 10 eligible receipts. You can potentially earn a little more through surveys and ad verification, but those opportunities are limited. Overall earnings will realistically be in the $10-$20 per month range.

The earning potential with Amazon Shopper Panel is relatively low compared to other rewards programs. While the guaranteed $10 per month for uploading receipts provides a consistent baseline, the additional earning opportunities through surveys and ad verification are infrequent and limited. Members should not expect to earn more than $20 per month on average through consistent participation in the program. The rewards can add up over time but will not generate a major source of income.

Available Platform

Amazon Shopper Panel is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version. The app provides a user-friendly experience.

How to Join

Amazon Shopper Panel is an invite-only program. You must first install the app and log in with your Amazon credentials to see if you have been invited. It is currently only available in certain countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Spain.

Unfortunately, the invite-only nature of the program means that not all Amazon customers will have the opportunity to participate. Amazon likely limits membership to maintain a balance between the number of members and available rewards. There is no way to request an invitation, so interested customers will need to check the app periodically to see if they have been invited to join.



  • Simple way to earn rewards
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Guaranteed minimum $10 per month


  • Very limited membership by invite only
  • No cash payout option
  • Low earning potential

Amazon Shopper Panel is a decent program to join if you get an invite and regularly shop on Amazon. It provides an easy way to earn some rewards you can use towards Amazon purchases. However, the limited membership and earning potential prevent it from being an ideal opportunity.


Amazon Shopper Panel allows members to earn rewards by uploading receipts, taking surveys, and verifying ads. It offers easy earnings that are guaranteed $10 minimum per month if you qualify. However, it is invite-only, has no cash payouts, and limited earnings. Overall, it can provide some nice rewards for regular Amazon shoppers but has restrictions that prevent it from being a top earning opportunity.

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