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Apperwall App Review: Why You Should Avoid This Scammy Site

Apperwall Review: Is It Worth Your Time? (Full Analysis)

What is Apperwall?

Apperwall is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays users to write short reviews of mobile apps. After downloading and trying out an app, you write a review and submit proof to Apperwall to get paid.

Apperwall Sign Up

Apperwall provides a platform for app developers to get reviews of their apps. In exchange for writing honest reviews, Apperwall rewards you. It's a simple way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

Payment Methods

Apperwall offers payment through PayPal. You need to earn a minimum of $9 before you can cash out your earnings. This threshold is relatively low compared to many other GPT sites.

PayPal is the only withdrawal method currently available. Apperwall states that gift cards will be available in the future, but they are not an option yet.

Earning Potential

The earning potential with Apperwall is relatively low. You are limited in the ways you can earn:

  • Writing mobile app reviews - The main way to earn. You get paid $0.05 to $1 per review, depending on length and complexity.
  • Referral program - Earn commissions when you refer others who complete app reviews. You can earn up to 50% commission on your referrals' earnings.

The number of app review opportunities is inconsistent. During slow periods, there may be days or weeks between new apps to review. This severely limits how much you can earn. Even being very active, you'd be lucky to make more than $30 in a month.

With such limited earning potential and inconsistent opportunities, Apperwall will likely end up frustrating you more than rewarding you. The time required to check for new reviews and write them is disproportionate to the small payments offered. For the effort involved, the pay is quite poor.

Available Platform

Apperwall does not have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-friendly. You can access it conveniently on your phone or tablet to write reviews for iOS and Android apps.

The site works well on desktop too. You can use Apperwall on any device with an internet browser.

How to Join

Joining Apperwall is quick and easy. You can sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Just visit the Apperwall website and click "Login."

After logging in, be sure to add your PayPal email address to get paid. You can also connect the Telegram bot to get notifications when new app review opportunities are available.


Here are the main pros and cons of using Apperwall:


  • Get paid through PayPal
  • Low $9 payout threshold
  • Easy to use on mobile
  • Simple signup process


  • Very limited ways to earn
  • Inconsistent app review opportunities
  • Low earning potential
  • Sometimes required to write fake positive reviews
  • Poor customer support

Apperwall seems like an easy way to make money at first. However, in practice, the inconsistent app review jobs and low earnings make it frustrating. You'll likely end up wasting time checking for new opportunities instead of actually making money.

The requirement to occasionally write fake 5-star reviews is also concerning. This goes against the goal of providing honest, helpful app reviews to users.


Apperwall does pay out as promised, so it is a legitimate site. However, the limited earning options, low payments, and fake review requirements make it not worth the time for most users.

Instead of Apperwall, I recommend focusing your efforts on top survey and GPT sites that offer more consistent earning opportunities. Check out the highest paying options available in your country for better results.

While Apperwall is not an outright scam, you're unlikely to make significant money with it. You can find much better uses of your time to earn rewards online.

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