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AppStation Review: This App Pays You to Play Games?!

AppStation Review - Is It Worth Your Time? A Detailed Look

What is AppStation?

AppStation is a mobile app that pays users to play games, take surveys, and refer friends. It is a GPT (get-paid-to) app similar to other apps like MoneyWell that reward you for trying out new mobile games and completing offers.

AppStation Sign Up

When you open the AppStation app, you can access various earning opportunities:

Play Featured Games

The main way to earn with AppStation is by playing the featured mobile games. You can find the list of available games to play by tapping the "Earn with Apps" button.

To start earning, choose a game and download it. Then open the game through the AppStation app so it can track your time played. You'll earn around 30-70 coins per minute of playtime. The longer you play a specific game, the lower the payout per minute.

The games offered on AppStation change frequently as new games are released and older games are removed. The variety of games seems to cover many genres like puzzle games, arcade games, card games, and casual games. However, the selection is still quite limited with usually only 10-15 games available at a time to earn coins. The games are also often very simple, low-quality games. If you're looking for popular, high-quality games, AppStation likely won't have what you're looking for.

Take Surveys

You can also earn coins by taking surveys through the AppStation app. Tap "Earn with Surveys", answer some profile questions, and you'll be matched with available surveys. Finish a survey to earn the reward promised.

The survey opportunities on AppStation are very sparse. There are often no surveys available, and when there are, the rewards are minimal. The surveys are also quite lengthy for the little payoff. You're much better off using a dedicated survey site if you want to earn rewards from taking surveys.

Refer Friends

Lastly, you can invite friends to join AppStation and earn 25% commission on what they earn by playing games and taking surveys. Your friends will also earn 25% commission on what you earn.

The referral program is a nice bonus option but likely won't make up the bulk of your earnings with AppStation given how little you can earn from the other opportunities.

Payment Methods

You can redeem your earned coins for PayPal cash or gift cards. 93,188 coins are worth $10 PayPal cash. Gift cards require varying amounts of coins, but the minimum is 10,000 coins ($10 value).

The high redemption thresholds mean it will take a long time to earn enough for a payout. And with the limited ways to earn coins in the app, reaching those redemption thresholds could take weeks or months of consistent use.

Earning Potential

The earning potential with AppStation is quite low. With only 30-70 coins earned per minute of gameplay, it takes a long time to reach the 93,188 coin threshold for a $10 PayPal payout. There are also limited games and surveys available.

At the highest rate of 70 coins per minute, it would take over 24 hours of gameplay to earn enough for a $10 PayPal reward. And the rates often drop to 30-50 coins per minute for longer gameplay. The limited number of games and surveys also mean you can quickly run out of ways to earn more coins.

Most users report earning only a few dollars per month at most using the AppStation app consistently. The earning potential is very poor compared to other reward apps and survey sites.

Available Platforms

AppStation is only available as a mobile app for Android devices. There is no desktop version. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

How to Join

AppStation is available in most countries. To join, simply download the app on your Android device and sign up with your Facebook, Google account, or email. You'll get a small sign-up bonus of coins to start.

Conclusion - Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using AppStation:


  • Fun way to earn rewards
  • User-friendly app


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Low rewards
  • Takes a long time to reach payout threshold
  • Poor customer support


In summary, AppStation is a legitimate app that pays you to play games and take surveys. However, it offers very limited options to earn and pays quite low compared to other reward apps and survey sites.

It can be an option if you enjoy playing mobile games and want to earn a tiny bonus while doing so. But there are much better survey sites and apps to use if you want to maximize your earnings.

Check out the top survey and GPT sites available in your country for better earning opportunities.

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