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BeerSurveys Review: Is This Money-Making App Legit?

BeerSurveys Review - Is It Worth Joining? (All Details Revealed)

What is BeerSurveys?

BeerSurveys is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that rewards users for completing various offers and activities. It is owned and operated by (BMF), a popular online rewards forum.

BeerSurveys Sign Up

BMF decided it was time to create their own GPT site with plenty of ways for their members to earn money. They claim that most of the revenue goes directly to members, while they take a small cut to maintain the site.

BeerSurveys was created to provide members of BeerMoneyForum a way to earn virtual currency that could be redeemed within the forum. The GPT site serves as a platform for people to complete offers and earn points that are converted to BMF tokens, which can then be exchanged for various rewards on BeerMoneyForum.

Payment Methods

BeerSurveys has a rather complicated payment system compared to other GPT sites.

You can earn rewards in two forms on the site - points and cash balances. Points are earned from completing offers, while cash balances are earned from tasks, referrals, and transferring points to your balance.

Once your cash balance reaches the minimum payout amount of $2, you can withdraw it to your BeerMoneyForum account in the form of BMF tokens. This is the currency used on their forum.

You can then redeem BMF tokens for various rewards like gift cards, cryptocurrency, and more. So you don't actually earn real money from BeerSurveys - you earn virtual currency for another site.

The payment system can be confusing for new members and the multi-step process of earning points, transferring to cash balance, withdrawing to BMF tokens, and finally redeeming the tokens for rewards is more complicated than a simple direct payout in cash that many GPT sites offer.

Earning Potential

Compared to other GPT sites, BeerSurveys offers relatively low earnings per activity. Most tasks and offers pay less than $0.05.

Even with a low $2 payout minimum, it can take a significant amount of time to earn enough for a withdrawal due to the low rewards.

You would likely need to invest hours per day on the site to earn a substantial amount each month. The earning potential is lower than many other GPT sites.

The low payouts for the time spent means that the earning potential on BeerSurveys is quite limited. Only the most active users who participate for many hours each day are likely to earn a meaningful amount of BMF tokens that can be redeemed for decent rewards. For casual users, the earnings will be very small for the effort required.

Available Platforms

BeerSurveys can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. Their website is mobile-friendly, so most offers and activities can be completed on smartphones and tablets.

Having mobile access makes earning a bit easier, since you can participate while on-the-go. But the low rewards remain an issue.

While the ability to use BeerSurveys on both desktop and mobile devices provides some convenience, the core problem of low payouts for time spent persists across platforms. Mobile access does not overcome the limited earning potential of the site.

How to Join

To join BeerSurveys, you first need to have an account on Once you have a BMF account, you can sign up for BeerSurveys by filling out their registration form.

BeerSurveys is available in most countries, except China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Nigeria.

You must be at least 13 years old to join. Only one account is allowed per household.

The requirement to first join BeerMoneyForum before you can sign up for BeerSurveys is an additional step that may deter some people. And the list of excluded countries further limits the potential membership base. The age minimum and one account per household rule are standard for most GPT sites, however.

Conclusion - Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using BeerSurveys:


  • Low $2 minimum payout
  • Available worldwide (except some countries)
  • Decent customer support


  • Very low earnings per activity
  • Complicated virtual currency payment system
  • Must remain active or lose account and earnings

Overall, BeerSurveys seems to offer lower earnings potential compared to many other GPT sites. The complicated virtual currency system is also a turn-off for some users.

It may be worth joining if you are an active BeerMoneyForum member interested in earning their virtual currency. But for most, there are better GPT site options.


BeerSurveys is a legitimate get-paid-to website owned by BeerMoneyForum. It offers ways to earn points and cash balances by completing various tasks, offers, and referrals.

However, the earnings per activity are generally low. And instead of real cash rewards, you earn virtual currency for another site called BeerMoneyForum.

Redeeming earnings is also complicated compared to many GPT sites. You must transfer points to your balance, maintain activity, and withdraw to BMF.

The low rewards and convoluted payment system make BeerSurveys less appealing than other options for earning money online. It may be decent for avid BeerMoneyForum users but underwhelming overall.

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