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Bizdustry Review: The Truth About This Paid Forum Site

Bizdustry Review: Is It Legit? (All Details)

What is Bizdustry?

Bizdustry is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays you to participate in their online forums. It claims to be the #1 paid business and economics forum.

Bizdustry Sign Up

You can earn money by posting quality replies to existing threads. You'll receive points called BizNotes for each approved reply.

Bizdustry also has offer walls where you can complete tasks like surveys and app downloads to earn additional rewards.

There's also a referral program where you'll get paid for inviting others to join the site.

Payment Methods

You can cash out your BizNotes earnings through PayPal once you hit the minimum payout threshold of 5,000 points ($5).

For offer wall earnings, you can withdraw to cryptocurrency wallets like FaucetPay and Coinbase. The minimum is 2 points.

Earning Potential

You'll earn 20 BizNotes (around $0.02) for each approved forum reply, up to 60 per hour.

Offer wall rewards vary per task, but are generally low. With limited offer walls available, earnings are restricted.

Referrals pay 1,000 points ($1) but have conditions that must be met first.

Overall, earnings are possible but slow. It will take consistent effort over time to earn substantial rewards.

Available Platforms

Bizdustry runs on a website that's mobile optimized. There's no app, but the forums and offer walls work on smartphones and tablets.

How to Join

Joining Bizdustry is free and easy. Just provide your email and password to create an account. You'll need to confirm via a link sent to your inbox.

Be sure to read the posting guidelines thoroughly before participating in the forums.


Here are the main pros and cons of using Bizdustry:


  • Available worldwide
  • PayPal payouts
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Unique way to earn


  • Limited earning methods
  • Slow earnings
  • Can be confusing at first

Bizdustry offers a legitimate way to earn some extra cash online. But rewards are small and it takes time and effort to build up your earnings.

It's best suited for people who enjoy participating in forum discussions. If you like forums, Bizdustry provides a way to monetize your contributions.

Overall, Bizdustry is worth considering if you approach it with reasonable expectations. It likely won't become a main source of income, but can provide some nice bonus cash.

To sum up, Bizdustry is a unique way to earn money online by participating in business and economics forums. While the rewards may be small, it can be an enjoyable way to earn if you have an interest in these topics. The site is easy to use and open to members worldwide. However, the limited earning methods and slow payouts mean Bizdustry should only be viewed as a way to earn some extra pocket change, not a primary source of income.

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