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Blasting News Review: People Claim Earned $50 Writing One Article!

Blasting News Review - Is It Worth Writing For?

What is Blasting News?

Blasting News is a news website that offers people the opportunity to earn money by writing and publishing articles on their platform. It was launched in 2013 by Francesco Rulli and Andrea Tortoreto and has grown to become one of the largest social news websites globally.

Blasting News Sign Up

The main way to earn on Blasting News is by becoming a contributor and writing articles. Once your article is published, you have 30 days to drive traffic to it organically. If your article hits 150 unique views from eligible countries within 30 days, you will get paid. The payment rate is around $0.16 per unique view.

Payment Methods

Blasting News pays its contributors via PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is €50 or $50 depending on your location. Once you've earned at least the minimum, you can request a payout within the first 3 days of the month to get paid by the 15th. Otherwise, you'll be paid on the 15th of the following month.

Earning Potential

The earning potential on Blasting News is quite low. You only earn around $0.16 per unique view from eligible countries. There is also a maximum earning cap of $200 per article no matter how much traffic you drive to it.

To earn the $200 maximum per article, you would need around 18,000-19,000 unique views. This is difficult to achieve for most people. Realistically, expect to earn around $20-50 per article you publish if you can drive some traffic to your content.

Available Platform

Blasting News does not have a mobile app. The website itself is mobile-friendly though, so readers can access articles easily on mobile devices. As a contributor, you will need to write and publish articles from a desktop or laptop computer.

How to Join

Joining Blasting News as a contributor is straightforward. Just visit their website and click "Become a writer." You can sign up with your Facebook, Google, or email account. After signing up, make sure to connect your Facebook profile to maximize the reach of your articles.

Before writing your first article, go through their training resources to learn how to optimize and promote your content. When writing an article, focus on catchy titles, quality writing, images, videos, and linking to sources.



  • Available worldwide
  • Easy to get started writing
  • PayPal payouts


  • Very low earnings per article
  • Hard to drive significant traffic
  • High minimum payout threshold

Overall, Blasting News is a legitimate way to earn some side income by writing articles. However, the time investment required versus potential earnings is quite unbalanced. It will take significant effort to drive traffic and earn just $20-50 per article.

Blasting News allows people worldwide to earn by publishing news articles on their platform. You get paid around $0.16 per unique visitor to your articles. However, the earning potential is low for the amount of work required. It can be a way to earn a bit of side income, but it is difficult to generate full-time earnings on Blasting News.

To maximize your earnings on Blasting News, focus on trending topics, catchy headlines, high quality writing, and promoting your articles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to drive more traffic. Building an audience and maintaining an active social media following will also help increase views and income over time. While the pay per view is low, earning a few extra dollars from writing articles in your spare time can be a nice way to generate some side income, as long as you go in with realistic expectations about how much you can really make on the platform.

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