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BNB Miner Review: Earn 3% Daily or Lose it All?

BNB Miner Review - Legit or Scam? (Full Details)

What is BNB Miner?

BNB Miner is an investment platform that allows users to earn money through cryptocurrency mining. It enables you to earn BNB, the native cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem, through a simple process of hiring miners on the platform.

BNB Miner Sign Up

To start earning, you need to invest some BNB upfront which will be used to hire miners. The miners then start mining BNB for 24 hours after which you can collect the mined BNB. The platform claims users can earn up to 3% daily of their investment through this mining process.

So in essence, BNB Miner allows hands-off crypto mining without any technical knowledge required. You simply invest BNB to hire miners and collect the profits. However, like any investment platform, it does come with some risks which I'll discuss later.

Payment Methods

The only payment method supported by BNB Miner is via cryptocurrency. To start earning, you need to purchase BNB from any crypto exchange and deposit it into a compatible wallet like Metamask, WalletConnect or Binance Chain Wallet.

You cannot invest or withdraw funds in fiat currency on BNB Miner. All transactions are done in BNB. This means you need to already own crypto to use this platform.

When you want to withdraw your earnings, it can only be sent back to your compatible crypto wallet. So BNB Miner solely uses crypto with no options for fiat money.

Earning Potential

According to BNB Miner, users can earn up to 3% daily of the BNB they invest. So the earning potential depends on how much you're willing to invest.

To give an example, if you invest 10 BNB worth $300, you can earn around $9 daily. If you invest 100 BNB worth $3000, you can earn around $90 daily. The more you invest, the higher your earning potential.

You can also compound your earnings to boost your profits. This means reinvesting your mined BNB to hire more miners. By compounding, you can grow your initial investment exponentially over time if done right.

Overall, the earning potential is quite good. But as I'll explain later, there are risks involved you need to be aware of.

Available Platforms

BNB Miner is a web-based platform accessible from a desktop or laptop browser. There is no mobile app available.

This is because you need to connect your crypto wallet to the site through a browser extension. Mobile browsers don't support such extensions.

So you can only access BNB Miner via desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Mobile access is not possible currently.

How to Join

Joining BNB Miner is simple if you already own some BNB. Just follow these steps:

  1. Purchase BNB from a crypto exchange and transfer it to a compatible wallet like Metamask.
  2. Visit the BNB Miner website and click "Connect Wallet" to link your crypto wallet.
  3. Approve the wallet connection request when prompted.
  4. Click "Hire Miners" and enter the amount of BNB you want to invest.
  5. Approve the transaction request from your wallet.
  6. Your miners will start mining. Collect your earnings after 24 hours.

As long as you have a compatible crypto wallet with some BNB, the joining process is very straightforward.

Conclusion - Pros & Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using BNB Miner:


  • Easy passive income from crypto mining
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Potential for good profits if you invest more
  • Ability to compound earnings


  • Must own crypto to start
  • Risk of losing investment if site shuts down
  • No mobile app
  • TVL fluctuations can affect earnings


BNB Miner offers an easy way to earn passive crypto income without any technical expertise required. You can earn daily profits in BNB based on your investment amount.

However, there are risks involved as with any crypto platform. You need some starting capital and have to be prepared for the platform closing down eventually.

So weigh the pros and cons before deciding if BNB Miner is suitable for your needs. It can be a great way to grow your crypto portfolio if you use it properly and are aware of the risks.

But also consider lower risk options like survey sites if you want to earn extra money online without investing upfront.

BNB Miner is a platform that can generate good returns if used strategically while understanding the risks. As with any investment, do your own research to determine if it meets your needs and risk tolerance. While it offers the potential for strong profits, there is always a chance of losing your capital. So invest cautiously and never put in more than you can afford to lose.

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