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Book Bolt Review: How to Earn $500/Month Passive Income

How to Earn Money by Selling Books on Amazon with Book Bolt

What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt is a platform that allows you to easily create and sell low-content books on Amazon. 

Book Bolt Sign Up

With Book Bolt, you can:

  • Find profitable book niches using keyword research
  • Create books quickly using premade templates
  • Upload and sell your books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

The key benefit of Book Bolt is that it makes the process of researching, creating, and publishing low-content books extremely simple. You don't need any prior writing or design experience.

Payment Methods

There are two main ways you can earn money with Book Bolt:

  • Book Bolt subscription fee - Book Bolt charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access its book creation tools and resources. The monthly fee is $9.99 and the annual fee is $89.99.
  • Amazon KDP royalties - When your books sell on Amazon KDP, you earn a royalty. Amazon pays up to 70% royalties on each sale. This is where the real earning potential lies.

Earning Potential

How much money can you make selling books through Book Bolt and Amazon KDP?

While there is no guarantee, some users report earning:

  • $500 per month after 3-6 months
  • $1,000+ per month after 6-12 months
  • $10,000+ per month after 1-2 years

Your earnings depend on factors like:

  • The number of books you publish
  • How well you research profitable niches
  • Quality of your book content
  • Effectiveness of your Amazon KDP marketing

Overall, the earning potential is quite high if you consistently publish high quality books in popular niches.

The key to earning a significant income with Book Bolt and Amazon KDP is consistency and volume. The more high-quality books you can publish, the higher your earning potential. While a single book likely won't make you rich, having 50-100 books (or more) can generate thousands per month in passive income. The work required to create each additional book gets easier over time as you develop efficient processes and templates.

Many successful self-publishers are able to leave their day jobs after hitting 50-100 books and earning $5,000-$10,000 or more per month. But it can take 6-24 months of consistent work to reach that level of volume and earning. The key is starting now and sticking with it for the long haul.

Available Platform

You need accounts with two platforms to earn money with this method:

  1. Book Bolt - This is where you'll research niches, create books, and download your completed books.
  2. Amazon KDP - This is Amazon's self-publishing platform. You'll upload your completed books here to publish them.

Book Bolt and Amazon KDP integrate smoothly, so the overall process is straightforward.

How to Join

Follow these steps to get started earning with Book Bolt:

  1. Sign up for Book Bolt 
  2. Find a profitable niche - Use Book Bolt's keyword research tools to find niche ideas.
  3. Create your book - Use Book Bolt's templates to quickly create your book's interior pages.
  4. Download your book - Download a PDF of your completed book from Book Bolt.
  5. Sign up for Amazon KDP - Create a free KDP account to access Amazon's publishing platform.
  6. Upload your book - Upload your completed PDF to Amazon KDP.
  7. Publish your book - Go through KDP's review process and publish your book.
  8. Market your book - Use Amazon marketing tools like AMS ads to promote your book.

With your book published on Amazon, you can start earning royalties as soon as sales come in!


Here are some pros and cons to consider about selling books through Book Bolt and Amazon KDP:


  • High royalty rates up to 70%
  • Access to Amazon's huge customer base
  • Book Bolt simplifies and speeds up book creation
  • Relatively passive income stream
  • Global opportunity - available worldwide


  • Requires Book Bolt paid subscription
  • You don't fully own your book rights
  • Need to market books to get sales
  • Amazon KDP has approval process
  • Earnings depend on consistent quality work

Overall, selling books through Book Bolt and Amazon KDP is an excellent hands-off way to earn passive income online. But it does require some consistent effort to research, create, and market books effectively.


Book Bolt simplifies the process of creating and selling low-content books on Amazon KDP. With some hard work upfront researching profitable niches and creating quality books, you can start earning royalties through passive book sales.

While earnings vary based on effort, many Book Bolt users earn hundreds or thousands per month. This makes it a great option for anyone looking to start an online business with minimal upfront investment.

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