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Boomco Review: You'll Never Believe How Little You Can Earn!

Boomco Learn to Earn App Review: Everything You Need to Know

What is Boomco?

Boomco is a mobile app that aims to teach users the Korean language while allowing them to earn rewards. 

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The app offers daily missions, quizzes, and courses to help users learn Korean. As users complete missions and answer quizzes correctly, they can earn rewards like LER coins and Satoshi tokens.

There are two main ways to earn on Boomco:

Ladder Ranking

In the Ladder Ranking system, users complete daily missions and challenges to earn points. At the end of each month-long season, users are ranked based on how many points they earned. Higher-ranked users receive more LER coins as a reward.

LER coins can be used to take courses and assessments within the app. So this system is more focused on helping users learn Korean rather than directly earning crypto or cash.

Backpack Learning

In Backpack Learning mode, users can earn Satoshi tokens by answering quizzes correctly. Each quiz question consumes 1 mana point, and users start with 20 free mana per day. Watching video ads can recharge mana.

This allows users to steadily earn Satoshi tokens by answering Korean language quizzes. However, the earnings potential is low.

Payment Methods

Boomco currently only offers rewards in the form of LER coins and Satoshi tokens. These are stored in an in-app wallet.

As of writing, there is no way to withdraw or transfer these rewards out of the app. So users cannot actually earn any real money through Boomco.

Earning Potential

The earning potential with Boomco is very low. Answering quizzes and completing missions is a slow process and only rewards users with tokens that cannot be withdrawn.

Users realistically will not make any actual money with Boomco. The app is better suited for those who want an interesting way to learn Korean, not earn money.

Available Platforms

Boomco is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version at this time.

The app has a confusing interface that takes some trial and error to figure out. But it is functional on both iOS and Android.

How to Join

To join Boomco, users simply need to download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. An account can be created quickly using your Google or Apple ID.

Boomco is available worldwide, so anyone can download and create an account regardless of location.


Here are the main pros and cons of using Boomco:


  • Available worldwide
  • Offers an interesting way to learn Korean


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Low earnings potential
  • No way to withdraw rewards
  • Confusing app interface
  • No customer support

Overall, Boomco is not recommended for anyone looking to earn money online. The rewards system is essentially useless since earned tokens cannot be withdrawn. Beginners learning Korean may find some value in the courses and quizzes though.

For better earnings potential, survey sites, GPT sites, and other similar apps are a much better option. Look for platforms that offer cash rewards and have reasonable minimum payout thresholds.


Boomco is a Korean learning app that lets users earn LER coins and Satoshi tokens through missions, quizzes, and courses. However, these rewards are stuck inside the app and cannot be withdrawn or transferred out. So the app does not actually pay users.

The app has very limited earning opportunities and is really designed more for learning Korean. Those looking to earn money are better off trying survey sites and GPT sites that pay cash rewards.

Boomco may be an interesting way for beginners to pick up some Korean language skills in their spare time through interactive lessons and quizzes. However, the rewards system leaves much to be desired since earned tokens have no actual value and cannot be withdrawn. Users should go into the app with the goal of learning Korean, not making money.

There are many other apps and websites that offer small cash rewards for completing similar tasks like surveys, quizzes, and missions. While the amounts are often small, at least the rewards can be withdrawn and used. Boomco needs to revamp their rewards system if they want to attract users looking to earn money, not just learn Korean.

With some improvements to the confusing interface, addition of customer support, and a redesigned rewards program that offers actual cash payouts, Boomco could become an interesting way for people to learn a new language while making a small amount of money in their spare time. But as it stands currently, the app is really only useful for beginners looking to pick up basic Korean skills through interactive lessons.

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