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Is Bunny Studio Legit? The Honest Review You Need to Read

Is Bunny Studio Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Review

What is Bunny Studio?

Bunny Studio is an online freelancing platform that connects businesses and freelancers. Companies can post projects on the platform, and freelancers can apply to work on those projects. 

Bunny Studio Sign Up

Bunny Studio is a legitimate site where freelancers can earn money by completing projects.

Some of the key things to know about Bunny Studio:

  • It offers opportunities in writing, audio/video production, graphic design, voice-over work, and more.
  • Freelancers must apply and be approved to join the platform as "Bunny Pros." The application process can take a few weeks.
  • Bunny Studio is available worldwide, but may not always be accepting new freelancer applications.

Payment Methods

As a Bunny Pro, you earn money by completing client projects that you've been invited to work on. The amount you earn per project depends on the rate you set when you join the platform.

Here are the payment methods available on Bunny Studio:

  • Wire transfer - you can withdraw your earnings via wire transfer. Fees may apply.
  • Wise - a popular online money transfer service. You can use it to withdraw earnings.
  • Revolut - withdraw to a Revolut account. Revolut is an online bank.
  • Payoneer - withdraw earnings to your Payoneer account. Payoneer offers digital payment services.

There is no minimum payout threshold, so you can withdraw your money anytime. However, you should minimize withdrawals to avoid fees.

Earning Potential

It's difficult to estimate exact earnings on Bunny Studio. Income potential depends largely on:

  • How many projects you're invited to work on
  • The rates you set for your services
  • How quickly and efficiently you complete projects

You don't have full control over how many project invites you receive. Bunny Studio assigns projects based on your account stats and performance. Doing high quality work can increase the number of invites you get.

Many users report average earnings of $200-500 per month. Top earners make $1,000+ monthly. But earnings vary widely depending on the factors above.

Available Platform

Bunny Studio does not have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-friendly. You can access your account dashboard and check for available projects from a smartphone or tablet.

This makes it easy to accept projects on-the-go before slots fill up. Quickly accepting invites can increase your earnings.

How to Join

To join Bunny Studio as a freelancer:

  1. Create an account by registering as a freelancer. You can use Google, Facebook, or your email.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Log into your account and apply to become a "Bunny Pro."
  4. If accepted, complete your profile and set your rates.
  5. Start watching for project invites and begin working!


Here are some pros and cons to working with Bunny Studio:

  • Available worldwide
  • No minimum payout
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Reputable company with good support
  • Lengthy application process
  • Doesn't always accept new freelancers
  • Limited control over project invites
  • No PayPal payment option


Bunny Studio is a legitimate freelance platform, but may not be ideal for all freelancers. The lengthy application process and inconsistent project flow make it hard to rely on as a primary income stream.

Freelancers who are accepted and work diligently may earn decent part-time income. But for most, there are likely better options to find consistent freelance work.

Those seeking a more reliable full-time income are better off exploring more traditional remote work or other money-making methods.

However, if you are interested in supplementing your income with some freelance work or gaining experience in a new industry, Bunny Studio could still be worth exploring. The variety of skills and services they offer means there may be opportunities that match your experience and interests.

While earnings potential is limited and inconsistent, any income from projects completed in your spare time could be helpful. And the experience you gain could open doors to better freelance or remote work in the future.

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