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BuzzBreak Review: Made $5 Reading News?

BuzzBreak App Review - An In-Depth Look at This GPT App

What is BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is a get-paid-to (GPT) app that rewards users for reading articles and watching videos. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app offers a very simple way to earn some extra cash by just browsing content on your phone.

BuzzBreak Sign Up

When you open the BuzzBreak app, it looks similar to browsing a news site. There are articles and videos you can view across various categories like sports, entertainment, funny, and stories. As you interact with the content, you earn points which can be redeemed for cash rewards.

How Does BuzzBreak Work?

There are a few different ways to earn points on BuzzBreak:

Reading Articles

When you click on an article in the app, a gift icon will appear on the right side of your screen. As you scroll through the article, the gift icon will load to completion. Once it's fully loaded, you can claim your reward points. The number of points earned per article can vary.

Watching Videos

The process for earning points by watching videos is very similar. Select a video, watch it for a bit until the gift icon loads, and then claim your points. You don't need to watch the full video, just interact with it long enough to get the points.

Periodic Gifts

The app allows you to claim points every 30 seconds by clicking the gift icon. You can do this up to 50 times per day. There is also a larger hourly gift you can claim as well by watching a short video ad.

Daily Check-in

Checking into the app daily will provide you with bonus points. You also get two free spins per day on their Spin and Win game which gives you a chance to win additional points.


You can earn bonus points by referring your friends to download and use the BuzzBreak app. They will need to enter your referral code during sign up for you to get credit.

BuzzBreak Payment Methods

BuzzBreak uses a point system for rewards. 1,000 points is worth $0.01. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal when you hit the minimum threshold of $5. For some countries, PayPal may not be available, but there are other withdrawal options as well depending on your location.

The earning potential in BuzzBreak is quite low due to the daily limits and low payout rate. While it can be an entertaining way to pass the time and earn a few cents, it would take an extremely long time to earn any meaningful amount of money. The 50 point claims per day provide at most $0.15 daily, so earning even $5 to cash out would take over a month of consistent use.

The limits seem aimed at preventing people from abusing the system, but they also severely hamper how much someone can genuinely earn from normal use of the app. If the payout rate was higher or daily limits less strict, BuzzBreak could be a viable way to earn some spare cash with minimal effort. As it stands though, earnings are merely pennies that take a substantial time investment to build up.

Is BuzzBreak Available on Desktop?

No, BuzzBreak is only available as a mobile app. You have to download it from the Google Play or Apple App store. This makes it convenient for earning on the go, but you cannot use BuzzBreak on a laptop or desktop computer.

Who Can Join BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is available worldwide to anyone over 18. Sign up is quick by linking your Facebook or Google account. If you don't have one of those accounts, you won't be able to join BuzzBreak unfortunately.

BuzzBreak Customer Support

One downside of BuzzBreak is the lack of customer support options. There is no FAQ or way to directly contact them if you have issues. This could be frustrating if you encounter problems with the app or your account.

Pros and Cons of Using BuzzBreak

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about BuzzBreak:


  • Very easy to earn points
  • Pays out via PayPal
  • Low cashout threshold


  • Very low earnings potential
  • Daily limits restrict earnings
  • No customer support
  • Must use mobile app

Final Thoughts

BuzzBreak provides an extremely simple way to earn a tiny bit of extra cash in your spare time. However, the very low payouts and strict daily limits means you won't be making meaningful money with this app.

It can be fun to use BuzzBreak to browse content and earn pennies along the way. But you'll need to invest a lot of time for little reward. There are much better survey and GPT sites/apps to focus your efforts on if you want to maximize your earnings.

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