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Coinfola Review: Is It Worth Your Time? The Harsh Truth!

Coinfola Review - Is it Worth Your Time? An In-depth Look

What is Coinfola?

Coinfola is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that allows users to earn small amounts of bitcoin by viewing ads and completing various offers and tasks. 

Coinfola Sign Up

Users can earn bitcoin through activities like:

  • Completing shortlinks
  • Claiming from a bitcoin faucet
  • Completing offers on offer walls
  • Participating in a revenue share program

The site provides a legitimate opportunity to earn free bitcoin, but the rewards are generally very low. It may take a significant amount of time and effort to earn substantial rewards on Coinfola.

Coinfola has been around since 2017 and appears to pay out rewards consistently and on time based on reviews from users. However, many note the low earning potential and some report issues with customer support. As with any site, there is always a risk of delayed payments or non-payment, so users should keep that in mind.

Payment Methods

Coinfola pays users in bitcoin (satoshis), so you'll need a bitcoin wallet to withdraw your earnings. You can use the recommended FaucetPay wallet or connect your own external crypto wallet.

There is no minimum withdrawal threshold, but each withdrawal comes with a network fee. For external wallets this is around 5000 satoshis ($2). So despite no minimum, withdrawals can be impractical until a decent balance is reached.

Earning Potential

Unfortunately, the earning potential with Coinfola is quite low. The rewards for activities are very small, often just a few satoshis. It will likely take a considerable amount of time and effort to earn any significant rewards.

For example, the shortlinks and bitcoin faucet may pay 5-10 satoshis each. The offer walls also provide low rewards compared to other sites. And the revenue share program claims unrealistic returns in my opinion.

Users would likely need to complete hundreds or even thousands of activities to earn a substantial amount of bitcoin. For most people, the time investment required makes the earning potential not worth it.

Available Platforms

Coinfola does not have a mobile app, but the website can be accessed on mobile browsers. However, the experience may not be ideal on a small screen given the need to navigate multiple tabs and ads.

For best results, Coinfola is likely better accessed on a desktop or laptop computer. But it can technically be used on mobile in a pinch if needed.

Some users report issues accessing the site at times or experiencing lag which can further hamper the experience. The numerous ads and popups on the site may also cause problems on mobile devices with slower connections.

How to Join

Coinfola appears to be available internationally. To sign up, you need to provide:

  • Your login details (username, password, email)
  • A bitcoin wallet address

Providing the wallet address upfront is unusual compared to most sites. Overall, the signup process is quick and easy.

Some personal information is collected in the signup process and used to customize ads and offers for users. Be aware that your data may be shared with third parties for advertising purposes. If privacy is a concern, you may want to consider using a separate email and username for the site.


Here are the main pros and cons to consider about Coinfola:


  • Legitimate opportunity to earn free bitcoin
  • International availability
  • No minimum withdrawal threshold


  • Very low earnings potential
  • Site filled with ads
  • High withdrawal fees
  • Unrealistic revenue share claims
  • Not optimized for mobile

Overall, while Coinfola is legit, the combination of very low rewards and high withdrawal fees mean earning substantial amounts of bitcoin is unrealistic for most people.

The amount of time and effort required compared to potential earnings makes Coinfola not worth it in my opinion. You may be better served looking into other opportunities to earn cryptocurrency or make money online.


Coinfola offers a legitimate way to earn small amounts of bitcoin through ads and offers. However, low rewards and high withdrawal costs mean it will likely take significant time and effort to earn substantial amounts.

Given the limitations, Coinfola is likely not worth it for most people. Other opportunities to earn cryptocurrency or make money online may be better uses of your time and provide higher earning potential.

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